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Geremedia Business Cards

I’m a unique fellow and everything that represents me must be unique also. This was the mindset that I had when creating my latest set of business cards.

Geremedia Business Cards

With the new Geremedia business cards I used a few more unique elements than before:

  • Color, glossy finish on both sides
  • Rounded corners
  • Black background with a color foreground
  • Vertical front/ horizontal back
  • Purple color strip on back

Geremedia Business Cards Geremedia Business Cards

Fortunately, now when people ask me for Geremedia contact information I will no longer be forced to write my email address on their arms with permanent marker. Now with the new SUPER-SHINY business cards in my possession, I can simply duct tape it to their arms instead.

*last name redacted from card image for no particular reason

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