The Royalty Experience for Peculiar Pens

I experienced exemplary service when my watch was losing time and I had to take a trip to the Breitling boutique in NYC. As soon as I arrived to the boutique, one of the employees wore elegant gloves in order to handle my watch. Then she requested that I follow her to the personal service area, as she held my watch in front of her as a ring bearer would hold the rings at a wedding ceremony. Then she gently placed the watch on a leather pad and offered me beverage as she registered the watch for service.

I felt like royalty!

The watch was shipped to the main factory where they dismantled the entire timepiece and replaced everything that showed any signs of wear. When I picked up my fully serviced watch six weeks later, it looked brand new without any scuffs or blemishes. My only issue was that it cost an arm (not my watch-wearing arm) and a leg. Even though I paid a significant premium for this service, I couldn’t get this experience out of my head. I felt that Peculiar PPL needed to provide an equal or better service experience for a fraction of the cost. As a result, I spent several weeks improving the Peculiar writing utensil.

Peculiar Writing Instrument

First I wanted to make sure that this pen had the potential to become everyone’s favorite pen, so I discarded the ordinary ink cartridges that I originally chose for the pens and I selected a significantly better cartridge that wrote extraordinarily.

Peculiar Writing Instrument

Then I put together the best pen warranty out of any pen in existence. For the first five years of owning the pen, service will be provided for free on an annual basis. Under this service plan, the pen will be restored to the original (or better than original) condition. Worn parts will be replaced or repaired, ink cartridges will be replaced or upgraded (if available), and the pen will be polished back to its original shine. Best of all, effective immediately, this is provided free of charge with the purchase of a Peculiar Writing Instrument. More details on this service here.

Though the Breitling service cost me an arm and a leg, it was worth every penny because it gave me a valuable lesson in service and workmanship, which I can pass along to Peculiar PPL everywhere!

Geremy’s Peculiar Outing

The Peculiar Outing

I have disparate groups of friends from different areas of my life and historically, I’ve kept them in silos with very little interaction between the different groups. In an attempt to create a more cohesive group of friends, I came up with a concept called “Geremy’s Peculiar Outing.”

With each Peculiar Outing, I send emails to 4-8 of my friends to invite them to hang out with a few other people, but I make sure to omit the names of the other invitees. A key caveat of the outing is that no one is allowed to mention it to anyone else and they cannot prod to find out the names of the other potential attendees. By keeping the names of the participants private, I am able to gather friends from different social circles together to have a fun outing and potentially forge new friendships.

Thus far, I’ve arranged a few outings, including a NYC Bike Tour Extravaganza and a visit to the Schmorgasburg food festival and they have gone swimmingly without any bloodshed. With such a positive response to the idea, I have plans of conducting many more of these outings in the new year. So if you receive an email from me with an invitation to an outing, don’t be surprised if you are joined by Ms. Pipkin (my kindergarten teacher from Paterson School 10), Dwight (the kid who beat me up in 3rd grade for cutting him in line), Handiman (the one-armed guy who dries my car at the car wash), and Thomas Jefferson (our family guinea pig).

A Spontaneous Jetcapade to “Bawstin”

Boston Jet-capade

It was 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening and I was packing up to leave work, when suddenly I realized that I took the following day off and I didn’t have any plans. This was a problem and I couldn’t let a perfectly good day go to waste, so I quickly checked with my favorite private jet company and serendipitously secured a flight from New Jersey to Boston on their new, gorgeous Cessna Citation CJ3 jet. To make things even better, my brother had the following day off from school, which meant that I had a traveling buddy to go with me, just like last year when we took a spontaneous trip to Michigan.

Boston Jet-capade
Boston Jet-capade
Boston Jet-capade
Boston Jet-capade
Boston Jet-capade

Upon arriving at Teterboro airport, it took us 10 minutes before the wheels were up and we were in the air, and it only took that long because I kept walking around the plane taking “selfies” like an overly excited 12 year old girl. That was quite an improvement over the 1.5 hours that it usually takes me to walk through airport security, get “randomly selected” for the security spot checks, wait for my boarding group Z to be allowed on the plane and navigate to my luxurious middle seat in row 39 of the plane. While enroute to Boston, I used the plane’s wifi connection to plan out our itinerary for the trip and and by the time we landed we had a list of places to explore and a rental car waiting for us.
Boston Jet-capade
Boston Jet-capade

We spent the entire day exploring the city, and after enjoying the best ice cream that I’ve tasted in life, we took the rental car on our road trip back to New Jersey. By 10 pm, we arrived home in time for my brother and me to get a good night’s sleep before returning to our non-spontaneous, regular lives the following day.

I’m finally getting the hang of these spontaneous trips. Who’s coming with me on the next one??

Odd Sightings in My Driveway


I spotted this while backing out of the driveway this morning. This is why our neighbors think that we’re weird…because my family thinks that it’s perfectly normal to have a piñata appearing to guard the garbage can.

Happy Peculiar Birthday Shades

I once heard that silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone, so since 2010 I’ve made it my mission to loudly acknowledge those who wish me a Happy Birthday on August 3rd.

Facebook Greetings
Facebook Greetings

In 2010 I prepared handwritten “thank you’s,” uploaded each one to a Facebook album and tagged each respective person in their personal greeting message. In 2011 I personally acknowledged each person’s birthday greeting by thanking them on their Facebook wall. In 2012 I individually thanked each person via one of my Peculiar week episodes. Now, in 2013 I expect this 28th year of my life to surpass every previous year of my life, so I wanted to usher-in this year of my life by surpassing every prior birthday-thank-you effort with a special “thank you” gesture.

Peculiar Shades

This year, I ordered a collection of special two-tone Peculiar PPL shades in blue (my favorite color) and black/red (my favorite color scheme). Even though these shades are part of the Peculiar PPL product lineup, I wanted each person who said “Happy Birthday” to have one well in advance of its release to the general public. I also selected a special carrying pouch for each set of shades and included a thank you card and a matching Peculiar PPL wristband in each pouch.

Peculiar Shades

The difficult part was finding a way of delivering these fragile items to the 100+ people who I needed to thank. Since each set of shades needed a rigid structure to protect it while in transit, I ordered custom sized boxes to protect the shades without damaging them.

Peculiar Shades

Then after taking note of each person who delivered a birthday greeting via text, email, in-person, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I separated the list into two categories: hand delivery and ship via USPS. The task of collecting addresses to ship each item was quite time consuming and required me to use some strategic, unconventional means of gathering the data. For the people who I was completely unsure of their address, I sent them a message asking them for their information so that I can update my address book. Some people declined to provide the information, which is understandable for such a random request, but most sent it through without any questions.

Peculiar Shades

Then I spent every available moment from August 5th until August 21st printing labels, packaging the items, delivering them to the post office, then tracking each package to make sure that they were successfully delivered. I made sure not to publicly talk about this initiative so that each person receiving the shades would be surprised when it arrived in the mail. Now that 99% of the packages have been delivered (with 2 packages being delivered this week), I am happy to finally let the cat out of the bag!

Peculiar Shades

All-in-all, this entire effort cost in excess of $1,000 to execute, but it was worth every single penny! Here are some statistics for the people (like me) who have an appreciation for data:

  • Hand-Delivered Packages: 51
  • Shipped Packages: 70
  • Packages Shipped Internationally: 24
  • Furthest Package Destination: Warsaw, Poland

I know that it’s outside of the norm to give gifts to other people on your birthday, but that’s what makes me Peculiar and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Maybe next year I’ll figure out a way of mailing brand new cars to everyone!

Latest Impulse Buy: A Guinea Pig??

The New G'Pig

I went to Petco to buy some timothy hay for Tommy, our female guinea pig, but as I walked through the store I decided that Tommy needed a friend.  After spending time with each of the guinea pigs in the store, I decided to buy the black one with the white racing stripe going its face.  In addition, I bought a loft-style cage, extra food, bedding, a water bottle, and enough timothy hay to feed three bushels of guinea pigs.

Instead of spending $16 for the hay, I ended up spending $185 for the new gpig and its supplies…all so that Tommy can have another female friend to play with everyday.  I guess that this is the feeling that parents get when they’re willing to go to the ends of the earth for their child’s happiness!

The new gpig doesn’t have a name yet, but I am strongly considering the following:

  • KITT
  • Phrtl
  • Ohsnap!
  • L@via
  • Oh.

The CitiBiking Video Game

CitiBiking Adventure
CitiBiking Adventure
CitiBiking Adventure
CitiBiking Adventure
CitiBiking Adventure
CitiBiking Adventure
CitiBiking Adventure

For my brothers’ birthday weekend we embarked on an unplanned adventure across New York City using CitiBikes. Due to their 30-minute check-in rule, we were required to find a CitiBike station to temporarily dock our bikes every thirty minutes, or we’d be punished with overage fees of approximately a billion US dollars per minute. As a result, this made us feel as if we were in a video game where we’d lose one of our “lives” if we didn’t arrive at each checkpoint in time. By the end of this CitiBiking video game, we were thoroughly exhausted from riding from midtown Manhattan, through Little Italy, up Chinatown, across the Brooklyn Bridge, through the DUMBO neighborhood, and then back to our starting point. After spending a day with a bike, I have solidified my love for effortless, sweatless, automobile transportation and will stick with cars as my primary mode of long-distance transport for the foreseeable future!

The Wedding of 2013

My wonderful aunt had her wedding yesterday and I was invited to be a part of it.  As a groomsman I couldn’t bring along a camera with me, but I managed to sneak a couple of shots via my trusty iPhone.

Note: I did not catch the garter belt, so I don’t have to worry about a wedding of my own in the near future!

Bought a Tesla Model S? Let Me Help!

This post is for the .0000007% of the earth’s population who own a Tesla Model S.

The people as Tesla put together a brilliant vehicle with lots of hidden features (like the ability to play any song in the world), but it can be a daunting task for a new Model S owner to find all of these things. This is why I have gathered a list of the best not-so-widely-known vehicle features and have committed to host and update the file on this site indefinitely for anyone to review and become acquainted with their car.

So don’t cry, new Model S owner…I am here to help you become familiar with your new computer system on wheels!  Navigate to and enjoy the journey of exploring your new spaceship!

** Many thanks to the Tesla Motors Club for providing the content for the document! **

Peculiar Trademark

The Peculiar PPL Story

I am now the owner of the “Peculiar PPL” trademark in the United States! This is one step in the right direction and one tiny piece of the Peculiar Enterprises strategy. Very exciting journey ahead!