A Dessert Company’s 2nd Release

Eight years ago, I hosted an event and one of my friends offered to bring a tray of brownies made by a coworker.  I’ve always thought that brownies tasted like an overly sweet jar of chocolate icing, so I had already decided not to eat any.  Throughout the event, everyone raved about how incredible the brownies were and they pressured me to taste them, much like Nick’s seventh-grade attempt to pressure me into trying a mystery drug that he concocted in his basement.  Unlike Nick’s advancements, the peer pressure worked, and biting into the brownie was a glorious experience that immediately gave me euphoric feelings.  The brownie was the safe equivalent of Nick’s homemade drugs, except it was entirely legal to enjoy in public and had no bad side effects that would leave me sweating profusely in a ditch behind the school’s football field.  

Throughout the years, I constantly thought of ways to share these brownies with my friends, which ultimately gave birth to the idea for A Dessert Company.  I tried to purchase a tray of the brownies to divide and mail to friends, but unfortunately things did not work out to make it possible.  So for the second dessert release, I learned how to craft my own version of the brownies as a way to pay homage to the treat that started it all.

The result was four variations of brownies, each with its own personality.  Allow me to describe each brownie as if I’m on a QVC infomercial: 

  1. The Chocolate Brownie – This delectable brownie isn’t excessively sweet like a jar of icing and it boasts both sweet and semi-sweet chocolate chips to enhance its flavor and excitement.
  2. The Chocolate Caramel Brownie – This is a milder flavored chocolate, a sweet caramel center, and semi-sweet chocolate chips artfully incorporated into the caramel to strike a perfect balance.
  3. White Chocolate Blondie – This is a vanilla flavored blondie with marshmallows and white chocolate chips added to give a nice texture and nicer flavor.
  4. Blondie/Brownie Mix – This blend of brownie and blondie offers a delightful fusion of chocolate and vanilla flavors. Some madness and badness…combination!

I love all of the variations, but the one that holds a special place in my heart is the Chocolate Caramel Brownie.  When I ate a warmed chocolate caramel brownie with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream, my brain reacted in the same way that a toddler reacts when trying cotton candy for the first time.  This brownie sundae gives me absolute pure joy that restores my faith in humanity, or something like that.

Like all releases from A Dessert Company, the brownies are only on sale for 7 days, and then they’ll be gone.  You can place your order now on www.aDessertCompany.com for $25, including shipping, to experience a legal serotonin boost without resorting to the mystery homemade basement drugs of sweaty 13-year-olds.