I…I Can’t See!!

I should have waited a couple of days before posting my Airborne entry because I got infected with the worst cold ever to grace mankind a mere 20 hours after typing the entry. It started out very typical with a stuffy nose, then it progressed to dry-heaving, then it progressed to major headaches. I was able to handle these things very easily because of my high tolerance for pain, but what came next caught me off-guard.

Sick Vision

I’ve never heard of a cold symptom quite like this one, but my vision started to become pixelated. Everywhere I looked resembled the picture above and it got progressively worse as time went on. Since I was at school when all of this was happening, I knew that I needed to rush home while I still had some of my sight left.

I got home safely, despite my 90/90 vision and the rain falling, and I went directly to the medicine cabinet to dump every and anything into my body. Since I couldn’t see much, I took the first medicine-like thing that I saw and drank a lot of it, then I headed to bed. I woke up 3 hours later expecting to have my vision back again, but I felt worse than before. In fact, I started hearing telemundo broadcasts going on in my head…no antennas necessary.

I went back to the medicine cabinet and drank a lot of some other kind of liquid and headed back to sleep with hopes of making the cold go away and getting my eyesight back. Finally after 10 more hours, I made a dramatic recovery. Now that it’s 2 days later, I am fully recovered and I have my 20/10 vision back….but I still can’t get rid of the Spanish voices in my head.