Home Ownership Anniversary

My House

Today marks the 4 month anniversary of the day that I pursued “the american dream” and bought a house. Closing day was a very bittersweet day–I was happy that I was a homeowner but at the same time I felt like I signed my life and possessions over to Countrywide home loans.

My house is a two-family house that was constructed several decades ago and completely renovated in the early 2000’s. Being the picky person that I am, I felt the need to further renovate and update everything. After a month of making sure that the house was up to my own standards, I was finally ready to rent out the apartments.

Now it’s four months later, I am still alive and the house is still standing. My mortgage payments are never late, utility payments are always up to date and the house still remains the nicest on the block. Now that I’ve partly conquered the world of home-ownership, I believe that I am ready to venture into more unfamiliar lands–maybe office space ownership or private jet ownership?? On ne sais pas!