First Time Window Shopping

To get my mind off of the stresses of exam week, I went to the mall to “window shop.” I’ve never window shopped before, so I was not aware of the two most important rules in the bestselling Window Shopping for Dummies book:

1. NEVER carry cash, credit, debit, money orders, travellers checks, rupees, yen, or any other form of currency.
2. Regardless of what your mind tells you, don’t buy anything!!

As soon as I went into the mall, my brain immediately started to send the message “BUY STUFF, YO” to the rest of my body. I was able to fight the feeling in the first few stores, but then I started to compromise when I went into the hat store.

As many of you know, I have a weak spot in my heart for hats. Having a different [NewEra] fitted cap to match every single outfit down to the last thread is my life goal and I will not rest until I am victorious. Right now my collection is down to around 45 hats, but my head is growing at a rapid pace (thanks to my huge brain), which means that most of my hats need to be replaced by bigger sizes.

New Hat (2)

New Hat

When I saw these 2 hats on the shelf, all of my willpower to resist spending money went out the window and I made the purchase. Afterwards, I thought that the spending spree was over, but it was just the beginning.

New MP3 Player

For some crazy reason, I started to convince myself that I needed a blue mp3 player. Why blue? I have no idea, but it made perfect sense at the time. Before I went home, I stopped by Best Buy and bought the first blue MP3 player that I saw. It was small, decent looking, and blue so I got it. But then when I was heading to the register to pay, I noticed an external hard drive. Once again, I started to convince myself that I needed the hard drive to live, so I bought it also.

When I headed home with 4 bags full of the result of my lack of self-discipline, I realized the mistake that I made. What began as an innocent browsing experience ended up as a shopping spree. Now the hard part is figuring out a way to tell my family members that my christmas-gift spending money went towards buying things for myself. Selfish, selfish Geremy.

Disclaimer: I actually got my Christmas shopping done weeks ago, so don’t bother making voodoo dolls out of me because of my “lack of compassion.”

New External Hard Drive