Let’s talk about school…


It has been 2.5 weeks since school started and as you see from the lack of updates, I haven’t had many free moments to do anything. In fact, I am currently using my study time to write this entry. Bad Geremy.

Let me share my thoughts:

1) My goal to get a 4.0 GPA seems more and more impossible with each passing day. I met my Economics teacher in his office on Tuesday and asked if he had any suggestions on how to reach my goal. He simply responded. “No, no… no.. no. Don’t do that. I don’t give A’s.” Don’t do what?? Don’t give A’s?? Isn’t that illegal or something?! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!

2) Taking an 8:30am class everyday was a mistake. I’ve recently found out that I am NOT a morning person. I find myself speeding to school everyday because I can’t manage to leave the house on time…ever. Thank god for my 4-cylinder 50 horsepower monster-car that rushes me to school everyday to get me to class on time.

3) I was trying my best not to write about this, but I’ve reached my breaking point.

SOMEONE HAS HIT MY CAR AND LEFT THE SCENE FOR THE SEVENTH TIME!!!! I was walking back to my car after a stressful day at school and I was met with a huge blue and black scratch/dent on my bumper.

List of MALICIOUS things done to my car while parked on campus:

1) Entire left side of my car KEYED.
2) Left side of my bumper scratched
3) Left side of my bumper hit (by a red car)
4) Left side of my bumper hit (by a white car)
5) Left side of my bumper hit (by a black car)
6) Middle of my bumper dented

I’m trying to buy a force field on ebay to protect my car when I’m not in it.

4) My To-do list (pictured above) is PACKED with stuff. The picture was taken on Thursday afternoon and since that time 6 things have been added to the list. I need more time. Let’s increase the amount of hours in a day to 32.

5) I’m taking a class called “Music and Civilization” and it’s harder than any other class that I’ve taken in the history of school. I had a pop quiz on the 4th day of class and the class average was something like 20%. Me, being the genius that I am, got the highest score in the class (95%), due to the 4 hours of studying that I put in the night before.

I have my first test in that class tomorrow. I’m prepared for a LONG night of studying…I should probably get to that now.