A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m very loyal to the brands that I determine to be worthy of my love. Currently the brands on this list include Lexus, Apple, Nike, Palm, Canon, et al. Now I’m proud to announce that I have two additional brands to add to this list: Polycom and Pilot. These brands have maneuvered their way into my heart through their products, the SoundStation and the Precise V5, respectively.

Polycom Soundstation EX
Polycom Soundstation

When I was 10 years old my dad took me to his real estate lawyer’s office for a client’s house closing. I wandered around the place taking mental pictures with hopes of replicating everything in my own office one day. When I went into their conference room I laid my eyes on their conference telephone–the Polycom Soundstation. It seemed cool and futuristic to me and I wanted to use it, but my dad told me not to touch anything otherwise my fingers would fall off…and I needed those fingers.

Six years later my sister got a job in a lawyer’s office and she brought me along one day to help out with office tasks. Once again, I entered the office “bright eyed and bushy tailed” to get ideas for my own office. I entered the conference room where there was a huge table where the centerpiece was the Polycom Soundstation telephone. Again I was not allowed to play with it for fear of it breaking.

These two experiences caused me to equate successful businesses and high-powered executives with the Polycom Soundstation EX conference phone and I had to have one! After graduating from college, I set aside a portion of my first paycheck to purchase the phone and after setting up a dedicated phone number, I’ve been using the Polycom in my home office (which has recently been relocated to my bedroom) ever since. Hands down the best quality land-line telephone that I’ve ever used.

Pilot Precise V5

Pilot Precise V5
Very rarely does a pen combine a perfect weight with a perfect ink flow, and a perfect balance, and a perfect color hue, and a perfect barrel diameter, but somehow Pilot accomplished the incredible feat with this pen. I know I sound like the crazy cat-lady who lives in the attic of the old, dark house with weeds in the front lawn who obsesses over the most insignificant things, but I love this pen. It’s one of the few pens that is capable of keeping up with my thoughts, and I think pretty quickly!

I encourage you to try either of these two products or, at the bare minimum, create a “brand loyalty list” of your own to share with your friends…or thousands of internet strangers who read your online journal.

The New Look of Geremedia

After working with a multitude of different designers and spending lots and lots of money, my company, Geremedia LLC, has just completed its rebranding from our old logo:

….to a new logo:

Geremedia Logo

Now I will be tackling “Phase II” of the project, which will include an entire corporate identity package with new letterheads, business cards, envelopes, t-shirts, CD’s, cars, plastic bags, trucks, legos–basically anything that is able to be branded.


Some people eat fish because of the speculation that it increases vitality; other people eat fish because I force them to do it. On August 2nd I took my kiddies (the young adults who I teach in my “Joshua School of Business” program) on a scavenger hunt around New Jersey. This hunt involved things such as “stand in a public place for 2 minutes without moving” and “have a foot race with a stranger.” The tasks ranged from easy to mediocre, but the one task that had the most points was to swallow a live goldfish. With me as the team captain, we were highly success driven and we determined that the goldfish had to be consumed.

One of our team members walked into a Petco with a weird grin on his face and said to the store attendant, “I want to buy a fish. Which fish would be best….to eat?” After we were refused service we went to another store, purchased “Linus” and went into a parking lot to do the deed.

What happened next was beyond words. See for yourself…

The FISH from Geremy F on Vimeo.

Technology Wasn’t My Friend

My laptop wasn’t feeling too well so it had to go in for a 1.5 week surgery at the Apple store.  Learning how to cope with an integral part of my life missing was a huge adjustment so I chose to fill the void with my Palm Treo cell phone.  Days later, the Treo betrayed me and also stopped working.

Without warning, the Treo erased my 10,000+ text messages, 100+ email messages and entire phone application.  Fortunately for me I didn’t stress over the situation and calmly began to rebuild my text and email history in the phone’s memory.  Two days later the phone repeated its foolish stunt and deleted everything once again.  I began to fill the technology void in my life with my digital camera and started to take pictures of everything I saw.  Days later–you guessed it–it died also.  At this point I stopped using technology because I couldn’t afford for anything else to break or malfunction.

Now it’s 1.5 weeks later, the MacBook Pro is fixed and working very well, the Treo has been upgraded to a Treo 755p (thanks to my super-generous friend), and the digital camera….well, it’s still dead, but it’s fine because GEREMY IS HAPPY!  Look at the grin on my face!!

Happy Belated Birthday to ME!

Last Sunday was my twenty-third birthday, but my quarter-life crisis began on Friday (8/1) and ended on Monday (8/4).  When my mini-crisis began I began to panic that I was getting old and needed to find a way to capture my youthfulness before it escaped me.  Due to this mini crisis I wore a shirt and tie to jeans/casual Friday at work and drove my dad’s ’72 Chevelle SS all day long.  I figured that if I dressed like an older guy and drove an older car, I would feel younger…but it didn’t work.

The next day (Saturday) was even worse as I found myself at the Lexus dealership making negotiations to lease a grownup-esque, new, beautiful green Lexus LS460 with sand colored interior and a 19 speaker Mark Levinson sound system to make my heart jump out of my chest and do a little jig on the dashboard.  I was able to negotiate the price of the lease to over $500 less than the originally proposed amount and I had a pretty sweet deal on my hands, but just as I was ready to sign the papers my mind yelled out “what are you doing?!?” 

Really… what was I doing? 

I snapped out of the quarter-life crisis pretty quickly and got right back into the swing of things.  More information about my escapades, ventures and happenings to follow in the near future.