Flashback to 1993

Flashback to 1993:
My family moved from Paterson to Orange because my dad got a new job. I thought that we were rich because we owned a custom van and my sister and I had a bunk bed, but we were still poor. Moving meant different school district, and different school district meant new teacher, and new teacher meant Ms. Davis, and Ms. Davis meant pain.

Miss Davis completely disregarded the teacher’s handbook and she acted more like a mom, rather than a teacher. Miss Davis always spanked me with a meter stick all the time, not because I was a troublemaker, but because (as she announced in front of the class) she “didn’t want me to turn out like some of the other bad kids in the class.” I never understood that logic, but I took every lash like Kunta Kint…..ummm….I mean Toby.

One day Miss Davis was teaching the class Math, but instead of paying attention, I imagined that my chair was a spaceship. After a while, my imagination got out of control and I was making loud sound effects while shaking my chair.

“Stop it, Geremy!”

Minutes later, the spaceship was back in commission and the sound effects resumed.

“Stop it, Geremy!”

Minutes later…blast off time. I gave the countdown, then I blasted off, which resulted in me tipping over my chair and landing on the ground.

Miss Davis appeared out of nowhere and she roughly pulled me into the hallway, gripping me like her hand was a vice grip. She spanked me around 20 times and the pain hurt so bad that my butt went numb. I was near tears when I re-entered the room, but no one said a word because they didn’t want to experience the signature Davis Spanking®.

To this day I am scared to imitate a spaceship because I fear the wrath of Davis coming upon me again.