Geremy Jr. – The Super-Duper Assistant!

Just Keep Pushing!

One day, a young man traveled to five states in three months in search of inspiration. Upon the conclusion of his journey, he returned home with brain that was nearing its capacity because it was so full of ideas. Months later, he was clinically diagnosed with “IdeaOverload,” due to the lack of time in a day for him to properly execute on all of his thoughts, so his brain literally exploded and the inspiration went away. Luckily, this is not my story because I fixed the problem before it started!

I was reminded of the Thomas Edison quote, “vision without execution is hallucination” while I was flying to Florida, trying to figure out how I can overextend myself. I realized that I had all of these new ideas, but I am limited to a finite amount of time in each day. In order to bring the ideas from vision to execution, I had to either clone myself or get some help. Cloning myself was immediately discarded as an option because the world would implode if multiple Geremys existed, so for safety’s sake I chose option B and got the next best thing–a personal assistant.

I’ve hired an assistant and have been using him on a trial basis during the last few weeks. The mundane, mind-numbing, regular tasks that I’ve always dreaded doing have been passed-on to him to manage. Things as simple as managing my calendar to make sure that time is being maximized, returning phone calls and conducting research are being executed by him and he’s been doing great thus far. This just might be my brightest idea yet because I’ve basically hired Geremy Jr! As a result, I am less stressed and have more time for the more important things in life…like honing-in on my yodeling skills.

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