A Peculiar guy named Geremy

Packed and Ready to Go!


Peculiar PPL Shirts

I am extremely happy to announce that the first Peculiar PPL shirts are all packed and ready to be shipped. I’m very happy with the way that they turned out, especially since it’s the company’s inaugural design. The colors are vibrant red, blue and greytones on a white t-shirt.

Join the fun and get yours here! Use my special coupon code, “ALLIGATOR,” to get 10% off your order!


  • – “CreativeS” – The next designs are in the works and will be available soon!!

    – Lexus – DONE.

    – By the way, not sure if anyone noticed but the shirt was meant to be packaged like a chunk of meat from the deli. How Peculiar.

By Geremy F.
A Peculiar guy named Geremy