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G-Head Postcards


Custom stationary makes my heart shine brightly with happiness–I love it!! This love has driven me to secure a partnership with a printing company so I can print custom paper products at low cost. The first product that I have designed and produced is a postcard bearing my newest “Gere-seal” with the signature G-Head design.

I hereby present to you:

Geremology Postcards

My Secret Weapon


My Mobile Office

Every superhero has a secret tool–superman has his phonebooth, The President has Air Force One, Fonzie has the jukebox, but this superhero (me) has nothing. A month ago I realized that if I wanted to be effective in this world, I needed a secret weapon.

In December I was flying through the air in a flying chair (on an airplane) when I started to give some thought about my options for tools. I narrowed it down to: Ninja Stars, a helicopter, a wheeled “business case,” or a sniper rifle.

After much deliberation, I selected the wheeled business case, with a twist. I wanted to have the ability to conduct business in any remote place in the planet. I wanted a case that would be a lot like the presidential limo–indestructable, secure, and an office on wheels. I summonsed my inner inventor/engineer skillz and I went to work on the mobile office that would go on to change my life.

My mobile office is outfitted with the following items in a nice, clean, sleek shell:

  • Macbook Pro laptop w/ Adapters
  • Blank CD’s and DVD’s
  • Headphones
  • Cell phone pouch (cell phone to double as wireless modem)
  • iPod, Phone, and Digital camera chargers
  • 2gb Flash Drive
  • Gum, Halls and other refreshing breath enhancing aids
  • Electric Pen, Notebook and Charger
  • Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Erasers, Scissors, Stapler
  • The book “Snowball” by Warren Buffett
  • An “essentials kit” filled with food, shelter and love

With these tools I’m unstoppable and am able to win any fight against supervillains worldwide!

I’ve been Upgraded: New Macbook


Nearly two months after suffering the horrible, grueling death of my laptop and enduring through the inadequate replacement, I’ve finally gotten a new machine in my possession. In addition to getting a brand new machine, the Apple store manager also saw fit to upgrade me with:

  • a NEW 3-year warranty that’ll probably get me a new laptop in 2 years
  • a NEW, SHINY LED lit screen that’s bright enough to light up Poughkeepsie, NY at midnight
  • a NEW, SHINY, QUICK 320gb Hard drive that can adequately store all infinity digits of pi
  • a NEW, SHINY, QUICK, FAST Processor

Now that I’m back on track with a decent computer, let the updates resume!!

My GereHead design


A few weeks ago I was approached to try out a new service called Ponoko and I decided to create my signature “GereHead” out of black acrylic material. Check out the end-result:

Laser Cut Ghead Design
Laser Cut Ghead Design

I am going to put it on the wall above my desk so I can watch me while I work.

CEO’s Desktop Assistant


While in my “innovation and entrepreneurship” course in college I was given the assignment to create a new, useful item from an old, used Pringles can. I immediately channeled my inner McGuyver and sketched a seemingly impossible multifunction device. After months of development, “the students desktop sidekick” was born.

Student's Desktop Sidekick

This product was designed with the following functionality:
– Built-in webcam to video record teaching lectures
– LED light to light the desk space when the classroom lights are too dark
– Multifunction screen that displays the time, news headlines, stock quotes, weather forecasts, etc

This product brought me new levels of fame and resulted in me being videorecorded by a local company, invited to speak at the school’s academic symposium and, most importantly, created a following of nerds and computer-science majors who worshiped me as their “buddha”. But since graduating college the product hasn’t been useful to me, so I had to go back to the drawing board…

"Desktop Assistant" Product Line

The newest revision of the “desktop assistant” product line is called “The CEOs Desktop Assistant” and I’ve developed one beta version as a proof-of-concept.

– Forward facing hidden webcam for videoconferencing and security monitoring
– Integrated speaker for listening to streaming radio, music or tele/video conferences
– New, brighter, hidden LED desktop light
– Sturdy, genuine wood used as frame (as opposed to pringles-can cardboard)
– Glass used to protect LCD screen from scratches
– Tinted front glass and glossy, smoke-grey interior paint to give the illusion of an empty black box when not in use
– LCD screen displaying subjects of newest emails, weather, latest geremology.com journal entries, stock quotes, current date and time, computer status, etc

"Desktop Assistant" Product Line

A feature that will be implemented very, very soon is an alarm system that works with motion detection. When the camera senses movement, it will snap a picture of the intruder, email it to my email address, sound an alarm with the built-in speakers, and flash the words INTRUDER ALERT on the LCD screen…all from the inconspicuous black box on the desk.

Final version should be released soon.
"Desktop Assistant" Product Line

*POOF* old camera BE GONE


Canon Powershot SD550

Since 2005 I’ve had this handy-dandy Canon Powershot SD550 camera to use as my main camera of choice. Eventually the camera developed a unique malfunction where a puff of smoke would emit from the camera’s flash bulb every time a picture was taken. In the interest of protecting my life from freak-camera-flash-bulb fire accidents and doing my part to cut down air pollution I went out and purchased a brand new, amazing Digital-SLR camera.

Canon Rebel XSI Canon Rebel XSI

In the process of buying this camera I met my third goal– to purchase a digital SLR camera before December 2009. The only remaining goal on the list is to buy a zebra before I turn 100 years old.

…good thing I have a quality camera to take pictures of “Hemnes” when he gets here.

A Peculiar guy named Geremy