Happy Birthday, Geremy

Today is the day that I leave teenager-dom and enter into my twenties, or adulthood. It is scary to think that I will be having a Geremy Jr, getting married, buying a few houses, and graduating college all in my twenties (hopefully not in that order), but I have to accept it. Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.

I can’t properly appreciate today until I think about my previous birthdays.

Flashback to 1991.

My birthday fell on a Saturday and since we didn’t have much money for anything the budget for my gift was $2. My dad went to Radio Shack and bought a broken remote controlled car for 2.5 times his budget (or $5) because that’s what I really, really, really wanted. My dad came home and faithfully worked on the truck to get it working but he was taking too long.

After church the next day, I came home, didn’t bother to change my clothes and took matters into my own hands. I hooked up wire A to wire B, wire B to wire C, and wire C to the wall. ZAP!!!!! The power went out, my Sunday outfit had burn holes in it, and I was smoking…literally.

After I frantically ran into my parents room, my father checked on the truck and told me that I burned out the motors. I set the family’s money, my birthday present and my clothes ablaze by connecting 3 wires.

It’s all okay though because my dad made it up to me 11 years later by buying me a functioning gas powered automobile.

Happy Birthday to me.