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  • I’m not a fan of Michael Jordan as a person, but goodness...him and Tinker Hatfield designed some amazing looking sneakers.

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Free Water Bobble from Me!

Thanks to all who participated in the past two giveaways. I’ve had an absolute ball in preparing and mailing the postcards and packages (with extra stuff) to each person. Yesterday as I mailed the final box of cereal, I was given a very puzzled look by the post office worker who saw the box with “” plastered across the side. She then began to inspect the box and noticed my handwriting on the bottom that said, “if you shake this box then it’s very obvious what’s inside.” I am completely confident that as soon as I left the post office, she vigorously shook that box, earthquake-style.

Water Bobble

For my last and final giveaway, I would like to share a product that I’ve been using for a few weeks now and absolutely love. The Water Bobble is an interesting-looking water bottle that filters water as you drink. I could go on and on about how great this product is, but I would like for it to speak for itself. Beginning today, I am giving away three new water bobbles to site visitors as a way to say thanks for the support over the years, and also to allow you all to have a water bobble for yourself.

Water Bobble

A few rules and restrictions:
1) Individuals who signed up for past giveaways cannot sign up for this one. Sorry, everyone should get a turn!
2) Open to individuals in the United States only.
3) Please don’t sign up for a water bobble if you dislike water or will never use it.

UPDATE: Since I am so nice, I am extending the giveaway to include 6 bobbles. Sign up if you want one!

Sign up here:

A Slightly Larger Giveaway from

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for free swag in the last journal entry. Handwritten postcards (plus something extra) will be mailed within the next two days to everyone who signed up thus far. For the next giveaway, the details are contained in the video below:

Sign up for your gift:

Note: I will not use your address for any other purpose except to mail your postcard, so don’t expect me to visit your home!

Free Postcard from Me!

I’m in the mood to give away some handwritten postcards right now to the first few people who request them. I will personally write a note to each person who signs up I will mail it to the address specified for free. Want one? Sign up below.

Note: I will not use your address for any other purpose except to mail your postcard, so don’t expect me to visit your home!