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Some people eat fish because of the speculation that it increases vitality; other people eat fish because I force them to do it. On August 2nd I took my kiddies (the young adults who I teach in my “Joshua School of Business” program) on a scavenger hunt around New Jersey. This hunt involved things such as “stand in a public place for 2 minutes without moving” and “have a foot race with a stranger.” The tasks ranged from easy to mediocre, but the one task that had the most points was to swallow a live goldfish. With me as the team captain, we were highly success driven and we determined that the goldfish had to be consumed.

One of our team members walked into a Petco with a weird grin on his face and said to the store attendant, “I want to buy a fish. Which fish would be best….to eat?” After we were refused service we went to another store, purchased “Linus” and went into a parking lot to do the deed.

What happened next was beyond words. See for yourself…

The FISH from Geremy F on Vimeo.

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