2012 Year in Review

As I prepare to move into 2013, I wanted to take a final look back on my personal highlights of 2012. I’ve edited these moments into one “Facebook Timeline” style video, which is viewable below.

The Tesla Model S Makes me SICK


Tesla Model S

Two months ago I was blessed with the opportunity to test drive a Tesla Model S—the world’s first mass-produced, fully electric supercar. Shortly after entering this phenomenal car and getting a brief walk through of the futuristic features, I put the vehicle in gear and silently drove onto the highway. Immediately, I had three stunning realizations: 1) This car is fast   2) This car is FAST 3) THIS CAR IS FAST!!

When I floored the accelerator, the car leaped from 0 to 60 miles an hour quicker than I could blink (under 3.9 seconds). Before I knew it, I was traveling at 80mph and the built-in speed limiter on the test drive vehicle ushered me to slow down. This was a euphoric experience so I repeatedly sped-up and slowed down until the 20 minute test drive was over.

Tesla Model S

My mind was blown and I’d fallen in love with a woman named “Tesla Model S”…who manifested herself in the form of a car…a beautiful car with thousands of lithium-ion batteries sitting between her wheels. But then the after-effects of the test drive started to rear its ugly head and this newfound Tesla enthusiast wound up in the doctor’s office.

Whenever I stood, the entire world spun and I could barely stay balanced, so an emergency trip to the doctor was necessary for me to make it through life. A few quick tests led my doctor to diagnose me with “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo,” which happens when the crystals in your inner ear rapidly shift and breaks free into the inner ear. In other words, the rapid acceleration of the Tesla caused my ear crystals to send confusing messages about my body’s position to my brain. The doctor then instructed me to do “the Epley maneuver” until the dizziness went away.

Even though the Tesla Model S makes me sick, I’m willing to be dizzy every day of my life if it means that I can drive it everyday! So if you see me looking drunk coming out of a Tesla Model S, it’s not because of a flask filled with something strong…it’s because the car makes me SICK!

Peculiar PPL Updates – 11/2012

I could write about Peculiar PPL all day, everyday, but I’ll spare you from having to read it all…except this one time. In this journal entry, I will answer a few Peculiar PPL related questions:

What is “Peculiar PPL”?
Peculiar PPL is a brand that provides the products and services to enable Peculiar people to be effective.

Who are these “Peculiar People” that you speak of?
Peculiar People are the leaders and influencers of society. My life’s goal is to positively impact the world and society as a whole, so I plan to do this by adding value to Peculiar people who multiply value to others.

What makes Peculiar PPL special?
Among other things, I’m obsessed with making great products.. The average Peculiar product takes 3 to 4 months of development with multiple design iterations before its release.

With a typical product design, I spend approximately 200 hours obsessing over the placement of every single glyph, letter, line and the size of every graphical element. After the design is near-final, I load the design onto my iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV and stare at it for a long time week to see how it resonates with me from different viewpoints at different points in the day. After criticizing and adjusting the design elements, the product either goes into production or it is put on the shelf indefinitely.

Here are a couple of before/after images that show the evolution of Peculiar PPL designs:

“We are Peculiar”
Peculiar Before and After

“Cut from a Different Type of Cloth”
Peculiar PPL Before / After

Peculiar PPL Build Doors
Peculiar PPL Before / After

Also, Peculiar PPL is one of the few companies that is centered around the needs of a specific group of people. I’ve segmented the population into “Peculiar” vs “Non-Peculiar” and then looked into all of the things that Peculiar would need.

Will Peculiar PPL products ever be sold out of big-box retailers?
My goal is to put the Peculiar products in locations that would reach the highest concentration of Peculiar people. Therefore, boutique stores are a better fit for the products.

How is Peculiar PPL currently doing?
Here are some statistics:
– Most customers submit three separate orders
– The average order size is two items
– 68% of customers have submitted a second order within 3 months of their first
– Orders have been shipped to the following international locations: Trinidad, Poland, Singapore and China.

What’s next?
More new products, new packaging, new retailers, partnerships.

Also, in the distant future: houses, cars, technology, creative services, food services, office supplies, rentals, management services, marketplaces, transportation, schools, charity causes, research and development laboratories and vacations.

Now that’s Peculiar!

Geremy’s Peculiar Week – Episode 13

This week a major storm hit New Jersey and although nothing in my house was damaged, we have been left without power (and heat) since Monday 10/29. Although we are on the 6th full day without power, I chose to make the best out of the situation and use my charged laptop to edit some snippets of my week into a video. I won’t allow the lack of power won’t slow me down or dampen my mood! I hereby present to you a new episode of Geremy’s Peculiar Week (uploaded to you via Starbucks’ wifi connection)!

Get Started!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Walt Disney

My Beloved MacBook Pro Retina

Macbook Pro Retina

I purchased a MacBook Pro Retina on the day that it was released and it has changed my outlook on computers forever. I’ve always thought that my iMac was extremely fast because it had 12gb of memory and a monstrous i7 Processor, but then my mind was changed when I got the Macbook Pro Retina and I experienced its supersonic speed. There have been times when my MacBook processed my thoughts before I even opened the lid. The only computer faster than my MacBook (by a marginal amount) is IBM’s “Watson.” The MacBook Pro Retina has made me smarter because I’ve needed to upgrade the speed of my brain to keep up with it. If computers got speeding tickets for going too fast, my MacBook’s license would’ve been suspended three months ago.**

I guess what I’m saying is that I like my new laptop very much and if anyone is in the market for a laptop that rivals the speed of the average human brain, this is the exact machine that you’re looking for! It’s expensive though, so you might have to sell an arm, a leg and your second-born child to get it…like I did.

** Some statements exaggerated a tiny bit

Geremy’s Peculiar Week – Episode 12

This week’s video is based around my weekend trip to Michigan with my little brother, in which we spent 12 hours traveling, driving and exploring. Thanks to a a private jet, a variety of iPhone apps, and a wonderful team of assistants, I was able to arrange the entire last-minute trip 12 hours before departure.

Unfortunately I inadvertently deleted the majority of footage from the second half of my trip and the remainder of the week, but alas here is my video montage of scenes from my Peculiar Week!!

The Reflection Collection – Product # 3

Peculiar PPL Dress Shirt

It is Saturday, September 15th at 3:45pm as I type this journal entry and I am airborne aboard JetSuite’s Embraer Phenom 100 jet. This is significant because JetSuite is not only the company that is making my quick weekend trip to Michigan a reality, but they are also the inspiration for my final Peculiar PPL dress shirt from my “Reflection Collection” series.

Onboard the Jet

It all started in September of 2009 when I became fascinated with the efficiency and convenience of private jets and I established a goal of owning one. After spending weeks extensively researching everything there is to know about private aviation, I decided on a starter jet for myself—the Embraer Phenom 100. I loved this plane because it was fuel efficient, large enough for me and 3 friends (+ 1 who can sit on the lavatory for the entire flight), and it could easily fly along the East coast without refueling. My heart was set on this jet so in order to make my goal feel more attainable, I created a mockup of how I envisioned my mine to look in the future.

Geremy's Personal Light Jet

Even though I looked at the mockup on a daily basis, it still seemed like a distant goal. I needed to see the jet in-person to make my goal feel more achievable. That’s when I sent an email to my assistant, requesting that he do some research to find as many Phenom 100 owners as possible. I ended up with a long list of Phenom 100 owners and I contacted them one-by-one, asking if I could buy them lunch and have an opportunity to view their jet. When I reached the letter “J” on the list I noticed that there was one name that that repeated itself several times—Jetsuite Air.

I must have spent about three hours on the JetSuite website, reading everything about the company, the employees and their Phenoms. I loved their innovativeness, unique business model and their willingness to take risks. I knew that I needed to experience everything in-person so I contacted the CEO to see if I could somehow get a chance to meet for a few minutes if I ever ended up in California. To my surprise, he said “yes” and 15 minutes later, I booked my flight. Not only was I going to get a chance to see a Phenom 100 in-person, I was also going to meet the CEO of the largest Phenom 100 fleet in the US! I also used this opportunity to purchase a flight from California to Las Vegas on the private jet, so I worked with an incredibly helpful charter sales manager to confirmed all of the details to make it happen. The entire trip was so great that I made a video outlining my experience, and then I made a second video highlighting the experience as my favorite moment of 2011.

From that day forth, I learned many things from watching JetSuite. After they had an minor (and rather public) mishap with one of their jets, I saw how the CEO handled the issue quickly used the publicity to grow the company larger and stronger. I learned about their innovativeness by becoming the first company to allow customers to initiate private jet bookings via Facebook at a deeply discounted price. Also, I learned about the art of masterful customer service from my experiences to date. All of these lessons have contributed to the way that I run my brand, Peculiar PPL, which they have publicly supported on their Facebook page.

Jetsuite Phenom 100

As mentioned in an earlier entry, the reflection collection shirts were created as a tribute to the products and companies that have played a significant role in shaping my preferences today, and for the reasons listed above JetSuite has made quite an impact on me. As a result, I’ve created a dress shirt that resembles the white, grey and red color scheme of the JetSuite Phenom 100 jet. In my eyes, if their jet was reincarnated into a dress shirt, it would look exactly like this one! This shirt is my favorite of the trio because of its contrasted colors on the inner sleeve, button holes, inner collar, and placket. Wearing the shirt reminds me of JetSuite and my goal of obtaining my own jet by 2015.

So right now as I breeze through the sky on a Phenom 100 jet, I can’t help but sit in amazement at the fact that a random fascination with private jets in 2009 has blossomed into the discovery of a great private jet company and the feeling being within arm’s length of accomplishing my goal of owning a private jet!

Geremy’s Peculiar Week on the Way

Next Episode of Geremy's Peculiar Week

The next episode of “Geremy’s Peculiar Week” has been finished for about three weeks now, but it has not been released due to the fact that I am an obsessive perfectionist when I create things. As I was doing the final renders, I decided that I disliked all of the audio tracks that I selected for the video and I needed to re-edit the episode in its entirety. If my obsessiveness doesn’t create any more roadblocks, this episode should be released by the end of the week.

A couple of things that you will find in the next episode: zip lining, and birthday cake, and Disney World, and the Hudson River, and glass blowing, and A CAMEL. The video will be about 3 minutes long, will include some highlights from my month and was shot almost exclusively with my iPhone.

Now back to editing…