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Geremy’s Peculiar Week – Episode 1


I’ve started a new project called “Geremy’s Peculiar Week” where I capture moments from my week and edit them down to a short video montage. These episodes aren’t meant to explain my activities during the week—they are intended to give short snippets of my experiences. When deemed necessary, longer journal editorials containing further details will follow each episode. As of right now, my intention is to create a video on a weekly basis, but we will see how that goes!

Without further ado, here is Episode 1 of Geremy’s Peculiar Week

It’ll be interesting to share these videos and journal entries with my future kids so they could get a better insight into what their dad was like in his 20’s. It’ll also be quite scary to imagine “Family Man Geremy” looking back on “Single Man Geremy.” Very scary.

In Search of Inspiration: Florida


My last stop of the “In Search of Inspiration” tour was Florida, where I rented a fast convertible to take me from Palm Beach to Miami and back. Since the car was so fun and Florida was so nice, I lost all desire to lug around my camera and record everything, so unfortunately you are unable to see what I saw when I went. Instead you must settle for this video where I behave like a giddy 9-year-old boy who has just driven a sports car for the first time. Enjoy!!

In Search of Inspiration: Chicago


One day it hit me–I’d spent the last twenty years of my life in New Jersey and I barely knew what existed outside of my little Garden State bubble. That’s when I decided to plan a small tour where I travel around the United States in search of things to inspire me. I decided to take you all with me, so I will be recording video each location and uploading it here for you all to take the journey with me!

The first destination: Chi-City!

A Peculiar guy named Geremy