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  • I’m not a fan of Michael Jordan as a person, but goodness...him and Tinker Hatfield designed some amazing looking sneakers.

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Geremy’s Peculiar Week – Episode 7

I had to go to the country of my birth, Trinidad & Tobago, for a wedding. This created an extra-Peculiar week filled with interesting new foods, exciting experiences and wonderful new friends. I captured some scenes, which were assembled together to create Episode 7 of Geremy’s Peculiar Week.


  1. Hannah

    Omg did I just see my mias!!!! My mias are just as famous as their momma…. You made me scream and had a big smile across my face… wonderful video

  2. Nashon Farrell

    Whoa!!!!! How come you get to go to all the awesome places!! I need to increase my net worth quick, just in time to ride back with sir Geremy, whenever that is! But I totally loved the video!

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