My Life’s Highlights

As I prepare for the new year, I feel the need to reminisce on the highlights of the past years of my life, beginning in 1985— the year after the year that I decided to swim quickly and fertilize an egg to spawn a baby Geremy.

These are the highlights of my years…
1985 – Finally getting out of that cramped womb
1986 – Learning how to bite things and people
1987 – Learning how to walk and read
1988 – Meeting my first girlfriend, Cavita.
1989 – Coming to America from Trinidad
1990 – Seeing snow falling on the ground
1991 – Getting straight A’s on my report card and getting electrocuted
1992 – Getting a brand new bike
1993 – Getting three Trophies in the school’s award ceremony
1994 – Getting my first computer and dot matrix printer
1995 – Getting my first pair of brand-name sneakers (Fila’s)
1996 – Getting a new, much faster computer (IBM 486 DX100!!!)
1997 – Getting my own bedroom (no more bunk beds and sharing a room with my sister)
1998 – Getting a Playstation with GranTurismo– the game that’s responsible for my current driving abilities
1999 – Getting accepted to Montclair Kimberley Academy
2000 – Getting my first cell phone & my first brother
2001 – Starting my first blog
2002 – Getting my first car (’91 Lexus LS400)
2003 – Getting accepted to college and finally getting the domain name
2004 – Starting my first business (FX Comp) & Getting my first Mac (PowerMac G5)
2005 – Getting my first business-related internship and getting my G-Head logo
2006 – Buying my dream car – the ’98 Lexus LS400
2007 – Graduating college with a business management degree and immediately having a full-time position
2008 – Buying my first house
2009 – Buying my other dream car – the Lexus LS460L
2010 – Traveling more than ever before (9 US states 1 international country) / sitting on a light jet for the first time

The best is yet to come in 2011!!