My Cell Phone is my Life, and today I almost Died

I use my cell phone for everything. Since I’m always on the go, I always use the internet access on my phone to find the latest information, or to stay in contact with people.

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere here…

When my brother and I were on our way home from Walmart in my mom’s truck, a little kid (couldn’t be older than 17 years old) in a Dodge pickup truck swung in front of our truck while I was driving around 50 miles per hour, which caused me to slam brakes immediately to avoid hitting him. Slamming on the brakes made everything in the truck fly forward, including my phone, which went out the window.

I didn’t actually know that my phone went out the window until 4 hours later when a good friend and her boyfriend came to my house to re-deliver my phone. I had no idea that my phone was missing until she told me the whole story.

I’m going to use bullet points to explain the story because this might get confusing.

  • Sometime between the time when my phone flew out the window and when the phone hit the ground, my friend, Megan, called me.
  • When the phone hit the ground, a car ran over it (I assume, because it was really beat up), which caused the phone to freeze with her name and number on the screen.
  • A good samaritan picked up the phone, and attempted to call back Megan (with the phone) to return it to its owner (me).
  • Since the phone was frozen, he could not operate it, so he went home and called Megan from his home phone.
  • Megan got the call from the good samaritans who said that they found the phone and it listed her name as a missed call
  • After a little bit of investigative work, Megan saw that the phone was mine, but since she did not have my home phone number, she could not call me to let me know.
  • Megan and her mate drove ALL the way up to the good samaritan’s house to pick up my phone, then she drove ALL the way to my house to drop off my phone.
    **Sidenote: Megan has only been to my house twice and she actually remembered the directions**

  • As soon as Megan handed me the phone, the screen went blank. If the screen went blank 5 hours earlier, none of this would have been possible and this entry would’ve been a whole lot different.

I’m still amazed by how everything came together for me to get back my phone in just a matter of hours. I can’t even label this as luck—this is a blessing…and it pays to have good friends.

Now, I have to wait 16 days for T-Mobile to ship me a new phone to replace this broken one, but I’m not complaining because it sure beats having to save up $300 for a whole new phone.

My mind is BLOWN.