’08 Reflections and ’09 Forecasting

In the interest of reflecting on the past without avoiding the future, I would like to quickly review 2008 and reveal some preliminary plans for 2009.

2008: The year of acclimation
At the beginning of the year my goal was to become acclimated to my new status in life.  At this point in my life I was a recent college grad trying to understand “the real world.”  While this occurred, I experienced a change of position at my job, noticed some changes in my finances and I was rethinking many aspects of my social life. Any advancements that I experienced this year was a byproduct of my goals of maintaining past accomplishments and acclimating myself to my current life.  As a result, I experienced the following things in ’08:

  • Overhauled my finances so I can save significantly more money
  • Started looking at houses so I could own an appreciating asset.  Months later, I bought my current house
  • Started my “Great Exploration” plan and visited Boston, New York, the Metro DC area, Philadelphia, Virginia, Mexico and Trinidad
  • Launched a real estate management company to prepare for future growth
  • Exercised several times a month by cycling to nearby cities and back. I also walked home three times with the bike on my back because I suffered flat tires.
  • Sponsored a soccer team and attended their games.
  • Learned the value of resting and avoiding burnout when I fell ill and, for the first time in my life, had to take medication
  • Learned the value of technology (and the power of prayer) when my Macbook Pro died…twice
  • Participated in roundtable discussions regarding postgraduate careers at a University

:  The year of growth and expansion

I currently have a list of 20 personal, social and financial goals for 2009.  Among them are:

  • Decrease dependency on laptop
  • Buy a new car–specifically the Lexus LS460 (late ’09/early ’10)
  • Read 8 books
  • Improve communication skills
  • Become more consistent with this website
  • Travel more

Most importantly, I plan to make everyday my masterpiece!

CEO’s Desktop Assistant

While in my “innovation and entrepreneurship” course in college I was given the assignment to create a new, useful item from an old, used Pringles can. I immediately channeled my inner McGuyver and sketched a seemingly impossible multifunction device. After months of development, “the students desktop sidekick” was born.

Student's Desktop Sidekick

This product was designed with the following functionality:
– Built-in webcam to video record teaching lectures
– LED light to light the desk space when the classroom lights are too dark
– Multifunction screen that displays the time, news headlines, stock quotes, weather forecasts, etc

This product brought me new levels of fame and resulted in me being videorecorded by a local company, invited to speak at the school’s academic symposium and, most importantly, created a following of nerds and computer-science majors who worshiped me as their “buddha”. But since graduating college the product hasn’t been useful to me, so I had to go back to the drawing board…

"Desktop Assistant" Product Line

The newest revision of the “desktop assistant” product line is called “The CEOs Desktop Assistant” and I’ve developed one beta version as a proof-of-concept.

– Forward facing hidden webcam for videoconferencing and security monitoring
– Integrated speaker for listening to streaming radio, music or tele/video conferences
– New, brighter, hidden LED desktop light
– Sturdy, genuine wood used as frame (as opposed to pringles-can cardboard)
– Glass used to protect LCD screen from scratches
– Tinted front glass and glossy, smoke-grey interior paint to give the illusion of an empty black box when not in use
– LCD screen displaying subjects of newest emails, weather, latest geremology.com journal entries, stock quotes, current date and time, computer status, etc

"Desktop Assistant" Product Line

A feature that will be implemented very, very soon is an alarm system that works with motion detection. When the camera senses movement, it will snap a picture of the intruder, email it to my email address, sound an alarm with the built-in speakers, and flash the words INTRUDER ALERT on the LCD screen…all from the inconspicuous black box on the desk.

Final version should be released soon.
"Desktop Assistant" Product Line