I fell

I was really motivated to do something active, so I took my dad’s bicycle out of the garage and I started on a 10 mile journey. I adjusted the seat, hopped-on and started rolling out of the driveway. Just as I got to the end of the driveway, I beared left and the bike continued straight. All of a sudden, I found myself on the ground with the bike IN my leg.

The bike had some fancy toe clips that are supposed to help you ride better, but instead caused me to lose my balance and subsequently fall to the ground. As a result, my palms are bruised and bleeding, my leg has a gash on it and, most importantly, my prized black and white Puma Speedcat sneakers are scuffed.

I was never able to make the journey, but this isn’t the end of it. I am going to try the journey again in the near future and I WILL EMERGE VICTORIOUS.

Corporate Naptime Experiment: UNSUCCESSFUL

I was supposed to nap everyday during luncthime. I was supposed to feel re-invigorated in the middle of the day. I was supposed to catch my second wind after my naptime.

But I couldn’t because naptime never happened.

On Monday during lunchtime I had to pick up a check from an office five towns away from work. On Tuesday I went home and started preparing for sleep when I was greeted by my dad who had a long contract for me to read and sign. On Wednesday and Thursday my sister was home sick and I had to buy “comfort food” to help her feel better. On Friday I went out with the team at work for lunch.

My conclusion: A mid-day napping break doesn’t work for people like me, with many things on my to-do list and limited time to complete the tasks. I officially deem mid-day naptime impossible for me; thereby abolishing it from my life forevermore.

Naptime = Unsuccessful so far

So far the nap time thing hasn’t been going too well, due to things outside of my control. Here’s hoping that tomorrow goes better….