I Think I Ate 俄罗斯牛胴体

What better way to live life on the edge than to eat random, potentially poisonous packaged goods from foreign lands?? A few Saturdays ago I was looking for a good way to enjoy the beautiful spring day so I picked up a friend and we went to an Asian Food market to purchase mysterious foods to sample. Our only rule was that the food must be completely mysterious to both of us. Among the things we purchased were the following items:

Mysterious Foods from the Asian Market

Mysterious Foods from the Asian Market

Mysterious Foods from the Asian Market

Mysterious Foods from the Asian Market

Mysterious Foods from the Asian Market

At times I wondered if the “food” we purchased was suitable for consumption, or if we mistakenly bought cleaning products. Some things couldn’t make it past the esophagus and for the food that did, I wondered if my small intestine was going to rupture before digesting. All in all it was a very gut wrenching, fear-factor-esque experience that everyone should try at least once in their life…just be sure to have an ambulance on standby just in case

The Jet Has Been Set

One thing that has helped me to establish the majority of my goals is my monthly reflection session, where I look back on my month and identify opportunities for growth. A few of the ideas that came to fruition as a result of these sessions were: my house, my car and my lifestyle brand idea. Most recently, I got my newest and greatest idea yet—a personal light jet!

I plan to travel very frequently in 2015 and a light jet is the perfect tool that’s essential to my mission. If I want to fly to Atlanta tonight and be back in time for a lunch in Florida, I want to be able to do so without Continental Airlines delaying my flight or refusing to transport my 100lb suitcase filled with swedish fish (don’t ask). Also, the older I get, the more things that I have to live for and I don’t want to place my valuable life in the hands of a random stranger who is hired to fly planes for the general public. What if the day that I choose to fly the plane is the day that the pilot chooses to drink a third of vodka?? There are hundreds of reasons why private aviation is the way that I should aim to fly in 2015, and these are just a few of them. Sure I know that there is a large expense associated with this asset, but I choose not to sweat the minutia.

Geremy's Personal Light Jet

After scouting for the lucky plane that will be mine in 5 years, I found THE ONE. The rendering of the plane pictured above will be a Geremology, Inc. registered plane called “The Phenomenal One” (a play off its model name, “Phenom 100”) and I am going to modify the exterior to make it a noticeable Geremy aircraft. This light jet will be used for my weekend trips and my short-run travels between states where I will own real estate. In addition, I have a thing for Maine Lobster and Poland Spring water directly from the source and my jet will put these things at arms reach.

Give me 5 years and I will make this goal into a reality!!

Bunches and Bunches of Boxes

My mom asked me if I wanted some cereal. I said yes. She delivered…and boy did she deliver! I am now the proud owner of 50 mini-boxes of my favorite cereal of all time–Honey Bunches of Oats (HBO)! As a nice bonus, I also get $1.25 off each future HBO purchase, which I will be using in the very near future. I have plans for all 50 boxes of cereal to meet my digestive system before the end of this week!


Saving you BUNCHES of Money

Go Go Gadget Electricity!

On Sunday my family was given the esteemed pleasure of enduring a power failure in our neighborhood. I assumed that this outage would last a maximum of two hours, but I was wronger than that time in second grade when I thought that snow was made out of cotton. We used candles for light and warmth, which made the house look like were performing some sort of sacrificial ceremony ritual.

As I stayed in my room waiting for the electricity, I tried to come up with creative ways of generating heat, internet or electricity. First, I tried to recall the static electricity episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and used static electricity from the carpet to attempt to power our cable modem. When this didn’t work, I channeled my inner MacGuyver and used a metal spoon, a glowstick, and a cotton satchel to try to make a non-electric lamp. When that experiment failed, I used my boy-scout survival instincts* to make a way out of no way. I connected my laptop to my phone to get internet access through the data connection, while simultaneously charging the dead phone. Also, while surfing the net I used the bright screen to light the room and the computer fan to blow warm air onto my frozen body. After these brief hours of what seemed like an earthly paradise of Shangri-La, I fell asleep while spooning my super-warm laptop.

At 6am the power came back to the house and it announced its re-arrival by using the loud house alarm. Never before was I so happy to hear a piercing “WHEEW-WHEEW-WHEEW” noise at 6am! After making sure that the lights and heat worked again, I forced myself to believe that the last 12 hours was a bad nightmare and I rolled over and fell back asleep…this time with the lights ON!!

*Note: I was never a boys scout, cub scout, or any other type of scout, but I watched a lot of MacGuyver episodes back in my day!