Now I Root for My Team…literally

A few weeks ago I was thinking about eccentric ways to invest money and somehow I stumbled on the idea of buying a ball team. After lots of research I decided that if I had to buy a team, I’d buy a team of the most popular sport in the world–soccer (futbol). Since you can’t walk into a shopping mall and purchase a team I had to search around for a different way to approach the situation.

While researching, my brother triumphantly marched into my room and announced “I’m going to be on the soccer team.” The exuberant glow from the 50,000 lumen light bulb in my head began to illuminate and that’s when it came to me–I’m going to buy my brother’s team! I made a few calls, filled out a few papers, mailed a check and VOILA, I have my own team!

Geremedia Team Jerseys

Geremedia, LLC is now the proud sponsor of one of the town’s junior soccer teams. More pictures to come when the season starts in September! My kiddies better be undefeated this season!!

My New Petit Castle

After signing thirty trillion pieces of paper in my lawyer’s office on Thursday, I became the new owner of a two family house that’s coincidentally directly across the street from my childhood home. Strangely enough, a lot of my free childhood moments were spent by me wishing that I was the owner of that house because it was the nicest on the block. Also coincidentally, my dad owns the three multifamily houses directly across the street from mine. The ultimate goal is for me to own one side of the street and for my dad to own the other side then we will rename the street “Geremy Blvd” and I will rule as emperor, wearing a gold and blue crown.

Even though I own a home, I have no plans in the immediate future to move out of my parents’ house. I very much enjoy living in a one-family house where my job is within 3 minutes of my front door, my “corporate headquarters” is within 30 barefootsteps of my bedroom, a pool (with a large dirt trench around it) is in the backyard and living expenses are minimal. Besides, I spend very little time at home each day and it makes more sense, financially, for me to live at home. I don’t live with my parents, they’re my roommates and we’re just hangin out!

Although the house is nice and was remodeled in January ’07, I am a semi-perfectionist and need everything to be near-perfect prior to anyone moving in; therefore, I have the following updates planned for the next two weeks:

  • Repaint all apartments in Yolo Colorhouse color “Air 02” with white trim
  • Change all carpet throughout the house
  • Change all door locks throughout the house
  • Powerwash the front of the house
  • Change all mailboxes…I dislike ugly mailboxes
  • Change all lightbulbs…I love light!
  • Replace all of the huge steam-operated heaters to nice, neat, sleek electric baseboard heaters with new thermostats
  • Replace faucets in the kitchen
    Deadline: July 28th! – This should be a very interesting week!

My body is crying out for a rest, but my brain is saying “NO! WORK WORK WORK!!!”

The Dirt-y, Dirt-y Project

Last week my dad broke ground on the beginning stages of a backyard project. I have no idea what the project is supposed to be and I can’t figure it out from the trenches and random holes that I see. I’m hoping that this is his secret project to build a suite for his favorite son (me) including an indoor pool. One can only hope!

Want to experience my plight of a dirt-filled backyard? Watch the video below…

When I’m Bored, I Start a Business

1994 – Little Rascals Corporation 1995 – LRC, Inc (Little Rascals Corporation went through a company restructuring) 1996 – Geremy’s Baseball Card Club 1997 – Gimme Lunch, Giv-you Dollar 2000 – Geremy (I branded myself!) 2003 – FX Comp – Computer Solutions 2007 – Geremedia, LLC

These are all companies that I’ve started throughout my life, mostly because I was bored and saw an opportunity to earn a profit. I guess that somehow it became ingrained in my mind that I needed to always own a business and have multiple streams of revenue coming in. As a result, I sometimes start businesses when I’m bored.

Emerge Management Co.

2008.5 This was the case on Tuesday, when I started a company.  This company was created to have a separate entity managing my house (that I don’t even own yet) and any future pieces of real estate that I buy. I gave myself a one-week deadline to fully register for a business, including tax ID number, bank account, and logo and I got it completed in 5 days. Three pats on the back for Geremy!

I hope that this unique hobby doesn’t turn into an addiction one day because I’m guessing that there are no 12-step classes for “Perpetual Business Starters” and I’d have to suffer alone for the rest of my life.

I guess I’m impatient

Last weekend I picked up my cousin and we went to the house that I’m buying to clean up the place. There were people passing by who asked “are you the new owner of that house” to which I quickly replied “nope!” When they questioned why I was cleaning up a house that I didn’t own, I said “I guess I’m a nice person.” I am, really!

I guess I’m impatient because I had the carpet guys, electricians, plumbers, and contractors do a walkthrough of the house, giving me estimates and ordering material before I signed any home ownership papers. The lawyer informed me that *technically* I can be sued for doing what I did, but I’m Geremy….whatever that means! I’m not worried.

I guess I’m impatient because my insurance agents outright told me so. There was one day when I called them fifteen times to make sure I got flood insurance within 24 hours. After they told me that I should probably stop calling them, I found their email address address and began emailing them nonstop. I don’t call it neurotic, I prefer persistent and inquisitive.

Ok, so I’m impatient, but that’s good right?! Of course it is because my momma loves me for it!

Greatest Invention Ever

The Trusty Treo

Right now I am on board a train to Washington DC on a business trip and I am on the internet! My Macbook Pro is connected to my Trusty Treo, which is connected to the internet, which leads to a much more productive and excited Geremy. Best part is that it’s all included in my $30/month voice and data plan with Sprint…or at least I hope so.

My lack of updates during the last few days is mostly due to my currently pending house purchase transaction. Thanks to my great lawyer, amazing mortgage broker, and even amazing-er real estate agent who is also my real-life dad, I will be closing on my new house next week. There’s also been some pretty exciting (in my opinion) developments in my life, which will be shared with my closest group of friends, which includes all of you fairy-tale people on the internet.

For now, I am going to spend my time on the train wisely and draft a few future journal entries…or maybe I might just watch streaming videos on Youtube or view read the current news on because I can.

Wireless cellular internet: Greatest. Invention. Ever!

Unemployed Billionaires Wanted

I am in the process of buying a house and I’ve learned two things so far: To buy a house you must be unemployed and you must have infinity dollars in the bank. You need to be unemployed because there are so many telephone calls, applications, signatures, emails, etc required that you will not have time to go to work everyday. Additionally, you need to have infinity dollars because everything in the house buying process requires you to pay hundreds of dollars. Soon and very soon I’ll be a homeowner…