They Will Tell You No

All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you’re not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you’re the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. They will tell you no, a thousand times no, until all the no’s become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly. And you will tell them yes.

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Napkin Review: Raymond’s

Geremy's Napkin Review

Arguably the most overlooked item on the tables of every restaurant in America is the napkin. Restaurant napkins come in different varieties and they are an integral part of the dining experience; however, people rarely notice its presence–only its absence. Luckily, all of this changes today, as I’ve started a new category of journal entries, called “Geremy’s Napkin Review.”

As of August 25, 2012, I am officially the world’s first napkin reviewer!

Restaurant: Raymond’s of Montclair, NJ
Food Type: American

Raymond's of Montclair

I attended Raymond’s for lunch and after placing my order for a Club Sandwich and an infused Lemonade, I immediately directed my full attention to the square white serviette that plainly rested on the table.

Raymond's of Montclair Napkin

The napkin was of the paper variety and measured approximately 6″ x 6″ in its compact form. When it was fully unfolded, it doubled its dimensions and measured one full square foot. The entire napkin was decorated in a debossed, floral ornamental design that was reminiscent of the victorian era.—these attributes contributed to the attractiveness of the paper. This napkin was easy to handle, due to its light weight and malleability, and it appeared to be fit for usage within a restaurant environment.

All signs indicated that this napkin would be adequate for my meal, but after a single use I realized that this napkin was unsatisfactory for my lunch service. As I placed the napkin on my lap to protect my slacks from escaping food, its light weight caused it to become airborne and float to the ground several times. The single ply quality of the napkin and its small surface area caused it to be almost useless without the addition of several additional napkins.

If you choose to visit this food establishment, you might choose to bring a paper towel from home or a spare, cloth napkin to do the job. Simply put, this napkin could not do the job that it was created to do, therefore I must give Raymond’s of Montclair’s napkin one star.

Napkin Details
Color: White
SIze: Approximately 12″ x 12″
Texture: One-ply paper
Durability: Low
Appearance: Decent— if you’re into victorian-style designs on your napkins

The Reflection Collection – Product # 2

Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection

I’ve hated Macs for years. It all started when I had to edit lengthy videos in Final Cut Pro and right before making my final cut, the program would close because of a “fatal error.” As a result, my many hours of hard work would be forever lost in an abyss of irretrievable work. When this happened, I would have no choice but to [figuratively] unleash my frustration on the PowerMac G4 computer, which resulted in me having a strong disdain for Macs. But then everything changed when I got an Apple G5 computer as a Christmas gift in 2004.

The iMac's Ports

The G5 computer came to me as a surprise gift from my dad (or Santa) and after spending long hours with it, I was in love. This love that I established for Apple grew exponentially over the next few years and I went on to purchase almost every product that they subsequently released. As of today, I own an 27″ iMac, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod Shuffle, and Airport Extreme, with future plans to purchase every single future Apple product that they release.

The iMac

Without these products, I wouldn’t have been able to edit millions of hours of video footage, start a media company, design this website, communicate with people, design clothing, etc, etc. Basically, I would not have been completely free to be a creative individual if it had not been for Apple products. These products contribute to my smooth-running, technology driven life and I strongly believe in Apple and any product that they release.

My second reflection collection product is a grey, striped dress shirt that is a reflection of the typical anodized aluminum & black color scheme of many of my Apple products. Additionally, all of my Apple products function well on their own, but are significantly better with the inclusion of one minor accessory. For example, the iPhone 4 is significantly better with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus case, the Macbook Pro is better with the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones, and the iPad is better with a multi-function smart case. This philosophy is the same for the Peculiar PPL shirt— with addition of matching cufflinks on its french cuffs, the shirts appearance can be significantly better. As with all of my designs, the shirt has a high contrast inner cuff, square buttons, and a spread collar that looks amazing when paired with a tie (and tied in a double windsor knot).

This shirt is the second product in the Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection and if you’re unable to afford any of the Apple products, you can always purchase the shirt for a mere $44 and know that it was inspired by one of your favorite Apple products.

Next time, I will feature Product Number 3: The JetSuite Reflection

The Reflection Collection – Product # 1

Reflection Collection - Black and White

Fun fact: All Peculiar PPL t-shirts (beginning with the “Mr. Peter P. Peculiar” design) have included a reflection of my G-head logo in a hidden location on the shirt.
Funner fact: This week I released a new collection of premium dress shirts that I call “The Reflection Collection.”

Since I’m a peculiar person, I fit the profile of the target customer for my clothing brand, Peculiar PPL. As a result, I design all of the products to be a reflection and extension of me and my aesthetic desires. Most recently, I decided to expand the dress shirt product line to include three products that are a reflection of the things that have contributed to who I am. The resulting products were dress shirts that mirror the color schemes of significant products from three wonderful companies: Nike, Apple and JetSuite.

Product # 1: The Nike Air Force One Reflection

Growing up, I swooned over the Nike Air Force One sneaker because I’ve always loved the classic minimalism of the design and also all of the “cool kids” in elementary school owned pairs. When I was in third grade, I asked my mom to buy my first pair of Air Force One and her response was simple and effective— “hahahahahhahahahahhaha!!!!!!” The desire to own these sneakers gradually increased as time progressed and when I entered college, my desire peaked. For Christmas of 2005, I had one simple request: “I’d like the Nike Air Force One Premium Tuxedo Sneakers in size 12, please!” To my surprise, my mom crossed hell and high water, navigated through shady neighborhoods and managed to get the sneakers that her beloved son wanted. On that unforgettable Christmas morning, my world seemed to stop when I realized that I finally owned a pair of the elusive Air Force One sneakers that I adored from afar for over a decade!

Air Force One Tuxedos

I adored the fine craftsmanship of the sneaker and I fell in love. Not only did I fall in love, but I decided that I needed to own every single pair of Air Force Ones ever created from that point onward. Starting in 2006, I collected these sneakers and even set aside a weekly budget to ensure that I could purchase at least four pairs a month. As a result, my sneaker collection grew to include The Christmases, The Premium Alligator Skins, The Rasheeds, The Baseball Packs, The Untold Truths, The Escapes, The Camo’s, The Scarfaces, The Seersuckers, etc, etc, etc. By the time that I retired my Air Force One addiction, I’d amassed a collection of over 150 sneakers with a total value of over $18,000.

These sneakers made me appreciate fine craftsmanship and simplicity in its design while teaching me that any goal can be accomplished with the help of focus, tenacity, and [in this case] the support of family members.

The black and white Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection shirt is a reflection of this significant product in my life. It was designed to mimic the color scheme of the Nike AIr Force One Tuxedos with the same level of detail and quality that I originally discovered in the sneaker. The dress shirt has high-contrast black and white cues throughout and, most notably, black trim on the collar, placket and cuff to accent these elements. Even though the shirt would look great when worn with a formal tuxedo, it would look just as great if worn in a casual capacity with one of the most beautiful sneakers that I’ve ever owned—the sneaker that changed my world—the Nike Air Force One Tuxedos!

Next time, I will feature Product Number 2: The Apple Reflection.

Pablo Picasso on Goals

I have an extensive quote collection that I’ve been curating since 2003. In the past I’ve kept them for personal inspiration, but from this point on I’ve decided to highlight some of them on to motivate and inspire others. All future quotes will be housed under the new “Quotes” category. Enjoy!
Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.
Pablo Picasso


I went ziplining this weekend and it was so enjoyable that I didn’t mind wearing the silly helmet

Ziplining G

Over the Footbridge

Ziplining G

My Worst Flightmare

El Aeroporto

As I walked through the airport, I looked to my left and saw a pigeon walking alongside me as if he was also headed to Gate 26A. Unlike me, he didn’t have any carry-on luggage or a boarding pass, but we both seemed to share the same confidence that our flights would depart on time. I wanted to tell him, “You don’t need a ticket to fly,” but I was focused on the task at hand, which was to take a work-related trip to Virginia with a short layover in Washington DC.

Pigeon in the AIrport

I took a seat a few feet away from the entrance to the jetway and waited for my boarding time. Minutes later, the customer service agent announced, “We need one person to give up their seat for this flight in exchange for a $700 flight credit and we will also rebook them on the next departing flight.” My intuition told me to take advantage of the opportunity so I could use the flight credit towards a trip to Paris to have French French Toast, but alas, I talked myself out of it. Shortly after, the boarding process for the flight started and I wheeled my luggage down the aisle, threw it in the overhead compartment, and waited in my seat for the flight to depart.

The plane was pushed back from the gate, driven out onto the runway and after a brief pause; the pilot said, “we must return to the gate because of mechanical issues.” When we finally made it back to the gate, there were dozens of upset passengers (and one bird) trying to sort out their flight plans due to the newly cancelled flight. I tried my best to ignore the fact that I could’ve gotten $700 and avoided this entire predicament, and I patiently waited in the Star Alliance Premier line for re-booking. My replacement flight was scheduled for 3:00pm flight with a 1.5 hr layover in DC and I had my fingers crossed that it would depart without any issues.

My new flight took off without any problems and upon arriving to Washington DC, I found out that my next flight was now delayed by “a few.” When I asked the gate agent for more clarification about what “a few” meant he said, “Probably between twenty minutes and three hours.” That answer wasn’t good enough for me, so I forced him to research further. Eventually, he told me, “Your flight is leaving at 9:30pm.” I said, “9:30pm?!?” He responded, “Oh wait… I had it incorrect– your flight is leaving Newark at 9:30pm– it’ll be here around 10:45 and will depart around 11:15pm to take you to Virginia.” Ay Dios Mio– I feel a stress ulcer forming! It was especially comforting when the same gate agent saw me six hours later and said, “Oh, you’re still here??” Nope, I’m in Virginia right now…this is just a mirage!

When my flight finally landed after midnight, I was relieved that this entire journey was finally over, but prayed that I wouldn’t have a similar experience on my return flight in 20 hours. As luck would have it, my experience was almost the same, but the outcome was very different!

I went online to check-in to my flight, but there was no return flight on my ticket itinerary. I eventually went to the airport to sort things out and the airline representative said, “You don’t have to worry about this return flight because it’s not departing anyway. In fact, all flights for the rest of the day are cancelled.” Both my assistant and I dove into a “Get Geremy home today” rescue effort and we searched for every possible option to make it happen. Eventually I decided that I should just rent a car and drive back home.

The Rescue Rental

Since I rented a car when I originally arrived in Virginia, Hertz gave me the option of returning the car to Newark by midnight. To get to New Jersey by midnight meant that I would have to drive approximately 90mph the entire way. When I explained this to the agent, she said “if you return the car after midnight, it would be an additional $250.” I said “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! The car will be there by midnight!” Although I ended up renting a different car from Budget due to a lower cost, I still challenged myself to make the trip last less than the forecasted 7.5 hours.

Ominous Conditions

I retrieved my Dodge Avenger and we hit the road! I hated the first hour and a half of driving, but then I decided that I should enjoy the impromptu road-trip. As I passed by the cows in West Virginia and the calm roads in Pennsylvania, I enjoyed my little journey. After 6 hours and 25 minutes of driving (with one 10 minute stop to take a brief nap), I pulled into my driveway and was happy that my horrible airline experience was over!

The next morning, I drove to the airport to return the rental car and retrieve my car. As I stepped into the rental car building to get my final receipt, I saw my old acquaintance, the pigeon, walking around. I guess his flight was cancelled too! Poor pigeon!

Geremy Jr, You’re Fired! Team of Assistants, You’re HIRED!

In October of 2010, my life became a lot more productive when I hired a new personal assistant who handled all of the mundane, tedious tasks that I didn’t want to think about. He increasingly became a key part of my life since he allowed me to be productive while I attended to more important things. Unfortunately, after twenty months of working together, his effectiveness decreased and so did my tolerance for less-than-stellar results paired with slow turnaround times, so I gave him the proverbial “boot” and fired him.

Thirty minutes of life without a personal assistant passed and I couldn’t bear to expend any more brainpower on the dull administrative tasks that I’d delegated in the past, so I began a search for a replacement assistant. After one hour of copious research on a few replacements,I finally arrived at a wonderful new team of assistants who have been making my life much more productive and peachy than it ever was before.

During my first week as a customer with my new assistants, my tasks have included the following:

  • Find out the cost of the sewer taxes for my property and the details to submit payment
  • Research the cheapest, best quality helium tank online, purchase it, and have it shipped to my house
  • Find a few options for a transparent case for my new Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display
  • Schedule my next dentist appointment and place all relevant details on my calendar
  • Review and proofread an editorial that I will post online
  • Find the next Snarky Puppy concert near my house, place the details on my calendar and invite my cousin to the calendar entry
  • Find a place with great reviews that can produce 2″ x 2.5″ rubber stamps for me and let me know the cost
  • Call Mercedes Benz to find out the cost and part number for my driver’s door rear speaker grill
  • Purchase brake sensors for my Lexus LS460L that cost less than $130 each

Each task was completed within 30 minutes, with the majority of tasks being completed in 10 minutes or less. This was significantly better than my prior assistant who would sometimes take 3 to 4 days to get mentally prepared to think about thinking about starting each task.

One completed task that made me happier than our guinea pig eating a piece of watermelon was the last task on the list. I’d requested that Fancy Hands locate front and rear brake sensors for my car to get rid of the elusive “BRAKE PAD WEAR” message on the dashboard, which remained after I completed my brake job earlier this month. I requested that the dealership not replace the sensors after they informed me that these sensors cost $300 each to replace. When I did my own search, the cheapest price that I could find online was $200 for the set. My new team of assistants responded to my email within 20 minutes with three locations where I could purchase the sensors for between $110 and $130 for the pair. Then they took things a step further and called my local auto supply stores and located a place that sold the sensors for $11.99 each. ELEVEN NINETY-NINE in US currency! Then they took the liberty of reserving the part at the store for me to pick up the following day and then placed a reminder on my calendar for me to drive to the store and make the purchase. It took me 30 seconds to send the email and as a result, they saved me over $500!

There were numerous additional stellar experiences that I’ve had since signing up and I am happy that I took the plunge to get rid of “Geremy Jr” and start a new relationship with a team of assistants whose happiness is dependent on my productivity and satisfaction!


Weird Weekly

On Friday I completed yet another exciting year of my life and now I’m 27 years old! The most exciting part of being 27 is the fact that I am no longer considered a “youthful driver” by my car insurance company, which means that I can finally get a reduction on my $35,000/year car insurance premium. In addition to celebrating my car insurance savings, I am also celebrating the great experiences that I had at the age of 26. Some of my most memorable moments include:

– Going on two international trips to Trinidad.
– Being invited as a guest speaker in Trinidad & Tobago for a group of 150+ people
– Being invited to speak to a group of ambitious high school students at the “Leaders of Tomorrow” program in Boston
– Designing and launching many new Peculiar PPL line extensions, including 11 new t-shirts, two notebooks and three dress shirts
– Having my first official photo shoot for Peculiar PPL
Designing my own, custom-made, Peculiar shoe
Starting “Geremy’s Peculiar Week,” my own little reality show of sorts
– Sending my sister on a much deserved vacation
Purchasing a Mercedes convertible
– Going on many fun outings, including weekend trips to other states
Changing my car brakes for the first time without injuring myself or others in the process
– Fostering great friendships with new and existing friends.

As I get older, I’m working harder so that I can succeed on purpose! I’m excited for the things that will be accomplished at age 27 and I plan on sharing the moments with the viewers as these things unfold! Perhaps I might even get the zebra that I’ve always wanted at the age of 27! Fingers crossed!!

New Redesign Redesign - 08/2012

At 10:27pm on my 27th birthday (Friday, August 3rd) I launched the redesign for The new design is meant to be minimalistic, yet useful with a strong emphasis placed on the content over design. Here are a few useful features built into the latest version of the site:

  • Search- With eight years of content housed on the site, I wanted specific entries to be easier to find. If you wanted to find the entry about when I bought a watch that doesn’t tell time, simply search for “doesn’t tell time” and BOOM…the entry magically appears!
  • Retina Displays- I have all of the devices that Apple makes with a retina display and it irks me when I visit websites and the graphics appear fuzzy. As a result I wanted to ensure that the graphics appear as crisp as possible. Unfortunately this meant that I have to go through every single entry and modify the HTML code for every image. Currently the process is about 70% complete and the site should be 100% retina ready by 8/18.
  • Mobile Devices- Recently I found out that there are approximately 4.2 billion people with a toothbrush in the world, which pales in comparison to the 4.8 billion people with a mobile device. To me, this showed the importance of having a mobile-ready website nowadays. Whether you’re on the 27″ iMac with 2560 x 1440 resolution, or the iPod Touch, first generation, the website will automatically reformat the page to give you the best experience. Side note: If you do not own a toothbrush, please get one ASAP…you’ll thank me later!
  • Studio- The studio page has been fully redesigned and it now contains links to the journal entry for each project, project summaries, and videos that are viewable on both mobile devices and standard computer browsers.

These are just a few of the changes that have been implemented with this latest redesign and I am still making changes and tweaks as I see how the user’s experience unfolds. Besides the odd image formatting on the older entries, if you notice anything that doesn’t work as it should, please drop me an email at and I’ll be forever grateful…I might even name my firstborn child after you!