Just Gimme My Gas!

I was running very late to school on Monday, but my gas tank in my car was so dry that it was literally running on fumes. Somehow I made it to the nearest gas station, Raceway, and asked for $10 regular—just enough gas to take me to school and work.

As the cheap gas was trickling into my gas tank, the gas station attendant approached me and said “Mista!” I said, “what?!” He saw that I was irritated, so he flashed a smile to soften the situation. He continued, “do you tink you can drop one of my guy home?” Once again, I said “what?!” “My worker lives ova deer. You tink you can drop him home?” I responded, “What?! No. I’m late.”

Now he obviously thinks that we’re friends since I seemed to have considered his solicitation. “Oh, you go to Katrine Gibbs school?” “No!” At this point, I ask “Is my gas done?” He responded, “No, just a few minutes.” “If you don’t mind, can you hurry up, please, I’m late.” And I wound up the window.

As I was waiting for the 2 gallons of gas to finish trickling down the hose, I was wondering what the old Geremy would’ve done if he was put in this situation. He would’ve probably said a sarcastic comment like “I’ll take him home…if he rides in my trunk” or “Give me a full tank of gas and then we’ll talk.” The old Geremy would’ve taken pictures of the guy’s face and posted it on the internet for the world to see. Where’s the old Geremy?! I kinda miss him.

Take my experience as a lesson to you. If you’re ever around my area, don’t go to the Raceway gas station. The gas is cheap and makes your engine “ping,” the service is slow, the attendants don’t ever leave you alone, and they believe that each car that comes for gas is their personal chauffeur. Raceway?! You don’t have a car! Better call it “walkway.”