10 Random Things About Geremy

When the “25 Random Things About Me” fad swept the internet by storm I decided to join in, but I needed to add my own unique touch. After months of having this video sitting dormant on my hard drive I chose to share it with my internet friends. Here is the end result of my “10 Random Things..”

My Mini Camera Crew

Flip Mino HD Camera

A series of interesting day-to-day experiences and run-ins have confirmed what I always knew–I need a reality show to capture my life on video. I realized that a 24hr television crew might be a little expensive to have on payroll, so I began searching for cheaper alternatives and found the Flip Mino HD camera.

The camera is smaller than my cell phone, so it is portable and light enough to be at my side during all of my adventures. Now I am fully prepared to capture footage of any unbelievable phenomenon that I witness, like an African water buffalo whistling dixie on the highway, or mysterious people trying to pounce on me.

My Version of a Private Jet

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

Many high-powered executives and CEOs (a la Richard Branson, Obama) have offices to conduct meetings, but also have a variety of mobile places where they conduct business. These locations range from limos to private jets, and are outfitted with all of the tools and equipment necessary to do work effectively. Late last year when I analyzed my situation I noticed that I didn’t have one of these things, so I tried to create one via a portable office–which has been incredibly useful over the last few months. Unfortunately the portable office was just not enough and I saw the need for something bigger—a larger, more-surreal office environment.

After saving money and establishing a list of “must-haves” for Geremy’s swanky, mobile-office space I decided that I needed the space to be a vehicle. I narrowed my choices down to two vehicles: The Lexus LS460L and the Mercedes-Benz S550. I chose very large cars because in the distant future I hope to be a rear seat passenger of the car, conducting business while my driver transports me to meetings. With this in mind, I subjected each car to a battery of tests, evaluating everything from bass-booming capabilities to likelihood-of-escaping-unscathed-if-locked-in-the-trunk-by-crazed-groupies. I analyzed my findings and then engaged in intense negotiation sessions with car dealerships where things often got ferocious between the business manager and me—sometimes nearing the point of insulting one another’s families. Finally, I was able to purchase a new Obsidian-Black Lexus LS460L, Touring Edition.

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

I feel very much at home in my new mobile living/office space, but I still have my car from the last 3 years sitting in my driveway…lonely. My next challenge is to find a way of detaching myself from my 1998 Lexus LS400 so I can sell it without shedding a tear or three. It feels like I’m losing a friend because I found a new, cooler, better one. It just feels wrong…yetoh so right at the same time!

Goal # 2 of my “Growth and Expansion Year” completed

Meeting of Moguls

A few months ago I had the idea to pay $100 to business “bigshots” for a 30 minute meeting where I’d find out the keys to their success. I figured that if I could collect nuggets of wisdom from different people, I could combine them into a super-nugget of knowledge in my brain.

Last week I had my first meeting with a worldwide real estate and auto sales “top-dog.” I arrived in his office in my usual business-casual attire and sat amongst three other men who I was unfamiliar with. I inmediately jumped right into the conversation and asked, “how’d you achieve all of this?!” Immediately one of the other men asked, “who is this guy?!” I guess they didn’t like my question.

After a brief conversation I discovered that each of the other men in the room were also powerful, influential business men from across the United States. I quickly came to the shocking realization that I was probably the only person [and thing] in the room that was worth less than $20 million. I knew that I was in the presence of powerful people so I shifted my attention and questions to each of them. I was getting the most valuable interview in my life!

I sat in the office for a little over an hour and then I left with about one trillion dollars worth of knowledge. Immediately after the meeting I went directly home and stationed myself in my long-abandoned home office to rethink my future and form bigger goals. At this rate, I will have my new car, zebra, and private jet within the next five years!