A Peculiar guy named Geremy


The Traveling Bottle


My Peculiar PPL Insulated Water Bottle didn’t like the fact that I often travel without him, so to make it up to him I booked a special trip for the both of us to go to Washington, DC. Despite the fact that he lacked proper behavior from time to time, it was an enjoyable journey from start to end.

Bottle all Buckled-In
He has never been on a plane before, so I reserved a jet to fly us there. During take-off, he kept his nervous emotions bottled-up so I wouldn’t notice that he was scared.

Bottle iPad-ing on the Plane
After we were in the air, he was overflowing with such excitement that he eagerly borrowed my iPad to research the sites that he wanted to visit

Bottle Napping
Eventually he was tired of researching and he took a nap on the couch

Bottle Sleeping
After we arrived at to the hotel, he slept through the night and woke up the next morning ready to hit the town

Bottle All Strapped-In
He hasn’t learned how to ride a bike yet, so I carried him on the front of mine as we went to grab a bite to eat

Bottle Eating
We went to “Baked and Wired” to get breakfast and he ordered the ice cream sandwich because he’s a fan of cold things

Bottle Tired of Eating
After a couple of bites, he rolled over to take a siesta. While he slept, I finished the rest of his ice cream.

Bottle Loves Water
Then we hit the town and for some odd reason, he took a huge interest in water fountains. I guess he’s a fan of water.

Bottle Really Loves Water
He stood in awe of this fountain for a while and he even tried to convince me to let him hold some of the water. I said no because I had to draw the line somewhere!

Bottle REALLY REALLY loves water
He stood and admired the water for a while, but the people walking around it distracted him and partially obstructed his view…

Bottle Screaming at People
…so he screamed at them until his head popped off. Eventually they left.

He asked me to take a picture of him in front of this water fountain so he could show his siblings

Bottle Contemplating Swimming
Then he wanted this picture to show his ex-girlfriend

Bottle Getting Carried Away
Then he got carried away and jumped in the fountain

Bottle Admiring Art
We watched a little bit of art

Bottle In Front of his Favorite Quote
This was his favorite quote, so he wanted a photo in front of it.

Bottle Water-Gazing
Then he went back to admiring water

Bottle Tired of Walking
Then he was tired of walking around…

My Carrying Bottle
…so I had to carry him.

Bottle Taking a Picture of Me
While pedaling to our next location, he spotted a flag of Trinidad and Tobago (my birth country), so he wanted to take a picture of me standing in front of it. Unfortunately, his photo taking skills aren’t very good.

Bottle Enjoying Monuments
He stared at The Reflecting Pool

Bottle Enjoying More Monuments
Then he stared at the Lincoln Memorial

Bottle Enjoying More Monuments
Then he wanted a photo with one of his favorite people– Martin Luther King Jr. I told him that this was merely a memorial of MLK Jr. He didn’t believe me and called me a liar. Rude!

Bottle Water-Gazing
While I watched the Jefferson Memorial, he admired the water in front of it

Bottle Enjoying Space Exhibits
All of a sudden, he took an interest in Space technology because he saw that he resembled the Saturn V rocket

Bottle Viewing the First Plane
Then he saw the model of the first plane and was convinced that Peculiar PPL could build a better one.

Bottle Enjoying Starbucks
He kept complaining that he was thirsty, so I bought a Passion Tea Lemonade for him. He tried to make the Starbucks cup his next girlfriend, but I told him to behave himself.

Bottle on the Way Back Home
Then after a couple more sites, we went to Union Station and prepared to head home

Bottle on the Train
On the train, he sat in his seat and patiently awaited our arrival at our destination.

Bottle Water-Gazing
But before leaving, he asked me to hold him up to the window so he could stare at the water.

He thought that this was the best trip ever— not because of the sites in Washington, DC, but because he was able to see a bunch of different bodies of water. If I knew that he was this fascinated by water, I would have let him stare at the faucet every time I washed the dishes. Now that I see that he is a cool and compact travel companion, I will probably take him everywhere I go from now on!

If you want your own bottle to take on fun journeys, buy one on PeculiarPPL.com. Tell them Geremy sent ya!

Boston Transport-a-Palooza


Last week I wanted to go away for a day but I also wanted to be back home to see the Warriors destroy the Cavaliers. That’s when I got the idea to see how many forms of transportation I can take in one day and still be home by 9pm.  So I hatched a rough plan and I texted my cousin to see if he wanted to accompany me on this journey.

The message was simple:


Based on my vague text message, he had no clue of the journey that awaited us, but thanks to careful planning, the plan was as follows:

  1. Drive in a car to Hoboken
  2. Sail in a boat to NYC
  3. Fly in a Helicopter to White Plains, NY
  4. Fly in a plane to Boston, MA
  5. Scoot on a Segway through Boston, MA
  6. Drive in a car to Bedford, MA
  7. Fly in a plane back to White Plans, NY
  8. Fly in a Helicopter back to NYC
  9. Sail on a boat back to Hoboken
  10. Ride home on a unicorn…or in a car, whichever was more readily available

Less than 24 hours later, our journey began…
Aboard the Boat

At the Helipad
There was a mix-up with the helicopter departure time, which gave the pilot 7 minutes to fly from NYC to White Plains. Luckily, he was up for the challenge and he flew that tiny helicopter as if he was flying the President on a quick mission to Baghdad.

Pilot of Helicopter # 1

View from Helicopter # 1

View from Helicopter # 1

Helicopter from NY
After we landed, the helicopter pilot released us to the jet pilots and we got ready for the next part of the journey.

Aboard the Hawker 400XP
Placing my legs on the seat in front of me goes against everything that my mom taught me about manners and etiquette, but as a 6 foot tall human on a small plane, leg room is quite limited. I always ensure that my shoes are clean and, when possible, I place something under my shoes to make sure that the seats aren’t dirtied. Sorry mom!

Catching up with the news

In front of the Jet # 1
We landed, took a quick picture in front of the jet and we proceeded to the next form of transportation

Rental Car
The rental car awaited us at the airport and within seconds we were on our way to the city area of Boston

Afternoon snack
We got our energy for the day at Blunch and then we rented Segway Scooters to scoot around the town like a bunch of mall cops

Segway-ing around Boston

The Segway

First Person View of the Segway

Along the Charles River

The Segway

The Charles River

Rolling Around Boston

Joining a Segway Tour
While riding through the town for a couple of hours, we attracted a lot of stares and snickers from people who stared at the Segway. Some people pointed and laughed while others gave the thumbs-up. The Segway isn’t my preferred form of transportation, but it was a fun and efficient way to see the city for the day. Towards the end of our journey, we saw a random Segway tour and we joined them and pretended that we were with there from the start.

Flight from Boston
After the Segway, it was time to head home, so we went to the Hawker 850XP jet that was waiting for us and we began the trip back

The Cabin of the Hawker
I’ve been on a handful of private jets in my life, but this one was hands-down the best one that I’ve ever experienced. It was beautiful. Here’s a quick tour around the cabin.

Drinks area of the jet
Every flight is always stocked with unlimited beverages. They’re all buried in this mini ice coffin.

Minibar area of the jet
I don’t drink alcohol, so these drinks didn’t appeal to me. But if I drank, all of these bottles would be empty…or stored in my bag for future use.

Snack area of the jet
There is also a drawer of snacks for the hungry, or the greedy.

The Bathroom of the Jet
With all of this gold and polished wood, this bathroom seemed to belong in an apartment-sized villa or something of the sort.

Back of the Cabin
I laid for the majority of the flight back, which was a quick 30 minute hop back to White Plans

View of the Helicopter from the Plane
When we landed, the plane pulled directly up to the helicopter that would shuttle us back to NYC

Helicopter back to NY

Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter back to NY
We arrived back in NYC in minutes and sailed back to Hoboken.

Thanks to the near-flawless execution of the plan, I was able to make it home in time to see game 4 of the NBA Finals! This trip was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life and I feel immensely blessed to be able to experience it all! People who have known me for years can remember the times when I would ambitiously dream about experiences like these and I would always say, “one day it’s going to happen…soon!” In the middle of this trip, it hit me that I am finally able to get a taste of the experiences that I’ve dreamed of (and had faith for) for years and I am both amazed and and humbled by it.

In the words of the profound Riley Curry (not Drake), “I’m way up, I feel blessed!

Escapade to Charleston, South Carolina


One of my friends highly recommended Charleston, South Carolina as a place that I should visit, so I hopped on a plane and flew over at the first opportunity that I got. Although my family stopped there on a road trip about a decade ago, I didn’t remember too much about the place and had relatively low expectations about what I would see. However, when I landed, I was quite pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I was so enamored by the city of Charleston that I spent a few minutes looking for a house to purchase at a reasonable price. After I found a house that I liked, I checked the price and saw $7.5MM and this brought my housing search to an abrupt close.

The most bizarre part of the trip came when I decided to rent a scooter. I approached the scooter rental counter, handed over my money, and waited for a full orientation of the scooter’s workings and how to navigate without falling. Instead, he said, “go ride in a circle around the parking lot so I can see that you can ride.” I said, “um…HOW??” He responded, “just twist the handle and keep your balance.” Somehow I was able to pass the “ride around the parking lot” test, which qualified me to drive in the street with actual cars driving around me. But first I proceeded to get my helmet. Instead of handing me a helmet, he said, “ok, have fun!” I said, “wait, you forgot to give me a helmet.” He laughed and responded, “you don’t need a helmet—just take these sunglasses.” So you’re telling me that the sunglasses will protect my skull in case I lose control of this scooter?? Ok, cool.

Moped Taking a Break

I took-off down the road driving what felt like 120mph when suddenly a Jeep drove inches behind me and pressed his horn. I looked down and checked my speed, only to see that I was driving 7mph. I sped up to 20mph and hoped that I didn’t lose control and put my supposed “skull protecting sunglasses” to the test. Eventually I became comfortable with maneuvering and I zipped through traffic on the scooter with an engine that sounded like the world’s loudest mosquito.

SYM Scooter

All-in-all, I loved the city and will definitely return. Charleston, you’re amazing…stay that way!

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
Probably the most beautiful bridge that I’ve ever driven on

Charleston at Night

Stuck Behind a Horse

Parallel Parking Horse
The horse and carriage parked in a parking space and blended-in perfectly.

My Southern Breakfast
I ordered breakfast and they gave me a biscuit. I was confused.

Dessert: My Cayenne Pepper Cookie and Milk
This was my cayenne pepper, chocolate cookie that I willingly ate and enjoyed with a side of milk

We Took our Talents to South Beach


When I was in school, Spring Break was a relatively dull week spent at home staring at the wall. Every year I passed the time by messaging my friends on AOL Instant Messenger, riding my bike in circles since I wasn’t allowed to leave the front of the house, and watching The Maury Povich Show [don’t judge]. Now that I’m a grown man, I’ve got the opportunity to change things and make the break slightly more exciting for my brother.

Last week my brother had Spring Break and I texted him and said, “wanna go to Miami tomorrow?” Before I fully pressed the the send button, he replied “SURE!!!!” And just like that, we planned our quick getaway to Florida. We departed New Jersey early in the morning in order to give us lots of time to explore things and have fun before our departure the following day. As the plane touched down, National Car Rental met us at the door of the plane with their swanky rental car, and our adventure officially began.

Here are some photos from the escapade:
Hawker 800XP - The Plane that Flew Us

Miami Escapade

The Rental Car

South Beach Miami

Miami Escapade

South Beach Miami

Versace Mansion

Espanola Way - South Beach


Go Karting in Miami

My brother enjoyed himself and in my opinion, this trip was much better than the trips that I used to take when I was his age—which were primarily trips to the refrigerator, and back to the couch to watch more Maury.

Escapade to Columbus, Ohio


Someone once told me that you’re more likely to regret the things that you don’t do than the things that you’ve done and didn’t enjoy or learn from. So when I had the opportunity to visit and work from Columbus, Ohio two days after returning from Dubai, I jumped at it. Here is my photo journal of the experience:

Excursion to Ohio
One of the strangest, funnest, and most surprising parts of my life nowadays is the access to a private jet for these types of trips. This is the Hawker 850XP that brought me to Ohio

Excursion to Ohio
Hi, my name is Geremy. Pleased to meet you.

Excursion to Ohio
It was strange that the number of pilots exceeded the number of passengers on this trip.

Excursion to Ohio
Ohio from above

Excursion to Ohio
My office for the day— the University of Ohio

Excursion to Ohio
While I thought that I could avoid the snow that plagued New Jersey by going to Ohio in the Spring, Mother Nature had other plans. Unfortunately, I forgot my jacket back at home, so that wasn’t cool…pun intended.

Excursion to Ohio
This culinary marvel from SuperChefs was the reason why I maxed out on my daily calories after one meal. The meal consisted of red velvet waffles, egg whites, pepper jack cheese, a chicken filet and a side of a strawberry syrup. After eating one half of the sandwich, my arteries said, “no mas!”

Excursion to Ohio
A corny field

Excursion to Ohio
Artwork from the Art District

Excursion to Ohio
I’m a huge fan of raw coconut water and Native Cold Pressed had some of the best, freshest, coconut water packaged in a reusable glass bottle…with a paper straw

Excursion to Ohio
Tesla had a wonderful showroom located in a gorgeous theater-style storefront

Excursion to Ohio
An outdoor shopping center that included a lot of high-end shops. If I ever decide to open a Peculiar PPL boutique in Ohio, it’ll more than likely be here

Excursion to Ohio
My surprisingly fun rental car that took me around the state in an economical, fuel-efficient manner.

Columbus exceeded my expectations and I’m definitely returning in the future. You should visit as well, since it’s “an awesome place to be.”

I’m Going to Dubai – Pt 3


Now that the trip is winding down, it’s time for me to head home and prepare to build a life that I won’t want or need a vacation from. For now, here is the last set of photos from the latest happenings:

We're Going to Dubai!
The beautifully designed Mall of the Emirates

We're Going to Dubai!
The indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert. It’s crazy to know that you can go from swimming on the beach to skiing down the slopes within 20 minutes in the middle of a desert. Well done, Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!
The Dubai Marina at night

We're Going to Dubai!
Funny money

We're Going to Dubai!
We saw so many of these cars that it seemed so commonplace to have one. I’m convinced that the Rolls Royce Wraith is the Honda Accord of Dubai.

We're Going to Dubai!
This business has mastered the art of bubble tea. I looked into franchising the idea and bringing it to the United States, but I didn’t have enough time. Maybe later.

We're Going to Dubai!
Purchased the book “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz while laying here. I’m only two chapters in, but it seems like a great read! Will definitely finish it by the time that I touch down in the US.

We're Going to Dubai!
This confused me. What am I really drinking?!?

We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!
Gokarting at Dubai Autodrome. I didn’t do so well the first time, so I had to return later in the day to avenge my family’s honor.

I’m Going to Dubai – Pt 2


Thus far, one of the most impressive things about Dubai is their standard of excellence. Everything is over-the-top and done to the highest levels of quality! Also, it’s impressive how they first set the bar, then they exceed the bar. Dubai is my kind of country!

Here are some scenes from my most recent day:
We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!
I’m not really into pools, but the hotel has an impressive infinity pool on the roof

We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!

We're Going to Dubai!
Offroading in the sand with Maktoum

We're Going to Dubai!
I was going to ride this camel, so first I spoke with him to try to get on his good side

We're Going to Dubai!
…but he wasn’t having it

We're Going to Dubai!
…so I tried another camel and he was very unpredictable

We're Going to Dubai!
The camel didn’t care about me AT ALL. He spent all of his time trying to kiss the lady on the camel in front of me.

We're Going to Dubai!
But eventually we became friends and lived happily ever after.

I’m Going to Dubai!


“Geremy, you just resigned—what are you going to do next???”

I’m going to Dubai!!

One of my most transformative life experiences happened back in 2010 when I flew to Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Puerto Rico, and Florida on an “In Search of Inspiration” tour.  As a result of the ideas and inspiration received on these trips, I launched Peculiar PPL and I discovered a strategy that brought me many steps closer to getting my dream jet.  Now that I’ve started a new chapter of life, I felt that another “search of inspiration” trip was necessary to inspire the vision and strategy for the next few years.

Why Dubai?  Besides a great opportunity opening up for me to visit, I’ve always viewed it as the best place on Earth to see a manifestation of a huge vision in a short time period.  As someone who also has a huge vision of positively impacting the world in a big way, this was important for me to see in-person.

So, after a long 12 hour flight, I landed here late last week with my cousin (who I brought along as a super-belated Christmas gift). Over the next few days, I’ll provide updates of day-to-day sights and scenes, starting with these:

The largest building and structure in the world, which is a lot more impressive up-close

Our chariot that is obviously just as attractive as the Lamborghinis and Ferraris on these streets

An incredible waterfall display at the largest mall in the world

A near ice-less ice skating rink at the largest mall in the world

Scenes from the beach with the Burj Al Arab in the background

Funky illuminated penguins at our restaurant

I ordered these fries thinking that they’d be just as beautifully presented as the rest of the food from the restaurant. When the waiter put the dish on the table, I thought that they mistakenly poured too much seasonings on the fries. After disregarding the appearance, I tasted one and my tastebuds rejoiced in the name of the almighty potato.

We learned that every outdoor set of stairs is appropriate for channeling your inner “Rocky”

My cousin packed an emergency frisbee which came in very handy on the beach

Until next time…. Signing off!

10 Horas en Puerto Rico


Geremy Goes to Puerto Rico

It was July 4th and my cousin and I were wrapping up our last game from our weekly basketball session. Just as I did my final Allen Iverson-esque crossover on him to hit the final shot from the top of the key and win the game 11 to 0**, I said “wanna take a day-trip to Puerto Rico?” He responded “sure, when?” “Next Saturday?” “Ok great— let’s book it!” And just like that, we planned our quick, 10 hour spontaneous getaway to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Trip to Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip

Our flight landed at 9am and we picked up our rental car to start exploring! First we went to a brunch spot called “Cafecultura” which had the best breakfast food that I’ve ever tasted in my life, hands-down! They say “when in Puerto Rico, do as the puertorriqueños do,” so in addition to my go-to breakfast meal of choice (French Toast), I had to order the mallorcas, which appears to be a ham and cheese sandwich in a sweet bread roll with sugar and love sprinkled on it. It made my tastebuds sing like the Puerto Rican Coquí!

Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip

After browsing the city and seeing the historic areas of Old San Juan, we went over to the beach where we spent the next few hours. There was a man who rented chairs for $10 and umbrellas for $20 each and I figured that it doesn’t make sense to pay $20 for a basic umbrella, so we got two chairs and we parked our things there. Hours later, I noticed that despite my attempts to shield the sun’s rays from reaching my skin by cocooning myself in a towel, I was unsuccessful and I ended up being as charred as a marshmallow sitting in a bonfire for 35 minutes on s’mores night.
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip

Hours later, we explored the island some more, grabbed some food, and then returned the rental car for our trip back home. Within 10 hours of our arrival on the island, we were on a flight back home, except that we were more satisfied, more entertained, more enlightened and more burnt than we were when we first landed!

Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip
Puerto Rico Weekend Trip

Thank you, Puerto Rico– we’ll be back soon, and next time I’ll splurge and get the the umbrella!

Watch what happened the last time I went to Puerto Rico

** The basketball game didn’t quite go that way, but I’m telling the story, so I can create my own reality when it comes to the game.

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