A Dessert Company’s 1st Release

I’m someone who’s known for setting seemingly impossible goals, so when I aimed to sell 80 cookies during the first month of A Dessert Company, even I considered it a stretch. During the one-month beta test, the goal was to sell at least 48 cookies to cover costs, and if I sold 80 cookies, it would have been a smashing success. Even in my overly optimistic mind, I did not fathom selling 236 cookies, but somehow it happened and I was prepared for it!

When I launched A Dessert Company, everything was designed to be simple so it would be easy to scale up. The website consisted of only three pages, there were no product variations, there was only one shipping carrier, one form of packaging, and one payment method. I wanted to be prepared in case the Oprah Show featured the cookies on her “Favorite Things” episode…even though Oprah has been off the air for 12 years.

With every order, things improved and became more streamlined. Every item was measured, every process was timed, and every outcome was analyzed to produce the best possible cookie. Ultimately, it took just 20 minutes to transform raw ingredients into a neatly packaged order. This translated to an average production time of five minutes per cookie, resulting in a daily output of 216 cookies, equating to 378 orders per week. I felt like I had truly mastered the art of producing cookies efficiently!

After every order was shipped out, I took the month of August off to recharge, but now we’re back!  A Dessert Company is a real thing that will definitely exist through the end of the year. The next product will be available for purchase on Monday, September 25th, for one week only!  If you would like to follow along on the journey, you can add the new Instagram page @adessertco, and you can also visit the website at www.ADessertCompany.com

I want to thank every single person who placed an order, provided feedback, or supported in any way. It is always a challenge to  start something new, but the resounding support made it fun and fulfilling!  Now that the beta test is over, I guess that it’s official…I own and operate A Dessert Company!