Geremy’s Peculiar Week on the Way

Next Episode of Geremy's Peculiar Week

The next episode of “Geremy’s Peculiar Week” has been finished for about three weeks now, but it has not been released due to the fact that I am an obsessive perfectionist when I create things. As I was doing the final renders, I decided that I disliked all of the audio tracks that I selected for the video and I needed to re-edit the episode in its entirety. If my obsessiveness doesn’t create any more roadblocks, this episode should be released by the end of the week.

A couple of things that you will find in the next episode: zip lining, and birthday cake, and Disney World, and the Hudson River, and glass blowing, and A CAMEL. The video will be about 3 minutes long, will include some highlights from my month and was shot almost exclusively with my iPhone.

Now back to editing…