“Go Hard or Go Home”

Like many others, I made “Go Hard or Go Home” my personal motto to force me to go to the extreme in anything that I do. I don’t just want to wear yellow, I want to be the yellowest person in the room. I don’t just want to have a clean car, I want to have the brightest reflection of a sheer masterpiece on four wheels. I don’t just want an A, I want an A plus…no, I want an A multiply. But for the past few weeks, I haven’t been going pretty hard.

I haven’t been putting any kind of effort into getting dressed and I’ve been resorting to generic outfits like hoodies. My car has been dirty with bug intestines splattered across the front of the hood and I think I have a rottening body in my trunk. My room hasn’t had any place to walk and I have no idea where my bed is anymore. I’ve been putting an average effort into writing papers, which will give me average grades, which just isn’t good enough.

Geremy, SHAPE UP!

This is the end of my slacking. I WILL go as hard because I don’t want to go home.

The Geremy that we all know and love will be back to his normal self very soon, as soon as he gets everything back to normal.

I WILL be the first.
I WILL be the best.

Hand Abuse

As you can tell from my past experiences, I am not the type of guy to get down and dirty to do manual labor, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. In order to finish my work space, I had to paint, run wires, and lay tile. Of course, this meant long hours on my hands and knees to get the job done. When the room was finished, my hands were red and had calluses. To top it off, hours after finishing the room, I had to play drums on a drum kit that looked like it got into a fight with a steam roller and lost badly. The outcome: a bloody hand that bled all over my pants. Good thing I wore black pants instead of the bright orange ones that make people envious of my orangeness.

Due to the weekend of pain and torture to my hands, they now look like the hands of an aged construction worker who fought in ‘nam. Simply put, my hands look like feet—-cold, ashy, hardened, bloody feet with yellow corns on every toe.

I’m going to do myself and my fands (feet-hands) a favor and stop typing now. They deserve a rest.

P.S: I’m a pretty dark guy, so red hands are not common for me.


Note: This entry was written during my Principles of Marketing class. If you would rather read the written version, click here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
12:03 am– Realized that I left my phone/alarm clock in my car (specifically in the cup holder)
12:05 am– I dug my eight year old alarm clock out of the closet, plugged it in, and set it to wake me up at 6:45 am.
6:45 am– Alarm clock alarms (with the volume of 1,000 whaling elk)
6:46 am– After 1 excruciating minute of the alarming, I rip the cord out of the wall.
6:47 am– I head back to bed to “just rest my eyes for 5 more minutes”
6:52 am– …
7:15 am– …
7:45 am– I start my second dream.
7:56 am (approx) I start my third dream (about Life Savers gummy candy, which are the best gummy candies made in the entire world…including the continent of Asia.)
8:15 am– My brother bursts into my room, which wakes me up in a fury.
8:16 am– I realize that I’m in deeeep trouble and begin to look for a hoodie to throw on and quickly leave the house.
8:17 am– I decide that there is no way that I can make my 30 minute commute to school take 13 minutes, so I went back into bed.
8:18 am– Change of plans! I’m going to try to make a run for it.
8:20 am– I brush my teeth at supersonic speed (thanks to my electric toothbrush), get an outfit to wear, and rush out the door.

Keep in mind that I have 10 minutes to get to school (which is 20 miles away), find a spot to park, and get to class

8:25 am– After driving nearly 180mph through residential roads, I get stuck behind a great-grandpa in his Buick.
8:30 am- Still stuck behind that grandpa. There’s no way that I can get to school on time, so I turn around and head back home. I couldn’t make it to school on time, my heart was beating fast and I was drenched with sweat, but for some reason I wasn’t mad.

Lesson: Leaving your phone in your cup-holder will raise your blood pressure and ruin your life.

Scantron Antics

How is it possible that the first 7 questions of my test has the answer “C?” Even stranger, how is it possible for the answers to numbers 14 through 17 to spell “BABE??” Even stranger, how can numbers 20 through 31 have “A” as an answer???

He’s trying to drive me nuts, that’s the reason.

My professor designed my midterm exam to drive me nuts and it worked all too well. During the test, I sat at my desk second guessing the answers that I knew were right. Since I figured that no professor was mean enough to do this to his students, I changed a few of my correct answers to other letters to add some variation.

I ended up getting a B+ instead of an A because of my professor’s dirty antics. Thanks to a cruel joke, I may be rejected for that job, or turned down for that credit line, or be rejected for home financing all because I got a B+ instead of an A. Hope you had your fun, Professor, because my life is (possibly) ruined!

No Longer Rebel-lious

Due to a drastic turn of events and an open opportunity, I sold my Digital Rebel camera along with every accessory that I bought with it.

I’ve used the camera for every single picture that I’ve posted on this website since September 23, 2004 and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ve regarded the camera as my 3rd most valuable posession, behind my g5 and my pokemon card collection and it was one of the most expensive things that I paid for with my own hard earned money. We’ve been through thick and thin together, from marathons, to road trips, to vacations. Simply put, my camera was my road dog.

Now I’m back to my broken Canon a70 for at least 2 months, but I HAVE A PLAN. I’m going to cut corners and pinch pennies to save up $1,379.90 by 12/31/05 to buy a Canon Digital Rebel XT ($789.95) and a Canon 70-200mm f/4L ($589.95), two of the finest pieces of camera technology available today. I’m going to sacrifice food and drink everyday for the next 3 months and have crackers and water…everyday. I might even take things a step further and mix my gasoline with water to stretch it, and pick up pennies from the ground.

To help you track my progress, I have added a “savings tracker” on the sidebar for you to track how close I am to my goal. If you are feeling especially generous, you can donate to bring me closer to the goal (DO IT!! DO IT!!), but no pressure.

P.S: I don’t really have a pokemon card collection.