I’m a Shareholder

Ever since winning hundreds of hypothetical dollars in the stock market club in ninth grade, I’ve wanted to invest in stocks. Somehow I felt like I’ve always had the master touch in choosing stocks. I’ve even  underwritten the losses of coworkers who took my advice and lost money in the stock market. Last week I decided that my foray into investing should begin immediately and I used my $300 sneaker budget to invest in stocks.

First I bought one share of Google stock at the cost of $298.89 and later in the week I bought three shares of GE stock at a total cost of $36.78. Now I feel very powerful since I am now part owner of two fortune-500 companies….a very, very, very, very VERY tiny part.

I fully expect that these stock purchases will put my two kids, “Girl” and “Boy,” through college and buy them their first car– a Pagani Zonda.  Only time can tell.