My Version of a Private Jet

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

Many high-powered executives and CEOs (a la Richard Branson, Obama) have offices to conduct meetings, but also have a variety of mobile places where they conduct business. These locations range from limos to private jets, and are outfitted with all of the tools and equipment necessary to do work effectively. Late last year when I analyzed my situation I noticed that I didn’t have one of these things, so I tried to create one via a portable office–which has been incredibly useful over the last few months. Unfortunately the portable office was just not enough and I saw the need for something bigger—a larger, more-surreal office environment.

After saving money and establishing a list of “must-haves” for Geremy’s swanky, mobile-office space I decided that I needed the space to be a vehicle. I narrowed my choices down to two vehicles: The Lexus LS460L and the Mercedes-Benz S550. I chose very large cars because in the distant future I hope to be a rear seat passenger of the car, conducting business while my driver transports me to meetings. With this in mind, I subjected each car to a battery of tests, evaluating everything from bass-booming capabilities to likelihood-of-escaping-unscathed-if-locked-in-the-trunk-by-crazed-groupies. I analyzed my findings and then engaged in intense negotiation sessions with car dealerships where things often got ferocious between the business manager and me—sometimes nearing the point of insulting one another’s families. Finally, I was able to purchase a new Obsidian-Black Lexus LS460L, Touring Edition.

Lexus LS460L "Geremy Edition"

I feel very much at home in my new mobile living/office space, but I still have my car from the last 3 years sitting in my driveway…lonely. My next challenge is to find a way of detaching myself from my 1998 Lexus LS400 so I can sell it without shedding a tear or three. It feels like I’m losing a friend because I found a new, cooler, better one. It just feels wrong…yetoh so right at the same time!

Goal # 2 of my “Growth and Expansion Year” completed

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