Business Card Recognition

Three years ago I commissioned the design of business cards that were an extension of my personality (read about it on page 48 of my ebook). Since that time, I have seen a few sites recognizing the card as unique and creative including the following two sites:

1) Coroflot
Businesscard Article 2

Businesscard Article 1

I plan to use my “g” to take over the world, one business card at a time!!

Kids are Deceiving

I’ve realized that it’s really easy for kids to make friends. They simply walk up to another kid who is close to their age and say, “hey, do you want to be my friend?” All 200 times that I’ve seen this happen the kid has responded “yes” with a gigantic smile on his/her face as if they were asked if they wanted to meet an actual, real-life webkin. As I watched my kid brother play in the pool in Mexico I saw him go from knowing no one to knowing every 4-8 year old by simply asking “do you want to be my friend??”

The kids played for hours in the water and then one-by-one each left to get ready for dinner, but my kid brother didn’t want to leave the pool…ever. When I asked “are you ready to get dressed for dinner,” he would immediately derail my question with a question of his own. The best question he asked was, “do you want to see me hold my breath underwater for 15 minutes??” Gosh kid, are your lungs made out of teflon and filled nitrous oxide?! I’ve gotta see this!!

My genius brother jumped up, held his nostrils shut with his hand, closed his eyes so tight that his eyeballs probably retracted into his head, and went underwater. Five seconds later he jumped up out of the water with a look of triumph on his face. Then he said the most dumfounding thing ever, “FIFTEEN MINUTES…SEE I TOLD YOU!!!”

Fifteen Minutes

I’m not sure what’s worse–making 4-8 year olds believe that you’re their friend because you said “hi” or making a 22 year old believe that 5 seconds is actually 15 minutes because you said so. Either way, my kid brother is the best…mainly cuz he’s related to me.

Geremy Found a Flaw! *GASP!!*

Golden Arches, literally

Since arriving here in Mexico I’ve discovered that my biggest flaw is that I can’t seem to not work or think about work. Since graduating a year ago I’ve become a full-fledged workaholic–I work a full-time 9-6pm job, then afterward I work from 6-9pm doing TV/Video editing for a daily TV broadcast, then I work from 9-11pm in my own company, then I teach a group of teenagers about business and empowerment every Friday night. Though I did not notice it before, all of these things seem to continually keep my mind inundated with tasks and to-do’s.

Earlier today I decided to put down the laptop and sit on the beach to relax, but my brain has somehow fooled the rest of my body that “relaxing” means to think about stuff that needs to be done. While I laid “relaxing” I came up with a list of 20 people that I have to call when I got a cell phone signal, 5 people to email when I got back up to the room, 3 journal entry ideas and 1 business plan to draft as soon as I found a piece of paper and a writing utensil…or battery acid…. or ketchup–basically anything that would leave a mark on a piece of paper.

Effective at midnight (1am EST) I will begin to try to stop working and relax my mind before flying back to NJ and returning to “the real world.” This means no journaling until next week. Adios!

Mexico: iRead!


Immediately after breakfast I chose a nice cool spot and began reading the book, “It’s Not About the Coffee.” After reading for about 45 minutes I left the spot and attended to other activities. Then in the early afternoon I went back to the same spot to continue reading. As I opened the book the second time, a girl approached me and said “hey, that book must be really good!” I replied, “yeah, it’s okay…why?” “Because you’ve been sitting here all day reading it!”

Thanks for telling me what I’ve been up to all day, friendly stalker.

The girl saw me sitting in the spot earlier and assumed that I’d been there reading all day. I had a tough time convincing her that I found better things to do than to sit in one spot and read all day long. In the process of me speaking with her she told me all about herself and about all of the hotspots to visit to in the city. Thanks to the friendly stalker Texan gal, I now have a fun day planned in the city before I leave.

Now I’m starting to wonder about who else was thinking “who is that young fella who has been sitting in that spot reading all day?? …..and why is he wearing a t-shirt with a refrigerator eating cupcakes?!”

All Alone

Mexico: Beauty Passes

Access Pass Bracelets

Upon check-in the hotel’s front desk everyone these mighty-morphin-wristbands. My parents both got a gold one, my brother got a red one, and my sister and I both got blue ones. I’m not sure what the colors represent, but I’ve noticed that every single good-looking person in the hotel had a BLUE band….HINT, HINT!

¬°Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Mexicans on the Beach

After a disturbingly long plane ride from NJ to Arizona, then another plane ride from Arizona to Mexico we have finally arrived at our hotel. Since I did not get a chance to sleep prior to leaving for Newark Airport at 3am I caught up on a lot of sleep during the plane ride. A special thanks goes out to the nice PriceWaterhousecoopers lady who sat next to me on the plane from NJ to Phoenix without yelling or cursing. She put up with my sleeping (and probably drooling) without ever poking me and telling me to shut up like my sister did during the entire 2nd flight. Hope you made your meeting safely and on-time, lady!

Barcelo Suite Barcelo Suite

Our hotel room is really nice, but my parents’ suite is amazing. I definitely want to decorate my first bachelor-pad to look the same way—red walls and all! I’ve been trying to sneak into their room to crash on their couch, but they’re not too fond of that idea. Their room also has free internet, which I am taking advantage of right now…

Day 1 was spent sleeping, mostly. Day 2 is taking place as I write this. I will check back in with a summary of the excitement at the beginning of Day 3.

Hola Mexico!

The Suitcase The Suitcase

In a few hours I will be leaving on a jetplane en route to Mexico for a family vacation. Since I plan to travel a lot over the next few years I thought that I’d get started with my luggage set. I bought this beautiful Skyway “Escape” suitcase that keeps me very organized. It has two main compartments: 1) A top compartment for shirts and other upper-body wear, and 2) A lower compartment for pants and other lower-body wear. In addition it has a place for shoes and other forms of footwear–all packed into a nice light package. This level of organization is not necessary, but I bought it just in case my life depended on how organized my luggage was packed

See you all in a few days.

Schwinn Hates Geremy

Remember the entry from yesterday? Yeah, it happened again today at 8:45pm. This time I was 6 miles from home without a cell phone or any other form of rescue equipment, again. I’m either a horrible bike rider or my bike hates me. I’m leaning more towards the latter.

Boiling temperatures, Hole-y tires

Did you notice that I haven’t made a single post all weekend?? Oh, that’s because I was too busy walking a mile with a 26″ Schwinn Mountain bike with hydroformed tubes on my back…oh yeah, and it had a flat back tire. Let me tell you all about it…

Somehow in the midst of the 96 degree weather on Saturday the heat began to make me so delusional to the point that I thought that it would be a good idea to take a 13 mile bike ride across three cities for fun. If you disregard the fact that I was chased by a 200lb cougar-esque dog the size of “Big Brown,” the ride was fun and it kinda made me feel like Marco Polo, the explorer.

Key facts:
Temperature: 97 degrees fahrenheit
My mood: Groggy but determined
Bike condition: Not sure, because I didn’t check
Safety equipment: None, because I left them all home in favor of a lighter bike weight
Communication Equipment: None, because I didn’t want to lose my cell phone

Since Saturday’s ride went so well, I attempted to relive the experience on Sunday; however I got a flat tire 1.5 miles into the journey. When I tried to ride the broken bike back home, the flat tire slipped off of the rim and prevented the wheel from spinning. I picked the bike up, threw it on my shoulder and walked half a mile to my job’s building in hopes of finding a co-worker who could give me a ride home, but it was 96 degrees outside on a Sunday afternoon–who in their right mind would leave their cool, air-conditioned home to wander about aimlessly in search of cheap thrills and adventures??? Oh wait… me.

I chained the bike to the mailbox and I began my 2 mile journey home. At first I began to jog, but then the 100+ degree sidewalk began to create heat via friction inside my pumas and made my feet feel like I was infected with tinea pedis disease. Instead, I began walking. As the sun increased its intensity and seemingly focused its heat rays on my back, I began to feel like the ants that I used to toast with a magnifying glass during my boring summer days as a child. The sweat that was forming on my head began to run into my eyes, my shirt was drenched, and my legs started to hurt. My plan was to spend the duration of the 2 mile trek to safety thinking about positive aspects of my experience, but the only positive thing that I could come up with was that my spit didn’t start to boil in my mouth yet.

When I got home my mom looked at me with a puzzled look on my face and asked “where’s the bike?” As I tried to recover from the intense walk and was re-learning how to utilize my charred voice box, I conjured up all of my strength to mutter: “tire…hole…chain….walk,” then I took my dad’s truck to retrieve the broken bike.

From now on when I get the crazy idea to take a 13 mile bike ride in the blistering hot weather without any safety or communication equipment, I’ll just set myself on fire instead…it’ll take less time and should hurt less.

I’m my mom’s Tennis Superstar!

Today my mom and I were equipped with our racquets and set of tennis balls as we went to play tennis at our town’s park. Since we haven’t played tennis since 2001, we were very curious to see how we would perform on the courts. As we entered the area for the tennis courts, we took the only available tennis court and began to play.

We got a nice volley going back and fourth to get warmed up and it became painfully obvious that we were amateurs at the sport. At first, our tennis balls kept flying onto the adjacent court where four older men were playing doubles and they didn’t like the idea of our Penn tennis balls coming anywhere near their Slazenger tennis racquets. Each time the ball rolled anywhere near their court, they would dramatically shield their racquet with a facial expression that communicated “don’t worry baby slaz, I won’t let the poor-puny-penn ball come near your pretty little head.” They were just a tad bit over dramatic.

Eventually we got a nice game going and began to get a little workout. The longer I played, the more intense I got. During one play, I hit the ball with 65% of my power (which is equivalent to the power of a herd of competitive bison during mating season), which shot the ball past the other side of the court, over the fence and into a tree outside the park. Sometimes my strength surprises me.

When we were wrapping up our game, the older men’s tennis balls kept rolling onto our court. My first inclination was to hit them over the fence with 100% of my power and then scream out “let’s see your Slazenger do that!!!” but instead I quietly returned the ball to its rightful owner, because I’m a gentleman. You hear that mom?? Your son is a gentleman!!