Peculiar PPL on the way!

Two years ago I wrote about my half-baked idea of establishing a clothing and lifestyle brand. Soon after introducing this idea, I put it on hold and shelved it with my many other un-pursued business ideas. Then recently after looking for clothing that suited me, I realized that there was a severe lack of high-quality, high-value products that appealed to me. I then decided to contact a few established clothing companies in an attempt to collaborate to produce goods that suit my standards, but I was turned down multiple times because I’m not a well-known name in the marketplace.

Since I live based on the principle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door,” I am building a brand called “Peculiar PPL” (pronounced Peculiar People).

Peculiar PPL is a fine apparel line that features high-quality, limited-release apparel that exceeds my already high standards. Best of all, this brand is in the very early stages of being created, which means that you are able to travel down the road to creation with me and see everything happen in realtime. I have hired a few key, talented individuals who are working with me during every stage of the process leading up to the official launch on March 19, 2011!

With high goals and a tight deadline, I will be getting minimal sleep during the next few weeks but the ending product will make everything more than worth it! Feel free to track my progress on and major developments will be shared in detail on!

Lessons from Shoveling

Closed Highway in the Snow

When I was a kid, I prayed for many blizzards so school could be cancelled and I could play outside all day. Unfortunately, this prayer took almost two decades before it came through, and the sad, cold reality of the snow hit me yesterday. Since I’m a landlord and it’s important for me to to take care of my rental property, I grabbed a shovel and went down to my multifamily house to clear the snow.

When I got to the house, I couldn’t identify where the sidewalk started because there was a huge mound of snow that existed between the door and the street. I wanted to turn around and drive back home, but I figured that I would have to face this problem sooner or later, so I might as well tackle it today. The more that I shoveled, the more that I learned some valuable lessons and I am so excited about the lessons that I am going to share them with you all–my e-family!

Sometimes the challenge seems insurmountable, but after you get started, you’ll see that victory is possible
As I stepped into the snow to shovel, I was almost completely buried. The more I shoveled, the more I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything except making the snow messier than it was before. It felt like I was shoveling for three hours, but nothing seemed to be getting accomplished (and only actual 15 minutes had passed).

You don’t have to operate on someone else’s timetable
While shoveling, people passed and said to me, “oh, you’re still shoveling?!?” They didn’t realize that only a few minutes had passed by and I felt like I’d accomplished a lot. Time seems to pass by a lot quicker for the bystanders who sit and watch the work happen, but it’s a lot slower for the person doing the work.

Look at your past successes for motivation
After I reached halfway in the shoveling process, I wanted to take a rest and tackle the rest of the job the next day, but after I saw how much was already accomplished, I was motivated to finish.

Your body is going to want you to quit, but don’t stop
Last week I sprained a muscle in my back while moving some heavy furniture and this sprain caused my back to hurt tremendously as I shoveled the snow. Regardless of this barrier, I had to continue shoveling and not let circumstances stop me from finishing the job.

There are watchers and there are doers. Be a doer–it benefits you more
The entire time that I shoveled, one of my neighbors stood in his driveway and stared at me. This was awkward, but even more importantly, his sidewalk was not shoveled and full of snow. When I was done, I hopped in the car and drove home, but he was just getting started with the shoveling process. By him watching me shovel, it only irritated me and didn’t benefit him at all. If he shoveled at the same time as me, he would’ve gotten some motivation and accomplished something in the process.

Any job worth doing is worth doing well
At first I did a pretty mediocre job at clearing the snow and I wasn’t happy with the end-product. I couldn’t proudly put my stamp of approval on the task that I just accomplished, so I had to re-shovel the entire thing until it was up to my own standards. This was annoying, but worth it because any job worth doing is worth doing well!

There are some things that you have to go through in order to learn and grow
I considered paying some teenagers a couple of bucks to shovel the sidewalk and walkway, but I knew that there was a reason why I was shoveling. In the end, I came out with a valuable lesson that increased my endurance and will make me more successful in the long-run.

With all of these lessons learned, I am more motivated than ever to enter into 2011! Hopefully this was the last snowfall of the season so I don’t have to learn any more painful lessons!

I call this 17 x 14 space…THE LAB

It was 2007 and shortly after I graduated college I was filled with tremendous zeal and motivation. My parents were out of the country and I badly wanted an office to call my own. That’s when I removed all of the furniture from our house den and purchased a van-load of furniture to transform the room into my new office. When my parents returned home and saw it, they said “oh, okay.”

The Former Office

From 2007 until recently, this space served as my home office. Many ideas came out of here and I used it as an area to focus on important projects. It was a great environment because it was in a really nice room with french doors, recessed lighting and berber carpet—it seemed perfect, but it had its downsides! I realized that having an office in the house was more of a distraction than a benefit. Often times, I would start editing a six hour long wedding video and then I would have to stop to help my brother with homework, or I would hear an interesting TV program blasting in the background. I knew that I needed to find another space if I wanted to get things done.

The New Lab

That’s when I turned my attention on my income property and decided to renovate one of the rooms in a vacant apartment to be my new office. The room is 238 square feet and now has new windows, its own heating zone, built-in wall speakers, a separate entrance, new carpet and a fresh coat of paint. After the mini-renovation was done, I sat there and thought “my God… it’s…’s beautiful,” as a single tear rolled from my left eye.

The New Lab

The New Lab

The New Lab

Soon after the space was complete, I got a white leather sofa, an ikea relaxing chair and a desk and I set-up-shop in my new spot. After spending a few days here, I know that many great things will be coming out of here and I know that it will open up a world of new possibilities!

The space shall henceforth be called “THE LAB!”

Geremy Jr. – The Super-Duper Assistant!

Just Keep Pushing!

One day, a young man traveled to five states in three months in search of inspiration. Upon the conclusion of his journey, he returned home with brain that was nearing its capacity because it was so full of ideas. Months later, he was clinically diagnosed with “IdeaOverload,” due to the lack of time in a day for him to properly execute on all of his thoughts, so his brain literally exploded and the inspiration went away. Luckily, this is not my story because I fixed the problem before it started!

I was reminded of the Thomas Edison quote, “vision without execution is hallucination” while I was flying to Florida, trying to figure out how I can overextend myself. I realized that I had all of these new ideas, but I am limited to a finite amount of time in each day. In order to bring the ideas from vision to execution, I had to either clone myself or get some help. Cloning myself was immediately discarded as an option because the world would implode if multiple Geremys existed, so for safety’s sake I chose option B and got the next best thing–a personal assistant.

I’ve hired an assistant and have been using him on a trial basis during the last few weeks. The mundane, mind-numbing, regular tasks that I’ve always dreaded doing have been passed-on to him to manage. Things as simple as managing my calendar to make sure that time is being maximized, returning phone calls and conducting research are being executed by him and he’s been doing great thus far. This just might be my brightest idea yet because I’ve basically hired Geremy Jr! As a result, I am less stressed and have more time for the more important things in life…like honing-in on my yodeling skills.

The Jet Has Been Set

One thing that has helped me to establish the majority of my goals is my monthly reflection session, where I look back on my month and identify opportunities for growth. A few of the ideas that came to fruition as a result of these sessions were: my house, my car and my lifestyle brand idea. Most recently, I got my newest and greatest idea yet—a personal light jet!

I plan to travel very frequently in 2015 and a light jet is the perfect tool that’s essential to my mission. If I want to fly to Atlanta tonight and be back in time for a lunch in Florida, I want to be able to do so without Continental Airlines delaying my flight or refusing to transport my 100lb suitcase filled with swedish fish (don’t ask). Also, the older I get, the more things that I have to live for and I don’t want to place my valuable life in the hands of a random stranger who is hired to fly planes for the general public. What if the day that I choose to fly the plane is the day that the pilot chooses to drink a third of vodka?? There are hundreds of reasons why private aviation is the way that I should aim to fly in 2015, and these are just a few of them. Sure I know that there is a large expense associated with this asset, but I choose not to sweat the minutia.

Geremy's Personal Light Jet

After scouting for the lucky plane that will be mine in 5 years, I found THE ONE. The rendering of the plane pictured above will be a Geremology, Inc. registered plane called “The Phenomenal One” (a play off its model name, “Phenom 100”) and I am going to modify the exterior to make it a noticeable Geremy aircraft. This light jet will be used for my weekend trips and my short-run travels between states where I will own real estate. In addition, I have a thing for Maine Lobster and Poland Spring water directly from the source and my jet will put these things at arms reach.

Give me 5 years and I will make this goal into a reality!!

The Geresumé!

A few weeks ago while I was learning how to work with Adobe Illustrator, I came upon a unique resume/cv concept that I had to adapt for my own use, using infographics. This was the result:

Geremy F CV

Note: All information listed is factual, with some company names omitted

Lifestyle Brand of the Rejected Entrepreneur

Recently I’ve had a lot of time to percolate my thoughts, which has resulted in many ideas and concepts. In order to control my personal risk and maximize overall return I’ve been seeking investors to buy a stake of my ideas in exchange for a percentage of company equity. However, instead of approaching potential investors with a business plan, proposal, and other proofs of concept, I approach with a smile on my face…a really big smile.

Entrepreneurs and inventors usually protect their ideas with security that can rival Fort Dix, but I believe that if an idea is truly unique then you’d have to force it down people’s throats. Basically, my idea is for a “lifestyle brand” that will begin with t-shirts and then will expand across various other products. Though there are many other businesses with this intent, mine is special because it’s in extremely limited release…and it’s cooler.

The first potential venture capitalist who I approached was my mom because she has always been willing to put money behind all of my ideas. After pitching my idea to her, she immediately went into “Shark Tank” mode and asked about projected earnings for the first fiscal quarter of the business. My response was, “are you kidding me?! I’m your son!” She wasn’t kidding me and I didn’t have the answer that she was looking for. Later, I pitched the idea to one more person who refused my proposal because he did not want to bear the risk involved investing in a male “fashion designer.” Fair enough!

So now I’m starting my new [currently unnamed] lifestyle brand with my own money and I’m kicking it off with a few designs which will be revealed here after they are produced. I’m extremely excited about this and will reveal the products as they become available. As a sneak peak, here is one t-shirt concept that may or may not make the final cut.

"On My Mind" T-Shirt

It’s coming!!

My Version of a Private Jet

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

Many high-powered executives and CEOs (a la Richard Branson, Obama) have offices to conduct meetings, but also have a variety of mobile places where they conduct business. These locations range from limos to private jets, and are outfitted with all of the tools and equipment necessary to do work effectively. Late last year when I analyzed my situation I noticed that I didn’t have one of these things, so I tried to create one via a portable office–which has been incredibly useful over the last few months. Unfortunately the portable office was just not enough and I saw the need for something bigger—a larger, more-surreal office environment.

After saving money and establishing a list of “must-haves” for Geremy’s swanky, mobile-office space I decided that I needed the space to be a vehicle. I narrowed my choices down to two vehicles: The Lexus LS460L and the Mercedes-Benz S550. I chose very large cars because in the distant future I hope to be a rear seat passenger of the car, conducting business while my driver transports me to meetings. With this in mind, I subjected each car to a battery of tests, evaluating everything from bass-booming capabilities to likelihood-of-escaping-unscathed-if-locked-in-the-trunk-by-crazed-groupies. I analyzed my findings and then engaged in intense negotiation sessions with car dealerships where things often got ferocious between the business manager and me—sometimes nearing the point of insulting one another’s families. Finally, I was able to purchase a new Obsidian-Black Lexus LS460L, Touring Edition.

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

I feel very much at home in my new mobile living/office space, but I still have my car from the last 3 years sitting in my driveway…lonely. My next challenge is to find a way of detaching myself from my 1998 Lexus LS400 so I can sell it without shedding a tear or three. It feels like I’m losing a friend because I found a new, cooler, better one. It just feels wrong…yetoh so right at the same time!

Goal # 2 of my “Growth and Expansion Year” completed

Meeting of Moguls

A few months ago I had the idea to pay $100 to business “bigshots” for a 30 minute meeting where I’d find out the keys to their success. I figured that if I could collect nuggets of wisdom from different people, I could combine them into a super-nugget of knowledge in my brain.

Last week I had my first meeting with a worldwide real estate and auto sales “top-dog.” I arrived in his office in my usual business-casual attire and sat amongst three other men who I was unfamiliar with. I inmediately jumped right into the conversation and asked, “how’d you achieve all of this?!” Immediately one of the other men asked, “who is this guy?!” I guess they didn’t like my question.

After a brief conversation I discovered that each of the other men in the room were also powerful, influential business men from across the United States. I quickly came to the shocking realization that I was probably the only person [and thing] in the room that was worth less than $20 million. I knew that I was in the presence of powerful people so I shifted my attention and questions to each of them. I was getting the most valuable interview in my life!

I sat in the office for a little over an hour and then I left with about one trillion dollars worth of knowledge. Immediately after the meeting I went directly home and stationed myself in my long-abandoned home office to rethink my future and form bigger goals. At this rate, I will have my new car, zebra, and private jet within the next five years!

I’m a Shareholder

Ever since winning hundreds of hypothetical dollars in the stock market club in ninth grade, I’ve wanted to invest in stocks. Somehow I felt like I’ve always had the master touch in choosing stocks. I’ve even  underwritten the losses of coworkers who took my advice and lost money in the stock market. Last week I decided that my foray into investing should begin immediately and I used my $300 sneaker budget to invest in stocks.

First I bought one share of Google stock at the cost of $298.89 and later in the week I bought three shares of GE stock at a total cost of $36.78. Now I feel very powerful since I am now part owner of two fortune-500 companies….a very, very, very, very VERY tiny part.

I fully expect that these stock purchases will put my two kids, “Girl” and “Boy,” through college and buy them their first car– a Pagani Zonda.  Only time can tell.