I’m a Shareholder

Ever since winning hundreds of hypothetical dollars in the stock market club in ninth grade, I’ve wanted to invest in stocks. Somehow I felt like I’ve always had the master touch in choosing stocks. I’ve even  underwritten the losses of coworkers who took my advice and lost money in the stock market. Last week I decided that my foray into investing should begin immediately and I used my $300 sneaker budget to invest in stocks.

First I bought one share of Google stock at the cost of $298.89 and later in the week I bought three shares of GE stock at a total cost of $36.78. Now I feel very powerful since I am now part owner of two fortune-500 companies….a very, very, very, very VERY tiny part.

I fully expect that these stock purchases will put my two kids, “Girl” and “Boy,” through college and buy them their first car– a Pagani Zonda.  Only time can tell.

NEV Episode 1: New York, NY

Episode One of “Geremy’s Neverending Vacation,” takes place in the bustling city of New York.

Hotel View

I kicked off my NEV plan in New York in a beautiful hotel suite with a riverfront view. I checked into the hotel on Friday afternoon and after the initial shock of having such a nice room to myself, I sat in the living room area with a smile plastered to my face–like a happy little dolphin. After I realized that the world was mine for the taking I left the room and strutted down the hall like I was a man with a plan. But this man didn’t have a plan.

I was in search of an activity, so I went down to the hotel’s atrium and explored my options. Minutes later, I found myself at a theater, sprawled across three seats, laughing uncontrollably while watching a movie. (Sidenote: Sorry to all theater-goers who had to witness the travesty.) After the movie, I dragged myself upstairs and fell asleep with a ONE MILLION thread count sheet covering my body and seventy-five feather-filled pillows under my head. I had the sweetest sleep ever.

Early the next morning I woke up to have breakfast in the dining room. I grabbed myself a nice healthy meal of bacon fat with a side of Calories with a wonderfully refreshing cup of Cold Lard and I chose a table that was best suited for people-watching. While listening to my arteries harden I planned out my day, which began with me sitting near the river, reading the Wall Street Journal and relaxing my mind. As soon as I stepped outside, a gust of 0 kelvin wind came and froze my entire body. Reading by the river: CANCELLED!

I began to walk at a pace of about 35 miles/hr to generate enough kinetic energy to defrost my frozen body. Eventually, my legs took me to a beautiful condominium complex situated on the water. I asked the friendly woman at the front desk about the building and she went on to tell me about the great, innovative things that made the building unique. Immediately I was sold and decided that I needed to live there immediately. When I asked about the price of the smallest condo, she responded “the condos start at 1 million million dollars…” Immediately a look of horror too control of my face and I bolted out the front door as if she’d just flashed a gun at me. Sorry lady, I did’t understand your crazytalk.

"Art" aka, a paper bag

Later in the day I met up with my friend and we began an adventure that would require several books to explain. Most notably, we went to the Museum of Modern art and were utterly confused as art connoisseurs closely observed the art contained in regular household items. For instance, the empty paper bag pictured above was admired by many for the ingenious way that the artist chose to convey his message. My reaction: if that’s art, then you should see all of the “art” that I put in my garbage can everyday!!

All-in-all I’d consider my 1st installment of my NEV to be a great start. What’s the next destination on the list? On ne sais pas exactement!


When vacations are over, you are forced to let go of paradise and return to your usual mundane life filled with to-do lists, bills, and porridge. This is why I am piloting a new initiative called “the never-ending vacation.”

NEV: [nev] -noun
1. acronym for never ending vacation
2. a period lasting the duration of one year where one experiences a series of frequent releases from duty, business, or activity, usually lasting two to three days at a time in monthly intervals.
3. Geremy’s way of keeping sane in 2009.

My NEV will last for the entire year of 2009, during which I will be traveling around the continental United States and vacationing hard. The plan is to take one weekend-long trip each month and stay at the finest hotel that money can buy. Hopefully I can find a way to pawn the trip expenses off on a higher power, like my parents or Obama, but I haven’t figured that part out yet.


Testing the Twitter Revolution

The Buddies!

I joined “twitter” to post thoughts and micro journal entries while on-the-go. You can now see my status messages in the info-ticker above, along with random journal entries and weekly quotes. Alternatively, you can see my twitter posts on www.twitter.com/geremology.

I feel a bit weird using something called “twitter” because it sounds like something obscene, but we’ll see how long it lasts…

’08 Reflections and ’09 Forecasting

In the interest of reflecting on the past without avoiding the future, I would like to quickly review 2008 and reveal some preliminary plans for 2009.

2008: The year of acclimation
At the beginning of the year my goal was to become acclimated to my new status in life.  At this point in my life I was a recent college grad trying to understand “the real world.”  While this occurred, I experienced a change of position at my job, noticed some changes in my finances and I was rethinking many aspects of my social life. Any advancements that I experienced this year was a byproduct of my goals of maintaining past accomplishments and acclimating myself to my current life.  As a result, I experienced the following things in ’08:

  • Overhauled my finances so I can save significantly more money
  • Started looking at houses so I could own an appreciating asset.  Months later, I bought my current house
  • Started my “Great Exploration” plan and visited Boston, New York, the Metro DC area, Philadelphia, Virginia, Mexico and Trinidad
  • Launched a real estate management company to prepare for future growth
  • Exercised several times a month by cycling to nearby cities and back. I also walked home three times with the bike on my back because I suffered flat tires.
  • Sponsored a soccer team and attended their games.
  • Learned the value of resting and avoiding burnout when I fell ill and, for the first time in my life, had to take medication
  • Learned the value of technology (and the power of prayer) when my Macbook Pro died…twice
  • Participated in roundtable discussions regarding postgraduate careers at a University

:  The year of growth and expansion

I currently have a list of 20 personal, social and financial goals for 2009.  Among them are:

  • Decrease dependency on laptop
  • Buy a new car–specifically the Lexus LS460 (late ’09/early ’10)
  • Read 8 books
  • Improve communication skills
  • Become more consistent with this website
  • Travel more

Most importantly, I plan to make everyday my masterpiece!

Oysterrific Christmas Meal

Welcome to 2009…the future—the year when George Jetson, VP of Innovation of Spacely Space Sprockets, introduces the company’s first flying car. Looking back to 2008, I spent my last few weeks of the year in Trinidad, becoming a man.

After 4 years of yelling “I WANNA GO TO AMERICA” to the sky, my parents moved the family to America to enjoy the widely fabled streets of gold and money trees. Exactly 19 years after leaving Trinidad, the family returned for a week to spend Christmas with relatives and family friends.

Oyster Meal

The highlight of the entire trip was when we saw a street vendor selling oysters. My dad placed an order for a cup of oysters, which made me think that he wanted to harvest pearls to give to my mom for Christmas. Instead, he received a cup of booger-like oysters, swimming in a sea of vomit-like sauce. He paid the vendor the equivalent of $1 USD and he chugged the seemingly disgusting mixture. While I made fun of him for drinking the concoction that looked like cow dung and fingertips passed through a Cuisinart juicer, he said, “that was GOOD” and he ordered another cup. That’s when curiosity got the best of me and I said, “I’ll take one too, and make it hot!”

Wait… What?!?

Oyster Meal

I took the cup and stared at the mixture, which started to look like pigs eyeballs, drenched in watery barbecue sauce. Then I drank it…I drank ALL of it! To my surprise, it was not as disgusting as I thought it’d be. It was tangy and chunky and slimy and sweet and sour all at the same time.

I felt a tingling sensation in my body and that’s when it happened…I became a man. My voice dropped 6 octaves and my chest immediately grew dreadlocks. I ended my experience by using my deep, sub-woofer toned voice to announce to the world “GEREMY IS OFFICIALLY A MAN!”