iMac = iHappy

The iMac

My Macbook Pro has been a staple in my life ever since I purchased it as a birthday gift to myself on August 4, 2007. Since that day, I’ve taken it all over the world and used it as a tool to unleash my creativity by creating hundreds of videos, sorting and editing thousands of pictures, producing a few dozen songs and building many websites. I have a large sentimental connection to this machine, so I can’t imagine myself ever geting rid of it, but unfortunately it has become too slow for me to effectively use as a primary computer.

The iMac's Ports

Apparently Steve Jobs felt my woes all the way in Cupertino and yesterday he released a solution to my problem. The 27″ iMac with the tremendous 3.4GHz Quad-Core i7 processor was unveiled yesterday and I’m convinced that Mr. Jobs created this machine just for me. During lunchtime at work today, I zipped over to the Apple store and picked up my new desktop, which will be used at home and in the lab, while my laptop and iPad will continue to be used while on the go. I’m thrilled at the new purchase and will be working many new projects on it in the very near future!

Welcome, iMac. I think that we’ll get along quite well.