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iMac = iHappy


The iMac

My Macbook Pro has been a staple in my life ever since I purchased it as a birthday gift to myself on August 4, 2007. Since that day, I’ve taken it all over the world and used it as a tool to unleash my creativity by creating hundreds of videos, sorting and editing thousands of pictures, producing a few dozen songs and building many websites. I have a large sentimental connection to this machine, so I can’t imagine myself ever geting rid of it, but unfortunately it has become too slow for me to effectively use as a primary computer.

The iMac's Ports

Apparently Steve Jobs felt my woes all the way in Cupertino and yesterday he released a solution to my problem. The 27″ iMac with the tremendous 3.4GHz Quad-Core i7 processor was unveiled yesterday and I’m convinced that Mr. Jobs created this machine just for me. During lunchtime at work today, I zipped over to the Apple store and picked up my new desktop, which will be used at home and in the lab, while my laptop and iPad will continue to be used while on the go. I’m thrilled at the new purchase and will be working many new projects on it in the very near future!

Welcome, iMac. I think that we’ll get along quite well.

Packed and Ready to Go!


Peculiar PPL Shirts

I am extremely happy to announce that the first Peculiar PPL shirts are all packed and ready to be shipped. I’m very happy with the way that they turned out, especially since it’s the company’s inaugural design. The colors are vibrant red, blue and greytones on a white t-shirt.

Join the fun and get yours here! Use my special coupon code, “ALLIGATOR,” to get 10% off your order!

Peculiar PPL on the way!


Two years ago I wrote about my half-baked idea of establishing a clothing and lifestyle brand. Soon after introducing this idea, I put it on hold and shelved it with my many other un-pursued business ideas. Then recently after looking for clothing that suited me, I realized that there was a severe lack of high-quality, high-value products that appealed to me. I then decided to contact a few established clothing companies in an attempt to collaborate to produce goods that suit my standards, but I was turned down multiple times because I’m not a well-known name in the marketplace.

Since I live based on the principle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door,” I am building a brand called “Peculiar PPL” (pronounced Peculiar People).

Peculiar PPL is a fine apparel line that features high-quality, limited-release apparel that exceeds my already high standards. Best of all, this brand is in the very early stages of being created, which means that you are able to travel down the road to creation with me and see everything happen in realtime. I have hired a few key, talented individuals who are working with me during every stage of the process leading up to the official launch on March 19, 2011!

With high goals and a tight deadline, I will be getting minimal sleep during the next few weeks but the ending product will make everything more than worth it! Feel free to track my progress on www.PeculiarPPL.com and major developments will be shared in detail on Geremology.com!

…so how does it tell time?


The Infinity Piece

Recently I purchased a watch that doesn’t tell time. Yes, you read that right– my newest watch has no arms, no numbers, no moving parts and no battery! Ever since purchasing it I’ve been getting weird looks from people who assume that time appears from a hidden LCD screen, but they couldn’t be more wrong. My watch doesn’t have any super powers, but it does have a very important symbolism behind it.

Allow me to get deep for a minute as I philosophically explain my timepiece…

My Timepiece

In learning about leadership, I found out that there are two types of time: chronos time, which is chronological and finite, and the kairos time, which is based on your appointed and opportune moment. Traditional watches serve as reminders of the chronological time and it naturally prompts individuals to count-down the minutes remaining before a particular event occurs. My timepiece, called the “Infinity Piece,” serves a reminder of the kairos time and it prompts me to not be constrained by the chronos when pursuing something great.

Also, this watch also has the magical power to elicit a bewildered look on the face of anyone who is unfamiliar with my peculiar ways. It creates nonstop entertainment for me when I am in public and individuals catch a glimpse of the watch that doesn’t tell time. While getting my laptop repaired in the Apple store today, a man stared at my watch for about five minutes as his face grew increasingly confused. When my repair was finished, his face looked like he just saw Elvis Presley reveal himself in the form of a moonwalking groundhog, and it was hilarious for me to observe.

While this watch doesn’t have any super powers on its own, my hope is that this infinity piece leads me to strive for greatness this year. If it doesn’t, then the puzzled looks that I get from strangers will make it worth its weight in solid plutonium!

I’d Lick This Sneaker!


In December I was given the opportunity to design a sneaker, but not just any sneaker. This sneaker is the greatest sneaker ever made. It’s the greatest sole to ever tread this earth. It’s the sneaker that Moses, The Twelve Disciples and Noah wore in the biblical times. This sneaker is the NIKE AIR FORCE ONE!!!!!!

I had a long history with the Air Force One (AF1). I started wearing AF1’s when I was a freshman in college because at the time I was finally financially independent enough to purchase these long-coveted sneakers. From that point I literally purchased over a hundred pairs of these sneakers. There was a period in my life when t I budgeted $400 per month, strictly to be spent on regularly purchasing multiple pairs of AF1’s. When I noticed that this obsession became unhealthy and expensive to maintain, I decided to switch to a much cheaper, simpler brand of sneaker— the Puma. I made a video vehemently expressing my abandonment of the Air Forces, but I couldn’t stay away from them for long…they were just too beautiful.

Now that I’m getting older and starting to tone down my passion for sneaker collecting, I wanted to go out with a huge bang! I used this unique opportunity to design my dream sneaker, which spent one month of being crafted in a factory overseas and now they are finally in my possession. Here a few pictures of my favorite sneaker ever:

Geremology x Nike Air Force One

Geremology x Nike Air Force One

Geremology x Nike Air Force One

Geremology x Nike Air Force One

Geremology x Nike Air Force One

Geremology x Nike Air Force One

I’d Lick this sneaker.

Interrupting Dreams with Screams


Every night before I go to sleep, I set 11 alarms in my iPhone– the first starting at 5:45am and the last at 8:15am. You would think that 11 alarms would be sufficient to wake anyone up, but not me. I am confident in my abilities to sleep through an earthquake-tornado-hurricane storm without any interruptions to my dream. I recognized that was serious issue when my brother’s guinea pig got annoyed that I wasn’t feeding him on time, so he opened his cage, walked down the hallway and stood in front of my door making loud “wheek-ing” noises for me to get up and give him his serving of Timothy Hay. I recognized that my sleeping pattern was a problem, so I identified an alarm clock that’s louder than a 1961 Cadillac Eldorado’s horn and more disturbing than a 6.8 magnitude Earthquake.

Most Terrifying Alarm Clock

The “Clocky” alarm clock is the most terrifying thing that I’ve ever willingly purchased for myself. It is an alarm clock attached to tractor wheels and SUV tires. Those wheels are attached to a tiny motor that has more torque than a Subaru Impreza WRX and more horsepower than a Honda Civic with V-TEC POWERRRRR. On the front of the alarm there’s an illuminated LCD , which have the power to light up my entire room like a searchlight on Rikers Island. This alarm clock isn’t your typical alarm clock– it’s your worst nightmare….figuratively and literally.

Most Terrifying Alarm Clock

When it’s time for Clocky to interrupt your beautiful sleep, he gives you one chance to wake up like a normal human being. He politely screams in an R2D2-like fashion for you to wake up. If you are like me and press the snooze button, he gets angry and two minutes later he unleashes his mechanical wrath on you and everything in his path. He drives off the nightstand onto the ground and he runs around the room, flashing his bright lights and releasing high pitch screams. If you are wise enough to wake up, you will see your entire room flashing brightly from the clock’s bright lights, and if you are like me this morning, you would think that you are part of a FBI raid and are two seconds away from being shot with bullets from a machine gun.

Most Terrifying Alarm Clock

To make things worse, during this frightening Clocky spins his entire body around, making it hard for you to hold him and push his buttons. As if it isn’t hard enough to find the running alarm clock and stop the terror, now you have to make your sleepy body awake and aware enough to press the right buttons to bring this horror to an end. By the time that you’re able to put an end to this scary experience, you are awake enough to catch an antelope with no external assistance.

Each night I go to sleep in fear of my alarm clock, but at least I know now that I can go to sleep in peace and wake up early enough to catch the 6am reruns of Saved By the Bell: The College Years…while trembling in fear of the clocky.

Snowflake Water is a Reality!


Ever wondered what melted snowflakes taste like? I wondered this when I was young and had nothing better to do than to write on the wall with a crayon and talk to my imaginary friend Pheubherth. When curiosity finally got the best of me, I went outside on a snowy day and got a handful of snow to defrost in a cup and taste. It tasted disgusting, as if someone put gravel, dirt, leaves and pencil shavings into a juicer and served it chilled.

If I had things my way, I would make snow taste like cream soda so that each snowfall would be a wonderfully delicious experience. Since it’s not possible to do that in this world, I made a bottled, artificial version of my snowflake dream, called “Snowflake Water.”

Geremology x Jones Soda

My bottled snowflake water experience is a joint production with Jones Soda and it features my official Snowflake Water emblem, which has tiny G’s hidden in the snowflake. The back of the bottle features my snowflake water story and the the drink is packaged in a glass bottle for safekeeping of your melted snowflake water.

I don’t want to be greedy and keep of this great snowflake water to myself, so I am giving it away to you—the wonderful, faithful visitors of Geremology.com. Unfortunately it costs quite a large sum of money to ship glass bottles around the United States, so if you would like one of these collectors items in your home, you can pay a portion of the shipping and handling charges ($3) and then it becomes yours. Supplies are limited, so first come, first serve. Also, if you’ve ever received anything from me in the mail in the past, you know that I like to ship extra surprises in the package, so prepare yourself!!

Geremology x Jones Soda

Geremology x Jones Soda

Terms and Conditions Open to residents of the United States only. Three dollar shipping and handling charges only accepted via major credit card or paypal payment. One bottle per person while supplies last. Do not use glass bottles as a weapon. Play nice!

To sign up, complete the form below and be sure to indicate your intended method of payment.


Back in my day, Notepads didn’t have LCD displays!


iPadding in the Park

I purchased an iPad on its opening day.

If you’re like the 20 people or so who have seen me using the iPad in the last week, your reaction to the statement above probably started with “early adopters are stupid” and ended with “the iPad is just a giant iPod touch!” Truth is, I shared the same opinions as you last week, but then I saw the light…the beautiful, shiny, brilliant light that revealed itself in the form of an iPad!

When the world went nuts by offering to trade their birthright for an iPad, I sat as an observer and concluded that the device was foolish. “What would a guy like me need with something like that…I’ve already got an iPhone!” But when I used it for a few minutes on the launch day I saw lots of possibilities, including:

  • Generate rent receipts on-the-fly to appease detail-oriented tenants
  • Mount as a digital picture frame above my fireplace mantle
  • Digital portfolio for my video and graphic projects
  • Digital drawing pad for drawing graphics like melted G’s and stars
  • View financial spreadsheets on the large screen
  • Quickly type journal entries, like this one, using the quick iphone-like keyboard
  • Review digital camera photos without needing a computer
  • Read a book without actually reading a book
  • Jot down quick thoughts on a large virtual notepad (which is a lot more inspiring and motivating)
  • Access essential Phone applications on a larger screen
  • A nice, shiny $500 coaster for up to six soda cans
  • A very short game of truly ultimate frisbee
  • …and that’s not even the half of it!

For those of you who are not convinced of its usefulness, let me give you an example of how the iPad worked well for me last Sunday:

Morning: In church, following along with my bible app and taking notes on my note taking app. While taking notes, I used the built-in microphone to record the audio just in case I needed to play it back to remember something or for potential comedy relief. Immediately as the service ended, I synchronized my notes to a “cloud” that keeps all of my documents synchronized with my computer, iPhone and iPad.
Noon: Reviewed the final product of a graphic to send over to a client. The large touchscreen worked great because I could zoom in on details that might’ve otherwise been missed on my computer. Also, I was able to lift the iPad inches away from my face so I could see every single pixel. The last time I tried that was with a 200lb Apple Cinema Display and I slightly strained my obturator foramen.
Afternoon: Went to hangout with my friends and snapped a lot of pictures. My camera uploads all pictures to the internet as soon as they are taken, so I was able to use my iPad and my instant portable wifi connection to view the pictures on the large screen.
Early Evening: Picked up rent from tenants and used a receipt app to generate a receipt immediately as rent is received. The receipt is automatically synchronized with an online server where all of the receipts are compiled, tagged by location, and exported to an excel spreadsheet for analysis. Later in the day, I merged the excel spreadsheet with a larger spreadsheet and used a data visualizing app to analyze financial information for my rental property. Nerdy– I know.
Night: As I head to bed, I used the books app to find a book worth reading before falling asleep.
Later in the night: Can’t sleep. No iPad app to fix this. Geremy is sad.

With the amount of time that an iPad saves by organizing data, making information more accessible and putting important business and personal tools at my fingertips, it was well worth the $500 and should be thought of as a “life improver” for people like me rather than a novelty item. I was once an unbeliever but now I’m a missionary, preaching the iPad gospel!

Bunches and Bunches of Boxes


My mom asked me if I wanted some cereal. I said yes. She delivered…and boy did she deliver! I am now the proud owner of 50 mini-boxes of my favorite cereal of all time–Honey Bunches of Oats (HBO)! As a nice bonus, I also get $1.25 off each future HBO purchase, which I will be using in the very near future. I have plans for all 50 boxes of cereal to meet my digestive system before the end of this week!


Saving you BUNCHES of Money

My Version of a Private Jet


Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

Many high-powered executives and CEOs (a la Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Obama) have offices to conduct meetings, but also have a variety of mobile places where they conduct business. These locations range from limos to private jets, and are outfitted with all of the tools and equipment necessary to do work effectively. Late last year when I analyzed my situation I noticed that I didn’t have one of these things, so I tried to create one via a portable office–which has been incredibly useful over the last few months. Unfortunately the portable office was just not enough and I saw the need for something bigger—a larger, more-surreal office environment.

After saving money and establishing a list of “must-haves” for Geremy’s swanky, mobile-office space I decided that I needed the space to be a vehicle. I narrowed my choices down to two vehicles: The Lexus LS460L and the Mercedes-Benz S550. I chose very large cars because in the distant future I hope to be a rear seat passenger of the car, conducting business while my driver transports me to meetings. With this in mind, I subjected each car to a battery of tests, evaluating everything from bass-booming capabilities to likelihood-of-escaping-unscathed-if-locked-in-the-trunk-by-crazed-groupies. I analyzed my findings and then engaged in intense negotiation sessions with car dealerships where things often got ferocious between the business manager and me—sometimes nearing the point of insulting one another’s families. Finally, I was able to purchase a new Obsidian-Black Lexus LS460L, Touring Edition.

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

I feel very much at home in my new mobile living/office space, but I still have my car from the last 3 years sitting in my driveway…lonely. My next challenge is to find a way of detaching myself from my 1998 Lexus LS400 so I can sell it without shedding a tear or three. It feels like I’m losing a friend because I found a new, cooler, better one. It just feels wrong…yetoh so right at the same time!

Goal # 2 of my “Growth and Expansion Year” completed

A Peculiar guy named Geremy