Reason # 1955 why I’ll probably be an Apple Customer for Life

It is no secret that I’m an Apple loyalist– in fact, I own the majority of current Apple products and i’ve used Apple as the inspiration for a shirt that I designed. My recent interaction with the Apple store presents a compelling reason for my attachment to the brand and it explains why I’ll likely be an Apple Customer for life.

As stated in a recent entry, my Macbook Pro died and Apple had to perform brain surgery on it. When I took delivery of my machine one week later, I realized a slightly annoying, unrelated issue with one of the built-in speakers. I returned to the genius bar for the second time and calmly explained the new issue to an employee who worked closely with the store manager. They both profusely apologized for the mishap and insisted that I choose any laptop case in stock as a token of their apology. I insisted that the free case was not necessary and I patiently sat at the table as they attempted to fix the damage to the computer.

Shortly after, the employee reappeared and explained that the computer would have to be sent out for repair, but since this was unacceptable by their standards, they insisted that they replace the computer with a brand new machine. I said “this computer is a year old, the warranty expires next week…are you sure?” He responded “yes…and we will upgrade you to the top-of-the-line Macbook Pro Retina model. Give me some time to transfer your existing data to the new machine and we’ll have you on your way!” I resisted the strong urge to jump over the counter and give this man a bear hug and instead I said, “this is unbelievable…thank you!”

Amazingly, this was the second time that this has happened to me and it solidifies my loyalty to a brand that ensures that the customer is always happy! More companies should be like Apple!