4/12/08 – Boston, MA – COMPLETED

On Saturday morning at 6:30 am, I left the house with my GPS, two cell phones and an umbrella on hand and I drove north. I was driving to Boston, Massachusetts and had a ton of motivation to keep me entertained throughout the four hour drive.

I had an aggressive itinerary in place, which included:

  • visiting the Smart Car dealership to place an order for the smart car that I wanted so badly
  • visiting The Johnny Cupcakes Store, a wonderful example of a self-made, self-driven multi-millionaire who achieved success through his own uniqueness
  • visiting Bodega–undoubtedly the best and most exclusive sneaker store on the East Coast, known only to sneakerheads like myself
  • and, most importantly, dropping in for a surprise birthday visit to my friend Erika six days before her birthday. I’m random like that.

Overall, I would consider the trip to be a huge success and a great kickoff to my Great Exploration plan. Over the next few days I will be covering the lessons-learned, things discovered, and random points of entertainment that I experienced during this trip.

…and for the record, I was disappointed to find out that the sweeping stereotypes were wrong and not everyone spoke with the widely-fabled “BAWSTON” accent.

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