My Beloved MacBook Pro Retina

Macbook Pro Retina

I purchased a MacBook Pro Retina on the day that it was released and it has changed my outlook on computers forever. I’ve always thought that my iMac was extremely fast because it had 12gb of memory and a monstrous i7 Processor, but then my mind was changed when I got the Macbook Pro Retina and I experienced its supersonic speed. There have been times when my MacBook processed my thoughts before I even opened the lid. The only computer faster than my MacBook (by a marginal amount) is IBM’s “Watson.” The MacBook Pro Retina has made me smarter because I’ve needed to upgrade the speed of my brain to keep up with it. If computers got speeding tickets for going too fast, my MacBook’s license would’ve been suspended three months ago.**

I guess what I’m saying is that I like my new laptop very much and if anyone is in the market for a laptop that rivals the speed of the average human brain, this is the exact machine that you’re looking for! It’s expensive though, so you might have to sell an arm, a leg and your second-born child to get it…like I did.

** Some statements exaggerated a tiny bit