A Birthday Surprise!

I was surprised with a birthday party on my 33rd Birthday. Here’s a video where I speak all about it…

The Five Dollar Challenge

Can you turn $5 into $100 in two weeks?? Well, I know some people who can, and they’re my kids! Well, not kids that I own, but kids that I teach.

At the beginning of the Summer most teenagers look for a job, but I wanted my kiddies to think like business-owners instead of employees. So, I created a challenge where they had to start and grow a business in two weeks. In order to keep things fair, I had a few rules:

  1. I will provide the initial $5 investment to start. No outside angel investors, seed capital, piggy-bank cash or any other kind of money is allowed.
  2. Everything must be legal and ethical. Don’t get locked up trying to start a small-scale drug cartel or gambling ring.
  3. Do not spend any of the money on yourself. The initial $5 is an investment, not a gift, so don’t spend it on a Wendy’s 4-for-4.
  4. Every penny spent or earned must be accounted for on an accounting spreadsheet.

So the challenge was simple: Use $5 to start and grow a business within two weeks. The business owner that earns the most profit gets to keep all of their money, as well as half of everyone else’s money. Also, if anyone chooses to continue their business after the challenge is over, I agreed to be the first investor to add additional capital in the business.

Participation was optional, but four people stepped up to the challenge. I’ve never done this challenge before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured that the big winner would earn $40 at the most.

Two weeks later, the four new business owners presented their results:

Business # 1: Personal Assistant and Home Cleaning Service
In this business, she helped others do tasks that they didn’t want to do on their own. From cleaning pet cages, to painting toenails, she did it all and she did a stellar job. She cleaned houses, helped family members, and was eager to be of assistance for two weeks. Her prices were “pay me what you feel it was worth” and she chose not to spend any money at all to make sure that she earned a profit from day 1. Total profit $94.

Business # 2: Car Wash
This person used the $5 to buy car wash supplies from Dollar Tree. Then she recruited some of her friends, borrowed a hose and went door to door within her housing development to ask her neighbors if they would like a car wash. She washed 9 cars in one day and also received money from tips. No wages were paid to the friends, which probably creates a labor law issue, but I’ll leave it up to them to sort out. Total profit: $56.90.

Business # 3: Hydration
At first, he sold snacks around the neighborhood, but sales weren’t going as quickly as he wanted, so he switched his strategy. He bought a case of 40 bottles of water at Costco for $2.50, refrigerated the bottles, and went to the basketball court every day to sell the bottles for 50 cents each. Total profit: $21

Business # 4: Graphic Design
He started a graphic design business where he created digital art for people online. This included creating logos, photoshopping graphics and creating vector graphics. He got a customer who agreed to pay upwards of $100, but the money didn’t come through on time and he was left with the $5 that he started with. Total profit: $5…kinda

The winner was business # 1 who went home with a total prize of $135.45. But the strangest part of the entire thing was that no one cared about the money at all. The winner didn’t care about how much money she earned and no one else seemed to mind that they didn’t earn any money. They enjoyed the experience and were so proud of what they created in two weeks that the money wasn’t important.

I am very proud of each of them! Within a matter of days, they came up with a business idea, a marketing strategy, and they ran the bookkeeping and operations of a company that they created themselves. They were very driven and they didn’t try to sabotage each other. At first, some of them were discouraged since the sales weren’t coming as quickly as expected, but in the end, they all made something amazing that they could be proud of.

So let that be a lesson to parents— if your kid ever says that they want a summer job, just hand them $5 and tell them, “you have two weeks…start something!!” If they don’t come back with at least $50, feel free to lock the refrigerator and charge them rent until they start bringing home the bacon. That’s free parenting advice from Geremy.

Weird Beard

Remember my beard experiment? Well, it’s over now…

I thought that I would be very uncomfortable with facial hair, but I didn’t mind it at all. My level of comfort remained the same throughout the entire experiment and the goal of removing myself from my comfort zone never happened.

Here are some photos of me during different stages of my beard…
This was about seven days into the experiment with just a slight five o’clock shadow

A few days later, that shadow grew into this and I felt like I looked 10 years older.

Then this happened and I was debating on whether I wanted to keep it at this length, or go full Rick Ross/ Rick Rubin.

At this point, my facial hair was growing so quickly that it required regular maintenance and pruning. I used beard pomade, beard oil, trimmers, combs and other beard-scaping tools. All of this was consuming too much of my life, so I ended the experiment and went clean shaven again.

So now I’m back to no facial hair. When I learn how to have facial hair with minimal grooming, the beard might make a reappearance, but for now it’s gone. Too much maintenance required!

And that’s the story of my weird beard.

I Made a Song!

In my head, I’m a rapper/producer. I don’t have a rap name, but if I did, it would be “MetalGearLiquid” or “Ampersand&.” But even though I’ve only officially made one song as a fake rapper/producer (which was 23 seconds long and made as a joke), I decided to accept the challenge of creating another song…a real one this time!

I was involved in a theater production as a co-director and part of the script required a dance performance to a song. The only problem was that the song didn’t exist and everyone who accepted the job of creating it backed out at the last minute. I thought “it can’t possibly be that hard,” so I accepted the task.

I called one of the most talented rappers I know and we formed two-man team. I was the producer and he was the rapper. After giving him a summary of the song and a script of the play, we went to work. He wrote a few versions of the song and we tweaked the lyrics via email and text messages for a few days. During the same time, I worked on refining the beat into something that would work well in the play. About a week later, we set-up a makeshift studio and spent about 5 hours recording.

When we were finished, we both listened to the final product and it sounded decent. Just as we were packing up, I played him another beat that I was going to use on a different project and he immediately said, “WE NEED THAT BEAT ON THIS SONG!!!” He was right.

We immediately went back to work—he reworked the lyrics and I refined the beat. Within 45 minutes, we had a finished product and the song was done. This time around, we were much more excited about the outcome.

The song was then sent to two dancers who choreographed a dance performance and a few weeks later, I watched as the song that we made come to life on stage in front of ~500 people.

Here is the song called, “I love His Name,” which is based on the book and play “The Day I Died But Now Live.

Direct Link to song

Don’t Overdo It: My Dead iPhone X

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” This is a terrible quote! Don’t make the same mistake as I did and actually take it seriously. Here’s what happened…

I had a wonderful, two-month-old iPhone X that had a cool feature: Water resistance. So I figured that if I can splash it with water, then I can dunk it in water. And if I can dunk it in water, then I can throw it in water. So that’s what I did.

I was swimming in my parents’ pool when I decided to put my phone’s water resistance to the test. First I took it under water in the three foot deep part of the pool. All was fine. Then I took it underwater in the five foot deep part of the pool. All was fine. Then I threw the phone about 20 feet into the air and let it fall 15 feet under the surface of the water to the bottom of the pool. All seemed fine, so I repeated that process three times. All wasn’t fine!

After leaving the phone at the bottom of the pool for about five minutes, I went to get it. But that’s when the screen started to flicker like the stage lights at a rave concert. Immediately after, the phone made a weird buzzing/crunching sound like a bumble bee being zapped by a 2,000 watt bug zapper. Then the screen had the same grey static that I saw when I turned the TV on Channel 77 when my family didn’t have cable TV.

Then I put the phone in a plastic container filled with rice and I left it there overnight. The next morning…nothing. The following day, nothing. He was dead and on his way to see Tupac in thugs mansion. I didn’t know if the rice was there to help the phone or to bury its remains as it died a slow painful death. All because I overdid it!

Now it’s a few days later and I got another iPhone to take its place. With this new phone, one thing’s for sure…I’m not overdoing ANYTHING! In fact, I might not even use it for telephone calls because I don’t want to accidentally spit on it and destroy it with water damage.

Lesson learned: Don’t overdo it. Just do it. Nike.

Here’s the last picture that my phone took before it died. Rest in Pieces.

Professional Graduation Attendee!

Is there any such thing as a professional graduation ceremony attendee?  If so, then I think that I’ve got enough experience for the position!

In addition to my own three graduations, my sister is a doctor so I attended all 49 of her graduations (discussed here, here, and here), I attended numerous friends’ graduations, and now the latest addition to my graduation résumé is my brother’s high school graduation!

The same kid who was was just 3 years old the other day and holding his breath underwater for “15 minutes” is now a high school graduate and I was there to witness it!  Now he’s off to college and adulthood.  Life comes at you fast!

Congratulations, Jordan!

A Solo Retreat to the Happiest Place

I went on a retreat. By myself. To Disney World. Weirdest “retreat” ever? Indeed!

Retreats are amazing…well, at least my definition of a retreat. The Geremy™ definition of a retreat is when someone travels to an unfamiliar place with the purpose of recharging, getting new ideas, and coming up with new strategies for the future. Early May was the perfect time to get away, so I spontaneously booked my trip to the happiest place on earth…Orlando.

Ok, it’s not the happiest place on earth, but it was the perfect place for my retreat for three reasons: 1) Disney, 2) Hotels and 3) SpaceX

Let me explain…

Disney World

Walt Disney fascinates me because he was a guy with a huge vision that he pursued all his life. Each time he created something, he would immediately make his vision larger and work to make the newer, bigger vision a reality. For example, when he opened Disneyland in 1955, he immediately started planning the bigger, more significant Disney World project the same year. This reminds me of when my parents gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 1983 and immediately after her birth, they started planning a bigger, newer, more improved baby named Geremy who would entered the world in 1985.

When I read about Disney’s vision that started with animation and has now grown into an empire that includes hotels, TV networks, Venture Capital firms, real estate and cruise lines, I knew that I needed to see these things up-close. Like like Disney, I too have a vision of creating a conglomerate that includes a lot of different areas, including transportation, media, and hotels…except mine will be larger. Watch out, Disney Company!

By the way, I rode on Splash Mountain twice. Easily the best ride I’ve ever been on in my life.


Speaking of hotels, I have visions of opening an amazing, world-class hotel one day. But before planning my own hotel, I wanted to visit a world-class hotel that I’ve admired for a while— The Alfond Inn. This hotel has won local and national awards for being a top 10 boutique hotel in the United States, so I wanted to include them on my visit to Florida.

Rather than wandering around the hotel like a nomad, I emailed the General Manager and asked to meet for a tour and to ask questions. To my surprise, he responded quickly and was happy to arrange it. So within hours of landing in Florida, I arrived in Winter Park and was able to tour a hotel that was similar to my vision. In addition, I booked a room at a hotel that opened a week before my visit because I wanted to see what the beginning stages of a brand new hotel looked like. These experiences were very eye-opening and I had a long list of “what not to do’s” from the hotel that I stayed at.

For example, someone almost, kinda burned down the hotel where I stayed. It happened at their make-your-own-waffle station in the breakfast area. Apparently someone made their own waffle and never removed it from the waffle maker, so it continued to cook until it burned to a crisp. All of a sudden, smoke started to pour out of the waffle machine and the restaurant smelled like that one time that I microwaved an egg for a minute just to see what would happen. If the maintenance person didn’t come to the rescue, the hotel might’ve been celebrating a “grand closing” a week after their grand opening. Note to self: Eliminate all make-your-own-waffle stations from your hotel!


I’m a huge “SpaceX” nerd. The only pictures that I’ve got on my wall of my home are pictures of rockets, and I’ve watched livestreams of every single SpaceX rocket launch since their Grasshoper rocket. So since Orlando is near the Kennedy Space Center where SpaceX launches their rockets to outer space, I needed to visit. Seeing the SpaceX rocket on the pad was the Geremy equivalent of your great-grandmother seeing Elvis perform live for the first time. I was starstruck…over a rocket…like a nerd. It was amazing and SpaceX was a big source of inspiration during my retreat since their growth in under 10 years was out of this world…pun clearly intended.

My solo retreat was very much a success and I loved it so much that I am making it an annual (or semi-annual) event! It was also helpful to disconnect from the outside world by limiting my use of technology in order to focus as much as I could. Now I’m making sure to make all of my ideas become reality because that retreat wasn’t cheap and I need something to show for it.

Feel free to hold me accountable! Also feel free to go on retreats of your own and share your experiences with me!

And remember to not overcook your waffles!

My Stellar Kids

When my brother was 5, I hated going to his little league games because the parents would sit in the stands and boast about how their kid was better than everyone else’s. I’d cringe and try to ignore the stories about how Little Timmy is only three years old and already knows how to rebuild a transmission from a 1963 Chevy Nova. Stop talking about your son, Dianne!!!

Well, now I’m Dianne and I’m here to boast about my kids!

When I say “my kids,” I don’t mean kids that I’ve birthed from my own birth canal— I mean the teenage kids in my youth group who I teach life and empowerment lessons to every week. These kids are absolutely amazing and I’m immensely proud of them because they’ve done some stellar things.

While they’re all amazing, I just want to highlight the recent accomplishments of a few of them. Three of them not only got into every single college that they applied to, but they’ve received merit scholarships from every single one. Then there was another who got one of the leading singing and acting roles in her high school musical. Then there was another who decided to randomly buy gift cards for everyone in the class. Then there was another who became a near-expert at operating studio production video cameras within a matter of weeks. While accomplishing all of these things (and more), the majority of them have either gotten honor-roll or high honor-roll and are incredibly respectful and ambitious.

Much to my mom’s chagrin, I haven’t given her grandkids yet (with no plans of having kids anytime soon), but while I’m without an army of mini-Geremy’s, I’ve got these amazing kids. Each of their parents do an amazing job to raise them and maximize their opportunities in life, and I’m happy that I’m able to witness their growth and root them on. We meet every Friday to talk about life-lessons, meet on Sunday mornings for breakfast, and we go on outings every few months. Over the next few months we’re going horseback riding, doing a scavenger hunt, going to the movies, and going to an amusement park, and I’m looking forward to every single opportunity to be their biggest cheerleader.

I’m immensely proud of what they’ve done and what they will continue to accomplish!


Lab 2

You remember my lab, right? No? Well, let me remind you…

Seven years ago, I converted one of the rooms of my investment property into an office that I called a lab. It was called a lab because a laboratory is a controlled environment where research, experiments and development takes place, and the purpose of the space was to research, experiment and develop in order to create the future.

As time passed by, I began working from Starbucks more frequently and I dismantled the lab, but now that I have a renewed passion to change the world, I need a permanent space to work from. In the second episode of Geremy’s Peculiar Week, I had the idea of developing “Lab 2”, but I let the idea sit for while I worked-out the details. Now, I’m officially working out of lab 2 and slowly developing it into a high-functionality, well-equipped workshop until I outgrow it.

The Lab 2 is five times larger than Lab 1 and when it’s complete, the entire space will be 100% functional and beautiful. Lab 2 is a space that is completely dedicated to researching, experimenting, and developing, so everything in it will serve that cause, down to a granular level.

As of right now, the lab is almost completely empty. In it, there’s a table, two Steelcase Leap Desk chairs, an Ikea Poang Armchair with Ottoman, a bookshelf, a Harmon Kardon Onyx speaker, and a Canon MX922 printer. In the future, I plan on adding a video production area, an audio production area (complete with vocal booth), a workbench with power tools, and a photography area.

The goal for Lab 2 is for something great to come out of it every day that I’m there, and thus far I’m very happy with the results. I can’t publicly reveal all of the developments thus far, but one small product that has come out of Lab 2 is the “Peculiar PPL Stick to It” sticker, and there are many, many more developments to come.

Say hi to Lab 2!

Five Years After Buying a Car Online

In 2012, I made an $80,000 online purchase for a product that didn’t exist yet. That product was a Tesla Model S and the entire experience was pretty nerve-racking from start to end.

First Time Seeing a Tesla

It all started when I was hanging out with my brother on June 9, 2012. We went to the mall and saw a car parked in the middle of a store. I thought, “who is the obnoxious person who parked their car here to show off,” but then I learned that a small American company was trying to promote their creation, a Tesla Model S. The car was one of the coolest cars that I’ve ever seen and I really wanted to own it. When I went to the sales rep and asked the price of the car, he said “$60,000.” I stared at him and waited for him to tell me that he was joking. He didn’t even crack a smile. Apparently he was serious. I made the “you must be kidding me” face and walked out of the store feeling offended—offended that he would quote such a ridiculous price for a car that was sold in a mall. The car didn’t even have an engine and they wanted $60,000?!

Tesla Model S from '13

I left the mall and continued with my life, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the car for weeks. Since it couldn’t leave my mind, I knew that I had to try to make the car mine. I brainstormed and came up with six different ways to make it happen, but none of them would work because one of them involved a rich uncle that I didn’t have and five of them were illegal.

Tesla Reservation Screen from '13

Instead of wasting time trying to figure it out, I took a step of faith and placed a deposit for the car. Tesla said that it wouldn’t be delivered until June, so I knew that I had time to figure out how to find $60,000. To make matters worse, at the time Tesla didn’t offer financing, so the only way to buy the car was to hand over a check for the entire vehicle price. When I checked my bank account, it didn’t have $60,000 in there, so instead of focusing on the facts, I ignored them because my faith was stronger than facts.

But it wasn’t all flowers and rainbows because there were times that I lost hope. I had six months to come up with $60,000 and from time to time I debated canceling the order. But whenever I doubted that I’d own the car, I scheduled a test drive and spent the entire drive picturing myself as its owner. This method motivated me and got rid of the doubt. By the end of 2012, I was excited because it was looking like I could actually make this work!

Tesla Purchase Order from '13

However, In January 2013 everything went wrong. All of a sudden, Tesla was running ahead of schedule and I was invited to configure my car in January instead of May. I chose all of the options that I wanted in the car and the total came up to $80,020. UMM…THAT IS TWENTY THOUSAND AND TWENTY DOLLARS MORE THAN I EXPECTED. Then a week later, I got an email telling me that my car will be built and delivered in a month or two. Then two weeks later they called me and said “great news, your car is on the delivery truck and will be delivered in a week!!” Firstly, that wasn’t great news, and secondly, where can I find $80,020 cash in a week?!?

I hung up the phone with the delivery specialist and called a bank to see if they were interested in financing the car. The first bank I called didn’t know what a Tesla was, so I spent 10 minutes explaining to them that a Tesla is an electric car that didn’t have an engine. They said that they don’t finance golf carts. I said “It’s not a golf cart, it’s a car…” They still didn’t understand, but they agreed to finance the entire cost of the car at a 1.49% interest rate. Two days later, they mailed the check to me and I handed it to Tesla when I picked up my car on February 19, 2013. I couldn’t believe that everything actually worked!!

This week is exactly five years after taking delivery of the Model S and it has been a phenomenal experience since day one. I’ve never struggled to make a payment at all and to this day, it is still the best purchase that I’ve ever made. It started as a dream car and I am happy that I was brave enough to take that initial step of faith.

Now it’s time to do it again…