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Road Trip Day # 2



Current Location: Sullivan’s Island in SC
States Covered: NC, SC
Brief Summary: We spent the entire day driving from Virginia to North Carolina, where we stopped to visit some people, then to South Carolina, where there are many LONG deserted roads. Right now we are on “Sullivan’s Island” in a residential vacationing home, where I am stealing a wireless connection from the next door neighbors.


Poverty House

Driving on the Sidewalk

Running Backwards

Delivery Man

Fender Bender



Planet Hollywood

Random Van


Beginning of the Family Roadtrip


In about 2 hours I will be leaving on a 9 day road trip with my family. I am pretty clueless about the entire situation so I can’t give any details right now, but all I know is that we’re starting in NJ and ending in FL.

I’ll have my sidekick 2 with me, so stay tuned for pictures of things that I encounter on the way. As long as my sidekick has service and/or my laptop can find a wireless signal, I will be updating this site.


‘05 Upstate Retreat- Days 2-5

Now that I think about last week, there is nothing worth mentioning, so I will summarize the week with a few succinct statements.

– I spent most of the week reading my newest book, “Copy This” – On my birthday my sister made me drive 5 miles away to buy pizza for her friends with my own money – My birthday wasn’t anything special… at all. – On my birthday I got 5 gifts—two identical refrigerator magnets, a can of peanuts, a fitted hat, and money – I got over 20 mosquito bites and they HURT. – I let 5 teenage boys stay in my room on the last day and I had to beat 3 of them with a belt because 1 kid wouldn’t stop saying, “I WANT MOMMY’S MILK” and the other 2 kids wouldn’t stop talking.

Here are some random photos from the week:


Campbell Farm


Hay Wheels

Messed up Mailbox

Baby Crying

Flashback to 1993


Flashback to 1993:
My family moved from Paterson to Orange because my dad got a new job. I thought that we were rich because we owned a custom van and my sister and I had a bunk bed, but we were still poor. Moving meant different school district, and different school district meant new teacher, and new teacher meant Ms. Davis, and Ms. Davis meant pain.

Miss Davis completely disregarded the teacher’s handbook and she acted more like a mom, rather than a teacher. Miss Davis always spanked me with a meter stick all the time, not because I was a troublemaker, but because (as she announced in front of the class) she “didn’t want me to turn out like the other bad kids in the class.” I never understood that logic, but I took every lash like Kunta Kint…..ummm….I mean Toby.

One day Miss Davis was teaching the class Math, but instead of paying attention, I imagined that my chair was a spaceship. After a while, my imagination got out of control and I was making loud sound effects while shaking my chair.

“Stop it, Geremy!”

Minutes later, the spaceship was back in commission and the sound effects resumed.

“Stop it, Geremy!”

Minutes later…blast off time. I gave the countdown, then I blasted off, which resulted in me tipping over my chair and landing on the ground.

Miss Davis appeared out of nowhere and she roughly pulled me into the hallway, gripping me like her hand was a vice grip. She spanked me around 20 times and the pain hurt so bad that my butt went numb. I was near tears when I re-entered the room, but no one said a word because they didn’t want to experience the signature Davis Spanking®.

To this day I am scared to imitate a spaceship because I fear the wrath of Davis coming upon me again.

Flashback to 1991


I was in first grade in PS 10 of Paterson, NJ and I was pretty much the smartest kid in the class. I got straight A’s, and I was doing Math at a fourth grade level (thanks mom). My teacher made the Principal get me a Math specialist to come in every Wednesday to teach me advanced math…me and only me. Whenever I got A’s on the tests, she would give me rewards—usually something she created and designed.

One day, she gave me an envelope with a fancy star design on the front. Instead of throwing it away like the other things she gave me, I drew a little picture and put it in the envelope to give to the girl I liked…my way of flirting when I was 6. I told the kid next to me to give the note to the girl, but instead he gave the note to Pedro, the class bully.

Pedro was the only kid in the class who hated me, simply because he was intellectually impaired and I wasn’t. Pedro dressed in black sneakers, corduroys, and a “Viva Las Vegas” t-shirt everyday. I think that Pedro also had a moustache, but I’m not sure.

Pedro got the letter and figured that I wanted to be his friend, so he responded.

Dear Geremy,
I love you. If anybody mess with you, I’ll (expletive deleted) them up


After that, I instantly became popular because Pedro passed me off as his homeboy, and everyone was scared to mess with me for fear of answering to Pedro.

I’m kind of happy that Pedro got the letter instead of the girl, but I can’t help but imagine what would have happened if that girl actually got my letter. Maybe there would’ve been a Mrs. Geremology right now.

Flashback to 1990


One month after coming from Trinidad to America I attended kindergarten at PS 219 in Brooklyn, NY. Since we were deathly poor, I had to wear second hand clothes given to me by my grandmother. I had no idea how things worked in America, but I tried my best to fit in.

There I was, little Geremy walking to school with his metal “Incredible Hulk” lunchbox filled with water and crackers (that’s all we had to eat), wearing a red sweater, grey dress pants, and grey church shoes, otherwise known as my “Sunday best.” When I got to school, I didn’t know where to go so I walked up to a kid who looked like he was from Trinidad and I asked him in my best American voice, “yuh kno wheer mah class is?” He laughed and ran away-I guess my accent wasn’t very convincing.

I somehow found my class and I had a seat next to a girl. This wasn’t just any girl—this was the best looking girl in the class. You see, I was a man on a mission…a mission to replace my pseudo-girlfriend that I left in Trinidad (she didn’t know that she was my girlfriend yet, but I was planning on letting her know sometime before I left)

This girl was nice to me and followed me around everywhere I went. Sure she was good looking, but it was getting annoying! After two months of this, our friendship came to a highpoint/lowpoint. We were on the bus to take a class trip to the zoo and I tried to sit next to someone else…that’s when she got psycho.

“But…but I wanna sit next to her”
What did I get myself into?!

I sat next to her and she made me hold her hand. Minutes later, she made me hug her. Minutes later, she made me give her my lunch. Minutes later, she made me give her a kiss on the cheek. I felt violated. ENOUGH OF THIS! I did the only thing I knew what to do…I cried.

After that day, I avoided that girl like the plague, and every time she saw me she screamed “I’m GONNA GET YOU!”

From that point until 3 years later I was afraid of getting involved with American girls…and it was all her fault!

Happy Birthday, Geremy


Today is the day that I leave teenager-dom and enter into my twenties, or adulthood. It is scary to think that I will be having a Geremy Jr, getting married, buying a few houses, and graduating college all in my twenties (hopefully not in that order), but I have to accept it. Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.

I can’t properly appreciate today until I think about my previous birthdays.

Flashback to 1991.

My birthday fell on a Saturday and since we didn’t have much money for anything the budget for my gift was $2. My dad went to Radio Shack and bought a broken remote controlled car for 2.5 times his budget (or $5) because that’s what I really, really, really wanted. My dad came home and faithfully worked on the truck to get it working but he was taking too long.

After church the next day, I came home, didn’t bother to change my clothes and took matters into my own hands. I hooked up wire A to wire B, wire B to wire C, and wire C to the wall. ZAP!!!!! The power went out, my Sunday outfit had burn holes in it, and I was smoking…literally.

After I frantically ran into my parents room, my father checked on the truck and told me that I burned out the motors. I set the family’s money, my birthday present and my clothes ablaze by connecting 3 wires.

It’s all okay though because my dad made it up to me 11 years later by buying me a functioning gas powered automobile.

Happy Birthday to me.

A New York Experience


Billions of the people get on the bus each day and rely on the bus driver to safely take them to their destination…NOT ME. I’ve lived a semi-pampered/sheltered life during the last 10 years, which makes it hard for me to let go and let someone else be in charge of my environment.

Missed bus

On Thursday I left home around 10 to travel to NY, via public transportation. As I was driving to the bus stop, I couldn’t get there as quickly as I wanted to because there was a bus in front of me. After being stuck behind the bus for about 2 minutes I finally realized that I was supposed to be ON that bus. I overtook the bus, sped to the next stop, found a parking space, and sprinted to the bus stop. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to get on that bus and it sped right past me, leaving me to wait for the next one.

I sat at the sheltered bust stop type thing and patiently waited for the next bus, which came 20 minutes later. I boarded the following bus, but since I’ve never rode on a bus alone I didn’t know how much was the cost for round trip fare. I figured that a 1/2 hour trip shouldn’t cost more than $20, so I handed him the bill and said “round trip,” hoping that I used the correct bus-lingo. The driver (who looked very angry) took the money, stuck it in his shirt pocket, closed the door and kept driving…..while I stood there waiting. Was I supposed to get a receipt of some kind? Did it cost $20 to ride the bus? Why wasn’t this dude giving me anything back?

I took things in stride and spotted an open seat on the somewhat crowded bus. When I began to walk to the seat the bus driver slammed brakes and I went flying to the front of the bus. As I held on to the bar for dear life, the driver handed me my change with a yellow tag type thing, and murmured “have a seat.” I wasn’t liking this.

Now, I’m generally a nice guy, but this was going to be a long ride so I found 2 empty seats and sat down in the middle of both of them—an act that screams “I’M SELFISH, DON’T SIT NEXT TO ME.” At the very next bus stop, a guy who couldn’t stop coughing and sneezing boarded the bus. Guess where he sat?? Right next to the selfish, 1st-time-riding-public-transportation-in-his-life passenger. JUST GREAT!

The ride was full of coughing, sneezing, “excuse me’s” and “God bless you’s,” but luckily the bus arrived in NY half-hour later and my interaction with the sick passenger was finally over.

At the port authority I met up with my friend and she gave me a tour of the city, which included a trip to: the atrium of the Marriott hotel, Times Square, Grand Central station, Central Park, the HOT subway, and some other places that I can’t remember.

Now for the part that everyone actually cares about…the pictures:

Homeless Guy
Some random homeless dude sleeping on the streets

The elevator in the hotel…hotness

Mad Taxis

Lights in the Hotel
Lights in the Marriott

One Bentley
Outside of the hotel I saw this car with 1 tall black guy inside. I knew that he was some sort of NBA Player, but I didn’t recognize his face

Two Bentley
Seconds later, a different color of the same car pulled out of the hotel garage. Inside, I recognized Spyda from “Streetball” on ESPN and “And1 Mixtape Volumes 5 & 6.” For anyone who’s wondering, the car is a Rolls Royce and it’s LONG.

This truck toppled this car. The worst part was that this street is a 1 way and there’s no other way for the cars to get past. The car—Mercedes CL600…a $130,000+ car…somebody’s got some ‘xplaining to do.

One of the horses that pull the carriages around Central Park. He looked very unhappy, but then again if you had to walk all day, everyday you would be unhappy too.

Protestor, or something
This was random and I didn’t catch the point of why he was there.

All in all it was a good experience and I’ll do it again sometime soon…but next time I have to drive the bus and no one is allowed to sit next to me.

Birthday Wishes


For Christmas of 2004, I asked for an Apple iMac—the cheapest Apple computer available at the time. I never actually thought that I’d get the Mac because it far exceeded the normal holiday budget of my parents, but I stayed consistent. Every time I was asked “what do you want for Christmas,” I always answered “an iMac.” When Christmas came, I not only got a Mac, but I got the flagship model of the Apple empire—the $2,000 G5 Super Computer/Cheesegrater.

Well, my birthday is coming up and I’ve decided to use the same principle to prepare my birthday list.

For my Birthday, I want
1) 1998 Lexus LS400
'98 Lexus LS400

2) $2,700
I’m severely over the miles on my lease, so the only way that I can turn in my car 14 months early is to shell out $2700, and the only other way for me to earn $2700 is to sell my soul, and/or my bod…..uh…. Nevermind.

3) (optional) A zebra
How many people can honestly say that they own a zebra?!?

So that’s my list. It is mainly directed towards the people who I live with, but if you feel like paypalling me $2700, or buying a zebra for me, don’t fight the feeling.

As my dad said, “you don’t get what you want, you get what you expect” and I am expecting a zebra with a $2700 check in his mouth to be sitting in the driver’s seat of a Lexus or Jaguar parked in my driveway on August 3. Now make it happen.

A Peculiar guy named Geremy