She Died in My Arms

This experience happened to me on October 21st and now I’m finally calm enough to write about it.

There she was, sitting on my lap while I did my work. I was good, she was good, we were all good and everything was going very well. I gently picked her up and rested her on a nearby chair as I quietly exited the room to run a quick errand. When I returned to the room, I ushered her back onto my lap but then it dawned on me that she was dead.

I panicked because I’ve never been through something like this before. I’ve had dead fish, dead plants and even dead battery, but I’ve never this! I calmly left the room and stepped into the hall with her in my arms as I called a support line that should have instructed me how to bring her back to life, but their instructions were to no avail. I suddenly realized that she might be dead for good– my prized possession– my Macbook Pro!

Later in the day I rushed to the nearest emergency room (Apple Store) as I urgently beckoned for the doctors (technicians) to revive her (make it work again). The nurse (Apple technician) saw the look of urgency on my face and quickly called for their head doctor (lead Mac Technician) to take a look at her. The doc (technician) brought her into the intensive care unit (workbench) and did a quick diagnosis. Minutes later he arrived in the waiting area and sadly said, “this is bad..we’ll have to take a longer look.”

So now I’m Mac-less until they’re finished repairing everything. With my entire life stored on the hard drive, my sanity is dependent on the Apple technicians’ ability to revive my unresponsive machine. Pray for us!

Hear My Advice

Since the age of 15, one of my goals in life has been to become a speaker at colleges across the planet. In preparation for this, I’ve written my first speech for Rutgers University titled, “You Rejected Me, But I Got the Last Laugh–lol.” Ironically, I received a call a few weeks ago for me to speak at my alma matter (and Rutgers rival), Seton Hall University.

In mid-November I will visit the school to participate in a round table discussion on the subject of “life after graduation for marketing, management and sports management majors.” Hopefully this will be the first of many, leading up to the grand finale–an invitation as the keynote speaker at Rutgers, where I start my speech by hysterically laughing.

To all SHU students who are reading this as a result of my speech, I’ll be demanding 10% royalties after you become wildly successful, thanks to my great advice!

P.S: I’m not kidding…expect an invoice from me!

Dentist Trauma

My Horrific Dentist Experience

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A change in insurance carriers through the company forced me to look for a new dentist to be the caretaker of my pearly-whites. After 2 months of fervently searching, using a criteria that has very little to do with teeth, I chose a dentist who seemed most capable to do the job in an effective, professional manner.

I scheduled my dentist appointment for yesterday morning and I decided to get a cleaning, full-mouth x-ray and all of the other beautiful goodness that I was entitled to. I filled out about 10 forms and waivers and was ushered into what seemed like a second waiting room with two office chairs and a bench-like contraption. The dentist came into the room with a small cup of water that I assumed he brought as a drink for himself while we discussed my teeth. Instead, the dentist placed the cup on the bench and said “rinse.” “Rinse now??” “Yes.” This was a little odd that he’d have me rinse in the reception area, but I can embrace change, so I rinsed.

I was done rinsing and got up to spit, but he said “no…” and handed me an ancient makeshift cone contraption attached to a hose that led to nowhere–this is when I knew I made a bad choice. Suddenly I realized that I was sitting in the examination room, equipped with a heavy, old x-ray machine strapped to a loose ceiling tile, trash in the corner, and NO SINK or running water in sight!

He strapped a flashlight to his head, took out a dental scaler, reclined my chair and instructed me to “open up dem gums.” Without ever touching my teeth, he looked around my mouth for about 10 seconds, wrote some stuff down and immediately started to polish. Thirty seconds later he was done polishing every other tooth and said “all done– come back next week for us to replace those two fillings.”

“That was it?!”

Wow indeed!

My Day, Yesterday

The Instructions:

Shoot film throughout a day in your life, then put it together into a 90 second video. Don’t add any music or anything, only what’s recorded via the camera.

The Result:

Further Explanation
5am- Wake Up
6:30am- Fix furnace at my house that I don’t live in
7:30am- Return home and change for work
8:45am- Go to work, eat cereal, listen to music on my iPod while working to help me focus
6:30pm- Leave work and go to teach my kiddies
10:30pm- Drive home
1:30am- Sleep

– The time on my car remote is still incorrectly set!
– I rely on my iPod a lot
– This was my first time trying to light a pilot light for a furnace, and it could have ended very dangerously
– By midday I was sick of carrying around a camera, so I didn’t record as much
– There is no such thing as a typical day in my life

My GereHead design

A few weeks ago I was approached to try out a new service called Ponoko and I decided to create my signature “GereHead” out of black acrylic material. Check out the end-result:

Laser Cut Ghead Design
Laser Cut Ghead Design

I am going to put it on the wall above my desk so I can watch me while I work.

It’s the Medication’s Fault

Red Pills

For a great part of last week I’d fallen ill and was on medication for the first time in my life. The entire experience was a mental rollercoaster as I’d engage in bouts of extremely deep thinking while battling delusional images. One idea that I got in the midst of my prescription-induced state was to start wearing Nike Air Force One sneakers again after deciding to abandon them a month ago. Somehow, I dragged myself to a sneaker store and went wild. Meet my new “friends”…

Sneaker Freaker Sneaker Freaker
Sneaker Freaker

…I’m not sure what this means for my footwear collection.