My Journey to Owning A Jet

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the YouTube channel BizJet TV to discuss my past experiences, current pursuits and future goals of flying via private jets.

 Here is the full video interview:

Here are some other links for backstory on me flying private:

I’m still working to make private jet ownership a reality to my not-do-distant future, but in the meantime, my immediate goal is to have the majority of my air travel in 2020 be via private jet…and this time, I’ll try to be better about writing about it on!  This should be a fun journey.

A Birthday Surprise!

I was surprised with a birthday party on my 33rd Birthday. Here’s a video where I speak all about it…

Italy! – Geremy’s Peculiar Week 22

On this week’s Geremy’s Peculiar week video:

  • Our European vacation continues with a trip to Italy
  • We take a tour of our fancy temporary apartment in Milan
  • I found one of the ugliest cars in the world

New Geremy’s Peculiar Week videos every now and then (until I figure out how to make this a weekly thing)…

Switzerland! – Geremy’s Peculiar Week 21

On this week’s Geremy’s Peculiar week:

  • I took a trip to Switzerland with my brother for one day.
  • Our rental car says “hi”
  • We found a pizza vending machine

New Geremy’s Peculiar Week videos every now and then…