Mexico: iRead!


Immediately after breakfast I chose a nice cool spot and began reading the book, “It’s Not About the Coffee.” After reading for about 45 minutes I left the spot and attended to other activities. Then in the early afternoon I went back to the same spot to continue reading. As I opened the book the second time, a girl approached me and said “hey, that book must be really good!” I replied, “yeah, it’s okay…why?” “Because you’ve been sitting here all day reading it!”

Thanks for telling me what I’ve been up to all day, friendly stalker.

The girl saw me sitting in the spot earlier and assumed that I’d been there reading all day. I had a tough time convincing her that I found better things to do than to sit in one spot and read all day long. In the process of me speaking with her she told me all about herself and about all of the hotspots to visit to in the city. Thanks to the friendly stalker Texan gal, I now have a fun day planned in the city before I leave.

Now I’m starting to wonder about who else was thinking “who is that young fella who has been sitting in that spot reading all day?? …..and why is he wearing a t-shirt with a refrigerator eating cupcakes?!”

All Alone