My Day, Yesterday

The Instructions:

Shoot film throughout a day in your life, then put it together into a 90 second video. Don’t add any music or anything, only what’s recorded via the camera.

The Result:

Further Explanation
5am- Wake Up
6:30am- Fix furnace at my house that I don’t live in
7:30am- Return home and change for work
8:45am- Go to work, eat cereal, listen to music on my iPod while working to help me focus
6:30pm- Leave work and go to teach my kiddies
10:30pm- Drive home
1:30am- Sleep

– The time on my car remote is still incorrectly set!
– I rely on my iPod a lot
– This was my first time trying to light a pilot light for a furnace, and it could have ended very dangerously
– By midday I was sick of carrying around a camera, so I didn’t record as much
– There is no such thing as a typical day in my life