I Didn’t get the Memo!

Someone forgot to inform me that a typical engagement ring does not cost less than $1,000. I was under the impression that I can purchase a beautiful 4 carat diamond ring for $2,000 MAX, but today I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that I was disgustingly incorrect. Apparently, a man is supposed to use three months (12 strenuous weeks, 60 hardworking days, 480 painstaking hours) of his hard-earned salary on a single ring. The worst part is that the ring can’t even do any tricks, like take out the garbage or change the car’s timing belt.

This would be fine if there was an equivalent gift for the man, like an 82″ HDTV, or a gold-plated Mercedes-Benz but this is not the case. We get the joy of purchasing the house and paying for all of the associated bills. If we’re lucky we also get the pleasure of paying for the car and furnishing the house. Our repayment??? Love!

Love?! I feel like men everywhere have been bamboozled!

Maybe everything will make more sense when I’m older. MUCH older..