Education, I’M BACK!!

My Notes from Leadership School

I’ve had quite an extensive school history where I received nonstop schooling from September 6, 1989 until May 7, 2007…that’s 18 years of pure, unadulterated knowledge and intense learning! While going to school I felt like I was trapped in a medium-security jail where they forced me to use my brain to earn my freedom. I was a good prisoner and I did what was required of me while I set my sights on an unrestricted life in the free world.

I always thought about what life on the outside would feel like. I had dreams of being a working man where I got compensated for using my intellectual power and I yearned for the day when I didn’t have to write 15 page papers on the benefits of embryonic stem cell research on chronic myelogenous leukemia patients. This post-education life seemed like paradise…a paradise that I wanted and needed to experience as quickly as possible.

After graduating with a business degre, I’ve finally achieved this paradise, but now I am starting to dislike it as much as I hate that irritating wisdom tooth in the back of my mouth!

I didn’t realize that the intellectual jolt that I received in school helped to motivate me to do great things and grow both mentally and intellectually. When that jolt went away I felt like something was missing and I started to feel lyke I wuz geting stupidur. I felt like I abandoned the girlfriend who I built a longstanding fruitful, nurturing relationship with….that girl was named Education and I needed to patch things up with her so she could be in my life again! EDUCATION, baby….TAKE ME BACK!!!

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to enroll in a Leadership College and I saw it as a great way to start my relationship with Education again. At first when I enrolled in the classes, it was tough to get my brain back in gear but now I am incredibly happy with my decision and Education has decided to forgive me for leaving her when she needed me the most.

I attend classes on Saturdays from 9am until 3pm, and while in class I use an audio recorder to record the lecture and I take lots and lots notes so I excel and make up for lost time. My goal is to be the valedictorian of the graduating class when the semester concludes in May because I don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. At the graduation when I have to address the class, I will make a speech that begins with, “I would just like to thank my girl, Education, for not getting mad at me when I dumped her and started dating her cousin, Employment.”