Geremy Found a Flaw! *GASP!!*

Golden Arches, literally

Since arriving here in Mexico I’ve discovered that my biggest flaw is that I can’t seem to not work or think about work. Since graduating a year ago I’ve become a full-fledged workaholic–I work a full-time 9-6pm job, then afterward I work from 6-9pm doing TV/Video editing for a daily TV broadcast, then I work from 9-11pm in my own company, then I teach a group of teenagers about business and empowerment every Friday night. Though I did not notice it before, all of these things seem to continually keep my mind inundated with tasks and to-do’s.

Earlier today I decided to put down the laptop and sit on the beach to relax, but my brain has somehow fooled the rest of my body that “relaxing” means to think about stuff that needs to be done. While I laid “relaxing” I came up with a list of 20 people that I have to call when I got a cell phone signal, 5 people to email when I got back up to the room, 3 journal entry ideas and 1 business plan to draft as soon as I found a piece of paper and a writing utensil…or battery acid…. or ketchup–basically anything that would leave a mark on a piece of paper.

Effective at midnight (1am EST) I will begin to try to stop working and relax my mind before flying back to NJ and returning to “the real world.” This means no journaling until next week. Adios!